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Cupcake Angel

Superior film reviews, your sort of an inspiration for me of how I want to write in the next few years! I also want to address that it pleases me that you review the infamous, underrated indie films since all the hype is on the major, big-budget blockbusters! Keep it up and I will be reading your film reviews!

Dave M.
Dave Mart 8 months ago

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Been very busy here too, although fortunately I'm on holiday season, so I got all the time in the world. Finally got a chance to see ''Star Trek Into Darkness.'' What a blast! It was even better than the first to me. I'm glad you liked the song! I'm usually into 40s and 50s type of music, they always make my day when I listen to them. Such a joyful style I wish was kept in the music industry to this day. Cool track the one you shared with me! Daft Punk's a cool band. I'd only listened to the score they made for ''Tron Legacy'' though, and it's really awesome. Been hearing a lot of cool news regarding SWEpisodeVII. Well, for us deep-rooted SW buffs, anyway. Be sure to keep in touch with you!

Dave M.
Dave Mart 8 months ago

Hey there Julio! Been missing our talks via Facebook. Just wanted to share this great song with you:; heard it at the credits of ''Gangster Squad'' and it's very catchy! See ya :)

The Master of Movies

I'm doing fine. Currently writing my own sci-fi movie script. I'm saving money for film school.

The Master of Movies's it going?

R. Jayakrishnan
Jayakrishnan R 12 months ago

Hi, just for my curiosity, I wish to ask you how you became a super reviewer.

Efrain S.
Efrain Sanchez 19 months ago

Hey, you seem like a cool dude to talk movies with. Do you have a facebook?

Calum Russell
Calum Russell 2 years ago

I was just wondering how you got super reviewer status, is it from people rating your reviews?

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