Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Highest Rated: 100% Three Comrades (1938)

Lowest Rated: 0% Valley of the Kings (1954)

Birthday: Aug 5, 1911

Birthplace: Not Available



Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Where Angels Go---Trouble Follows! Mr. Farraday 1968
No Score Yet Hondo and the Apaches Actor 1967
No Score Yet Return of the Gunfighter Ben Wyatt 1967
No Score Yet Savage Pampas Captain Martín 1967
No Score Yet Johnny Tiger George Dean 1966
No Score Yet The Night Walker Barry Morland 1964
No Score Yet A House Is Not a Home Frank Costigan 1964
No Score Yet Miracle of the White Stallions Col. Podhajsky 1963
No Score Yet The Hangman Mackenzie Bovard 1959
No Score Yet The Law and Jake Wade Jake Wade 1958
No Score Yet Saddle the Wind Steve Sinclair 1958
83% Party Girl Thomas 'Tommy' Farrell 1958
No Score Yet D-Day: The Sixth of June Capt. Brad Parker 1956
88% Last Hunt Charles Gilson 1956
No Score Yet The Power and the Prize Cliff Barton 1956
No Score Yet Many Rivers to Cross Bushrod Gentry 1955
No Score Yet Rogue Cop Det. Sgt. Christopher Kelvaney 1955
No Score Yet Quentin Durward Quentin Durward 1955
0% Valley of the Kings Mark Brandon 1954
67% Knights of the Round Table Sir Lancelot 1954
No Score Yet All the Brothers Were Valiant Joel Shore 1953
No Score Yet I Love Melvin Guest Star 1953
No Score Yet Above and Beyond Col. Paul Tibbets 1952
80% Ivanhoe Ivanhoe 1952
88% Quo Vadis? Marcus Vinicius 1951
No Score Yet Westward the Women Buck Wyatt 1951
No Score Yet Devil's Doorway Lance Poole 1950
No Score Yet Ambush Ward Kinsman 1950
No Score Yet The Bribe Rigby 1949
0% Conspirator Maj. Michael Curragh 1949
No Score Yet High Wall Steven Kenet 1947
No Score Yet Undercurrent Alan Garroway 1946
No Score Yet Bataan Sgt. Bill Dane 1943
No Score Yet Her Cardboard Lover Terry Trindale 1942
No Score Yet Johnny Eager Johnny Eager 1942
No Score Yet Stand By for Action Lt. Gregg Masterman 1942
No Score Yet Billy the Kid Billy Bonney 1941
No Score Yet When Ladies Meet Jimmy Lee 1941
No Score Yet Escape Mark Preysing 1940
80% Waterloo Bridge Roy Cronin 1940
No Score Yet Lady of the Tropics William 'Bill' Carey 1939
No Score Yet Lucky Night Bill Overton 1939
No Score Yet Stand Up and Fight Blake Cantrell 1939
No Score Yet The Crowd Roars Thomas 'Tommy' / 'Killer' McCoy 1938
100% Three Comrades Erich 1938
No Score Yet A Yank at Oxford Lee Sheridan 1938
100% Broadway Melody of 1938 Stephan "Steve" Raleigh 1937
No Score Yet This Is My Affair Lt. Richard L. Perry 1937
No Score Yet Personal Property Raymond Dabney aka Ferguson 1937
No Score Yet The Gorgeous Hussy 'Bow' Timberlake 1936
No Score Yet His Brother's Wife Chris Claybourne 1936
No Score Yet Private Number Richard Winfield 1936
No Score Yet Small Town Girl (One Horse Town) Dr. Robert 'Bob' Dakin 1936
93% Camille Armand 1936
80% Magnificent Obsession Bobby Merrick 1935
89% Broadway Melody of 1936 Robert Gordon 1935
No Score Yet West Point of the Air Jaskerelli 1935
No Score Yet Times Square Lady Steven J. 'Steve' Gordon 1935
No Score Yet Murder in the Fleet Lt. Tom Randolph 1935
No Score Yet Handy Andy Lloyd Burmeister 1934


Marcus Vinicius says: That beggar-faced philosopher shouldn't be stuffing your luscious little head with such nonsense.

Pat Hollmann says: This is a lovely time of day.

Erich Lohkamp says: It isn't day, it isn't night.

Pat Hollmann says: It's the edge of eternity. Let's stay right here, forever.

Erich Lohkamp says: Oh, I acted like an idiot.

Gottfried Lenz says: Send flowers! They cover everything, even graves.

Erich Lohkamp says: It's not generally known; but I sang in a choir once - and I've lived like a pig for years.

Armand Duval says: I accepted her favors because I thought she loved me. I had her make sacrifices for me when there were others who had more to give. But bear witness, I owe her nothing. Take it, come on, take it! Buy camellias, buy diamonds, horses and carriages, buy moonlight, buy a grave!

Armand Duval says: Then you do love him. Dare to tell me that you love him. You're free of me forever.

Marguerite Gauthier/Camille says: I love him.

Armand Duval says: Don't you believe in love, Marguerite?

Marguerite Gauthier/Camille says: I don't think I know what it is.

Armand Duval says: Oh, thank you.

Marguerite Gauthier/Camille says: For what?

Armand Duval says: For never having been in love.

Agent Jones says: [points gun at a downed Neo] Only human.

Trinity says: [points her own gun point blank at Jone's skull] Dodge this.