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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One of the best Westerns ever made. John Ford was good at them, but it is also a movie of the 60s. I easily associate this movie with Drive Ins in the 60s and watching the movie now, takes me back as much to them as to the Old West of the Mind. My grandparents had a farm in Kansas and, to me, the movie is so well done that I can smell the prairie ranges and dust in the streets. It's atmosphere is especially good and together with the dialog, the superb acting by all the cast along with a great story, it is a movie one can't ever get tired of. I believe it was John Ford's best movie.

Sarah's Key

Sarah's Key

2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This just part of a never-ending maudlin and false propagation of 'dem po' Jews' holocaust crap. It is guilt instilling drivel meant for the weak-minded amongst European people to make them complacent and complicit in any of the myriad of Jewish gangster tactics in the modern financial world or Zionist political crimes in the world at large.

The real history, regarding the Jews and their activity/persecution before and during WW2 is far different and far more sinister than that continually coming out of the Zionist propaganda mills.

For instance, it was common knowledge that half the Communist party and nearly all the leadership in the Soviet Union was Jewish. These people were responsible for the deaths of 21 million innocent people in the Soviet Union (which we never hear about from Zionists) and for several attempts at Communist revolutions in Western Europe; two in Germany alone.

Further, in France, 8 of the top pre-war cabinet positions were filled by Jews who were blamed by the French people for the defeatism that led to France's humiliating defeat and fall. Jews were widely seen as highly undesirable people dedicated to Communism and corruption of financial systems. It was not surprising then, that the French were happy to get rid of them, particularly since many Communist Jews from the East had fled to Vichy France.

But no one is told this in these fantasy island treatments of history. No one is told the figures of the so-called 'holocaust' were pulled from a hat and no evidence is presented to show that the Nazis ever actually set about in deliberate genocide of the Jews. Concentration camps, yes; brutal handling, minimal care, yes. Deliberate murder? No. Not even credible Zionists sources will now claim that Auschwitz was a 'death mill'. Americans should boycott this kind of infantile propaganda crap.

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