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March 2012
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New York...maybe in a mental ward
New York
Movie Character You Most Identify With
Patrick Bateman
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I need to return some videotapes - Patrick Bateman
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Pulp Fiction: The whole Bonnie Situation scene. American Psycho: The entire film.
Favorite Movie
American Psycho
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Christian Bale
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Psychological Thriller
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Favorite Movie Watching Snack
Blue Sour Punch Straws
Favorite Movie Watching Drink
Blue Slushee
When I'm not watching movies, I'm...
Killing people or being better than Paul Allen
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Lucy (2014)
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Okay, how has this movie gotten up to a 66?!
I can't accept that a movie so boring, so uninteresting, could possibly be fresh.

Right away Lucy begins on a rocky slope. It's just interesting enough where you want to keep watching, and perfectly uninteresting in way that, if you left, you wouldn't really feel bad; however, once she gets the serum, that's where plummets down, down, down. Lucy becomes almost completely inhuman; she murders with no regret, becomes psychic, telekinetic, and, well, pretty much becomes a god. This is boring. No moralities, no defining character value equates to flatness. The film begins to lean on the "10%ers" to get something worthwhile out of the crapfest that is happening on the screen; and not even Scarlett Johansson nor Morgan Freeman can save it (it does have some of the best and most beautiful graphics of the year though).

Then there's the whole 10% of your brain thing, but don't let me get started on that.