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    A Good Day To Die Hard

    A Good Day To Die Hard (2013)

    it's yippee ki yay time again in the fith outing of the popular die hard series that began 25 years ago this time around good old new york cop john mcClane once again played by BRUCE WILLIS has to heard over to russia to check out some thing that is going on with his john jack mcClane played by JAI COURTNEY who is a member of the C I A that is looking into some one over there then over at the court house a team of bad guys lead by collins played by COLE HAUSER trying to kill jack and a guy that he needs to protect however they run into john mcClane and now the bad guys are not out to kill all 3 of them so john mcClane is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time and now the father and son duo must work together to get out this thing alive and in one piece this was a very cool action movie and there was a number of very funny scenes in this one and the other 4 die hard movies did not have that many funny scenes and the last die hard movie live free or die hard got going right a way and did not stop until that one was over and this one a good day to die hard once this one got going it did not stop until it was over i was hoping for another PG-13 rating for this one like we had with the fourth one but it got an R rating like the first 3 die hard movies did but it was still a real great action movie die hard changed the way we looked at action movies and there were also some good die hard copy cat movies like under seige 1 and 2 passenger 57 cliffhanger speed Executive decision the rock and air force one and that one would have to be my favorite of the die hard copy cat movies and i am already calling a good day to die hard the first must see movie of 2013 even through a number of people are trashing this one with really bad reviews but i really enjoyed this one a lot and this is the first die hard movie to come to imax screens and it will work on both a imax screen or theater screen if you were a fan of the other 4 die hard movies like i was then this one is for you A MUST SEE and the other 4 die hard movies along with the other die hard copy cat movies are all out now on dvd and blu-ray

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