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Janet Barker 6 years ago

One of your friends has a crush on you. To find out who:

Click here

Glenn Midtun 7 years ago

WTF!! U say that the duff sisters cannot act? What's wrong with u? They rules the whole world!

matthew pankus 7 years ago

i have to rate more movies

matthew pankus 7 years ago


Kendra Posch 7 years ago

carissa, i LOVE your picture....its really cute!! i wish you could be here rissa, nicolette brought home vinnie with her, he's a good cook, plays outside in the snow with taryn, and has pillow fights with us. he's like the brother i never had!!! haha
anywaaay i cant wait to see you!! bye!

Richy Whatever 7 years ago

MEEEeeep :(

Richy Whatever 7 years ago

meep me meeeeep meep meep beaker, meep meep richy meep em mep me meep friends??

Caitrie Cola 8 years ago

hey girl, wow we are totally meant to be! hey, hopefully ill see ya soon!

jackie b 8 years ago

i was wondering how he was doing, i haven't heard from him. i wanted to thank him b/c i finally got around to picking up the guitar he gave me at the guy's house.

this summer?! well...i've been pretty busy travelling the world with jim. least the country...we went to north carolina for memorial day, norfolk for a wedding, michigan for his family reunion, and ohio to go to cedar point amusement park. other than that i';ve been working and doing crazy stuff on the weekends. for once i don't actually want summer to end.... i want everyone to come back and all but i don't look forward to taking 6 classes and not having time to do fun stuff. so if i'm cranky when you see me next...that's why.

Joseph Kosten 8 years ago

We are best friends:) Yay. How is life? Are you coming back to school in two weeks? See you then if you are.

jackie b 8 years ago

yeah how is everyone? i have been bad at keeping in touch.....and i think trena emailed this site to everyone by accident...but i'm glad she did

jessica c 8 years ago

hmmm. V for Vendetta was really really good. You should check it out. I loved it. :O)

will diem 8 years ago

looks pretty cool. seems like a good idea.
BTW it says we should be best friends. it's scoreing mechanism has to be screwed up. : P
yeah it is just one more form of cybercrack for me to indulge in. I'm trying to resist the temptation to get too into it.


hey seester, how goes it? so glad we are the best of friends according to movie compatability & thnx for sending it to me! here's to more movie watching together! bottoms up-

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