Sam's Review of Bullet to the Head

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    Bullet to the Head

    Bullet to the Head (2013)

    Well, I don't know about you guys but when I hear about a movie being titled Bullet to the Head I would usually think it sounded stupid and dumb. But, the only reason why I gave this movie a chance is because it starred Sylvester Stallone and I'm always up for 80s action stars kicking ass in the 2000s because its been working so far. I'm a huge fan of 80s type action movies so if you get anyone like Schwarzenegger, Stallone, or Willis to star in a film I'll definitely give it a shot. After seeing Bullet to the Head I can say that this movie is really stupid, predictable, and silly but it's still a fun time. Bullet to the Head is about a killer named Jimmy Bobo whose partner was killed at a bar. To get revenge on the guys who killed his partner he must team up with Taylor Kwon, a cop whose partner was also killed. Together these two men go after the group that was responsible for both their partners deaths and take out anyone who gets in they're way. Like I said earlier I only wanted to see this mainly because of Stallone and I'm glad I did because if I would have gone in expecting a great action movie I would have been disappointed. My best advice to anyone who wants to see this movie is go in expecting pure 80s action fun because this is not a well made film. The writing to this movie is bad most of the acting was bad but that's ok because this movie knows what its doing. What makes this movie enjoyable to me is the action and Sylvester Stallone's performance. The action in this movie is done very well in this movie because the choreography to the fight scenes was great and all of the action was shot very well. Another thing that makes the action in this movie so fun to watch is the sound effects, every time someone got hit in this movie it just sounded so real and made you feel like you were right there watching these two men fight. Sylvester Stallone is now 66 and what amazes me is that he still looks like a monster and he can still kick a lot of ass. Watching Stallone in this movie was a lot of fun to watch because its him kicking ass and cracking some jokes here and there. The other performance in this movie that I enjoyed is from Jason Momoa who plays a very menacing villain, I would like to see him play some more villains in the future! As far as directing goes Walter Hill does a decent job, nothing great but it's far from bad. Since this is like a 80s action movie you can expect some clichés and poorly written dialogue but if your a fan of those type of movies that you'll get past that. As far as the rest of that cast goes they weren't that good and not worth talking about. This movie is far from great and very forgettable but I still had fun while watching this movie. I would recommend this to any fan of 80s actions movie or fans of Stallone because I think you'll have fun with this one. I just thought this movie was just trying to be badass by titling it Bullet to the Head but literally everyone who was shot in this film was at least shot in the head one time.

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