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December 2011
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Houston, TX
The Netherlands
Movie Character You Most Identify With
Will Smith
Favorite Line From A Movie
"When Gotham is in ashes... you have my permission to die"
Favorite Scene From A Movie
In inception, when the car in dream level one came tumbling down a hill, dream level two enters into a state of constantly modulating gravity as Arthur begins to fight with a projection.
Favorite Movie
Favorite Actor
Tom Hardy
Favorite Director
Christopher Nolan
Celebrity Crush
Emma Watson
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Best Movie Seat
Favorite Movie Watching Snack
Beef Jerky
Favorite Movie Watching Drink
Dr. Pepper
When I'm not watching movies, I'm...
Fresh or Rotten

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127 Hours
127 Hours (2010)
10 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

"127 hours" is a joyous, uplifting, spiritual movie experience. It had all the elements of what filmmaking is about. It was a thriller, a drama, a romance, a horror, even comedy at some points all rolled into one. A poignant, timeless message of what is it to be alive, of how blessed we all truly are, and of how reliant we are upon each other.