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San Diego, California
i like many different movies use this site alot as well

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Insurgent (2015)
11 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Time flew by watching this, an exciting movie with a lot of cool action scenes, I feel like some of the CGI could of been a little sharper though (Not sure if it was the Cinema Screen I was watching it on.) Definitely worth watching especially if you enjoyed the First movie. Easy to pick up and follow after forgetting the ending of the first movie in the trilogy. Can't wait for the third.

Patch Adams
Patch Adams (1998)
13 days ago via Movies on Android phone

very light hearted feel good movie, I enjoyed it and thought it had a good storyline and ending. Worth watching.

Life Of Crime
Life Of Crime (2014)
38 days ago via Movies on Android phone

very good movie, great acting and a decent storyline, the ending was brilliant.

Big Driver
Big Driver (2014)
39 days ago via Flixster

This was a cool movie I enjoyed it, it had a good amount of suspense and I thought the ending was good, worth watching if your in the mood for a thriller.

Marvellous (2014)
39 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Great movie, very inspiring. it had some very funny moments and also some sad ones. definitely a movie worth watching.