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malek yasin 12 months ago

very nice thank u

malek yasin 13 months ago

thanx dear Kyleb

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South Boston, MA
Favorite Movies:
Friday the 13th, The Terminator, Forrest Gump, The Outsiders, American Gothic (Hide and Shriek), The Prowler, Police Academy, Mommie Dearest, Platoon, Event Horizon, Porky's, Psycho IV: The Beginning, As Good As It Gets, The Untouchables, Braveheart, The Blue Lagoon, Seven Pounds, Beverly Hills Cop, Mikey, The Exorcist, Stand by Me, Don't Go to Sleep, Bloody Birthday, Monkey Shines: An Experiment In Fear, Beaches, Dear John, Sling Blade, Logan's Run, Sweet 16 (Sweet Sixteen), This Boy's Life, Snakes on a Plane, Boyz n the Hood, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Candyman, Mortal Thoughts, Die Hard, Crash, Making Love, Bad Ronald, The Entity, Poltergeist, Paranormal Activity 3, Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Walk the Line, My Bloody Valentine 3-D, My Bloody Valentine, Hatchet, Hatchet II, Happy Hell Night, Sleepaway Camp, Child's Play, Halloween - Resurrection, Christine, Halloween H2O, The Stepfather, Dark Ride, Silver Bullet, The House on Sorority Row, Freddy vs. Jason, Wrong Turn, Babysitter Wanted, The Amityville Horror, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors, One Dark Night, Jeepers Creepers, Demonic Toys (Dangerous Toys), The Initiation, The Legend of Hell House, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Pet Sematary, Jeepers Creepers 2, Madman, Graduation Day, Girls Nite Out, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, Children of the Corn 3 - Urban Harvest, Vertical Limit, The Strangers, The Midnight Meat Train, The Fog, Alive, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers, Bloody Birthday, Deadly Eyes (The Rats), Laid to Rest, Terror Train, Halloween - The Curse of Michael Myers (Halloween 6), Catacombs, Alone in the Dark, Prom Night, Mortuary, Satan's Little Helper, Dolly Dearest, Halloween II, Hardbodies, Cellar Dweller, Abominable, Happy Birthday to Me, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, Basket Case, Wolfen, Ghost Ship, The Mangler, Silent Night, Deadly Night - Pt. 2, The Unseen, Dolls, The Town That Dreaded Sundown, Swamp Devil, Grizzly Park, The Thing, In the Mouth of Madness, Escape from New York, Fright, Fright Night, Humongous, The Maddening, Suspiria, Phenomena (Creepers), Prison, Frailty, Humanoids from the Deep (Monster), Puppet Master II (Puppet Master 2: His Unholy Creations), Jason X, Friday the 13th Part 2, Cameron's Closet, The Night Brings Charlie, Midnight Movie, Urban Legend, Kingdom of the Spiders, Reeker, When a Stranger Calls, The Breed, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, Phantasm, Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, Amityville 3-D, The Beast Within, Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings (Pumpkinhead 2: The Demon Returns), Fatal Attraction, Pumpkinhead, Hellraiser, Child's Play 2, Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film, Trick 'r Treat, Gothika, The Dorm That Dripped Blood (Pranks) (Death Dorm), Cloverfield, Frágiles (Fragile), Whisper, Hide and Seek, Grease, Stephen King's It, The People Under The Stairs, Identity, Cursed, Scream, Scream 4, The Boogeyman, Dead Mary, Bad Moon, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Night of the Creeps, One Missed Call, An American Werewolf in London, Evil Dead 2, Army of Darkness, Beneath, Squirm, The Wolfman, Black Christmas, Orphan, Rogue, The Haunting, Dčmoni (Demons), Frozen, The Slumber Party Massacre, Walled In, Terror in the Aisles (Time for Terror), Bats, Shutter Island, Frightmare (1983), Final Terror, Magic, Tourist Trap, The Car, Return to Horror High, Stepfather 2, Night Warning, New Year's Evil, Silent Night, Bloody Night, He Knows You're Alone (Blood Wedding), Maniac!, Dressed to Kill, Dead Silence, The House of the Devil, The Ruins, Deadly Blessing, The Sentinel, Strange Behavior, The Food of the Gods, Prophecy, Splatter University, A Crack in the Floor, The Sender, Martin, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, Joshua, Predator, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ghost Story, The Changeling, D-Tox (Eye See You), Sleepaway Camp II - Unhappy Campers, Village of the Damned, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, See No Evil, Boogeyman 2, Boogeyman 3, April Fool's Day, Rituals, Death Ship, Burnt Offerings, The Watcher in the Woods, Night of the Demon, The Incubus, Cheerleader Camp, Deadly Intruder, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - The Next Generation (The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Insanitarium, Too Scared to Scream, The Shining, 1408, Creepshow, Creepshow 2, My Soul to Take, The Good Son, Alligator, The Mist, The Pit (Teddy), Howling VI: The Freaks, Summer Camp Nightmare, Driftwood, Rest Stop, Warlock, Omen IV - The Awakening, Audrey Rose, The Omen, Damien: Omen II, Final Destination, Arachnophobia, Ghosts of Mars, Aliens, Prince of Darkness, The Uninvited, The Unborn, Mirrors, The Unsaid, House of Wax, Lord of Illusions, Friday the 13th Part 3, Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter, Ghost in the Machine, Stay Alive, The Haunting in Connecticut, The House By The Cemetery (Quella villa accanto al cimitero), Misery, Play Misty for Me, Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, Anaconda, Dead of Winter, The Bone Collector, Kiss The Girls, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Hitcher, The Hitcher, Enough, Double Jeopardy, Night Train, Jagged Edge, Independence Day, Open Water 2 (Adrift), Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 3, Hellraiser 3: Hell on Earth, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Road Games, Secret Window, Awake, Gremlins, Popcorn, The Phantom of the Opera, The Messengers, Trilogy of Terror, Blood Beach, Saw II, Piranha, The New Daughter, Child's Play 3, Jurassic Park, Vacancy, The Return of the Living Dead, Dead and Buried, Funeral Home (2 Cries in the Night), Devil, The Sixth Sense, Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives, Breakdown, Wind Chill, AVP - Alien Vs. Predator, Long Time Dead, The Hills Have Eyes, The Hills Have Eyes, Memento, Dawn of the Mummy, Just Before Dawn, Mazes and Monsters, A Perfect Murder, Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte, Jennifer 8, Field of Dreams, Saving Private Ryan, The Omen, Clash of the Titans, The Eye, Let's Scare Jessica to Death (What Killed Sam Dorker?), Paranormal Activity, Wolf Creek, What Lies Beneath, Scream 2, Scream 3, Passenger 57, Airplane!, Airport '77, Airplane 2 - The Sequel, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Nightmares, Red Eye, Carrie, Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane (Plane Dead), The Dead Zone, The Tommyknockers, Firestarter, An American Haunting, An American Crime, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Massacre at Central High (Blackboard Massacre), The Unnamable, Stephen King's Cat's Eye, The Dark, Psycho II, Offspring, Psycho, Flatliners, The Forgotten, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Apt Pupil, Premonition, Speed, Murder by Numbers, Runaway, Runaway Train, Live Wire, The Rats, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, Cyborg, Sudden Death, 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill, Lake Placid, Case 39, The Bad Seed, Girls School Screamers, The Birds, The Birds II: Land's End, Kaw, The Mothman Prophecies, The Number 23, Night of the Comet, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dolores Claiborne, Van Helsing, The Clown at Midnight, W Delta Z (The Killing Gene), The Invasion, The Killer Inside Me, The Skeleton Key, The Hearse, The Brave One, Dreamscape, The Cell, The Lost World - Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, Return of the Living Dead Part II, Ravenous, The Langoliers, No Way Out, Quiz Show, Scary Movie, Malice, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, The Verdict, The Stuff, A Beautiful Mind, Rain Man, Vanilla Sky, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Footloose, The Other, The Island, The Hand, Red, Jennifer (Jennifer the Snake Goddess) (Jennifer Power), Still of the Night, Never Talk to Strangers, Tainted Blood, Dark Night of the Scarecrow, Time to Screw, Brotherhood of Justice, Sudden Fury: A Family Torn Apart, The Shortcut, Hell Night, Clownhouse, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, Hitchcock, Halloween, The Burning, Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion)
Favorite Actors:
Edward Norton, Al Pacino, Brian Cox, Anthony Hopkins, Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, Michael Douglas, Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor, Jamie Lee Curtis, Olivia Barash, Elijah Wood, Kevin Bacon, Rod Steiger, Gena Rowlands, Tom Savini
I'm 40, married and a father of 3.Originally from Pasadena, CA. now residing in South Boston. I enjoy writing, acting, music, reading, movies, sailing, hiking, boating and meeting new people. My favorite films of all time: Fatal Attraction(1987) Halloween(1978) Clownhouse(1987) The Fog(1979) Terror Train(1979) Prom Night(1979) The Legend Of Hell House(1973) Ghost House(1988) American Gothic(1986) Halloween II(1980) The Boogeyman(1980) Graduation Day(1981) Final Exam(1981) Evil Dead(1979) Friday the 13th(1979) The Evil(1977) Carrie(1976) Pet Sematary(1989) Orphan(2009) Hellraiser(1986) A Nightmare On Elm Street(1984) Child's Play(1988) Dolls(1987) Insidious(2009) Poltergeist(1982) The Amityville Horror(1979) The Changeling(1979) The Car(1977) Christine(1983) Duel(1971) Psycho(1960) Psycho II(1982) Psycho III(1986) The Thing(1982) The Funhouse(1980) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(1974) Dead Silence(2007) Jeepers Creepers(2001) Jeepers Creepers II(2003) Dark Night Of The Scarecrow(1981) Don't Go To Sleep(1982) The Stepford Children(1987) Candyman(1992) Dead Mary(2006)

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