Sam's Review of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005)

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the directorial debut of Shane Black, the creator of the Lethal Weapon franchise. He's already proved himself to be a good writer; but, can he pull of directing as well? The answer to that is a very strong yes because Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a brilliant film that is well written, directed, and acted. Shane Black's screenplay for this movie is just amazing, his writing created some very interesting and unique characters while also providing a very strong story. What makes Black such a great director/writer is that he manages to bring all these different genres into one movie and it just works so well. Most movies that try to attempt more than one genre don't do that well but Black is one of those few directors who can pull it off. He can also get his actors to pull of some pretty incredible performances because the acting in this movie is spectacular. Robert Downey Jr. is just fantastic in this movie, he's funny when he needs to be funny and he's serious when he needs to be serious. Downey is just one of the best actors out there right now and this is definitely of his greatest performances. Another great performance in this movie is from Val Kilmer, Kilmer hasn't really done much recently or before this movie but Black manages to get him to give of the best performances he's given in recent memory. Michelle Monaghan is also very good in this movie proving that she is one of the best working actresses out there right now. One more thing to add is that John Ottman's score to this movie is brilliant and fit the film perfectly. Overall Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is Shane Black's masterpiece and is a film that I would highly recommend!

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