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William Hudson

Highest Rated:   92% Mister Roberts (1955)
Lowest Rated:   38% The Amazing Colossal Man (1957)
Birthplace:   Gilroy, California, USA
William Hudson was a character actor and sometime leading man on television and in movies. Born William Woodson Hudson, Jr. in Gilroy, California in 1925, he was the younger brother of future actor John Hudson, though he actually seemes to have entered movies first, during the mid-1940's, appearing in uncredited roles while in his teens, in such distinguished productions as Destination Tokyo (1943) and Objective, Burma! (1945), as well as lesser movies such as Weird Woman (1944). His late 1940's appearances included work in Allan Dwan's Sands Of Iwo Jima and R. G. Springsteen's early Red Scare drama The Red Menace (both 1949). Hudson didn't get a credited screen appearance until 1951, in Ida Lupino's drama Hard, Fast And Beautiful, in which he played an intern. He started doing television around this time, including supporting roles in series such as Racket Squad and Dragnet, but it was his role in the series I Led Three Lives, as FBI agent Mike Andrews, that gave him his first taste of stardom. He also played the recurring role of Ranger Clark on Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, which seemed to herald a move toward science fiction focused roles in his broader career. Most of his subsequent work was confined to television and lower-budgeted movies, usually as well-intended if sometimes weak or less-than-resourceful figures. His major film performances included the B-science fiction staples The Amazing Colossal Man (1957), The Man Who Turned To Stone (1957), and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958), the latter offering him a rare chance to do something different, in terms of playing a villain. In between pictures like that, and an important supporting role in one installment of Man Into Space, he played much smaller parts in the major Universal releases Man Of A Thousand Faces and My Man Godfrey (both 1957). Hudson continued working into the 1970's, and his last performances included a small role in Ross Hunter's sprawling production of Airport (1970). Among the oddest work that Hudson -- or any other actor -- ever did, were his two performances in the series Voyage To The Bottom of the Sea. In the 1964 pilot episode, "Eleven Days To Zero", he was seen as the doomed first commander of the submarine Seaview, Capt. John Phillips, who is killed in an attempt on the life of Admiral Nelson (Richard Basehart); in "The X Factor", an episode from the following season, Hudson played the role of Captain Shire, who is killed off using the exact same footage depicting his character's death in the pilot episode. Thus, Hudson may well have had the odd distinction of being the only actor in television history to play two completely different characters on the same series killed off using the exact same filmed sequences. He died in 1974 of cirrhosis, at the age of 49.

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No Score Yet The Man Who Turned To Stone
  • Actor
No Score Yet Moon Pilot
  • Space Flight Technician
No Score Yet The Screaming Skull
  • Eric
75% Attack of the 50 Foot Woman
  • Harry Archer
No Score Yet My Man Godfrey
  • Howard
No Score Yet Battle Hymn
  • Navy Lieutenant
38% The Amazing Colossal Man
  • Dr. Paul Lindstrom
91% The Wrong Man
  • Police Lieutenant
No Score Yet The She-Creature
  • Bob
92% Mister Roberts
  • Olson
No Score Yet Strategic Air Command
  • Forecaster
No Score Yet The Steel Trap
  • Raglin
No Score Yet Starlift
  • Crew Chief
No Score Yet Hard, Fast and Beautiful
  • Interne
No Score Yet Task Force
  • Lt. Leenhouts
No Score Yet The Lady Gambles
  • Horse Player
No Score Yet Over 21
  • Officer Candidate
No Score Yet Objective, Burma!
  • Hollis
No Score Yet Weird Woman
  • Student
No Score Yet Destination Tokyo
  • Crew Member
No Score Yet Headline Shooter
  • Ed

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