Alex D. Linz

Alex D. Linz

Highest Rated: 89% Tarzan (1999)

Lowest Rated: 19% The Amateurs (The Moguls) (Dirty Movie) (2005)

Birthday: Jan 3, 1989

Birthplace: Santa Barbara, California, USA

Alex D. Linz kick-started his career when he approached his mother -- reportedly at the age of four -- and precociously expressed interest in appearing in television commercials. She obliged, and in seemingly no time, Linz had racked up filmed promotional spots for JC Penney, McDonald's, and other corporate giants. The young actor transitioned to scripted dramatic work with guest roles in series programs including The Young and the Restless and Step by Step, but achieved his biggest break when he signed to star in Home Alone 3 (1997), the third outing of 20th Century Fox and John Hughes' wildly successful franchise (a job Linz inherited from Macaulay Culkin). Though clearly a formulaic sequel, the film drew praise from no less than Roger Ebert (who proclaimed it better than the first two outings) and performed well at the box office and in ancillary, proving that Linz could hold his own onscreen. After providing a voice in Disney's animated Tarzan (1999) and playing Gwyneth Paltrow's young son in the romantic drama Bounce (2000), Linz graduated to preteen roles as the lead in the Disney comedy Max Keeble's Big Move -- a farce about a seventh-grader who turns the tables on his bullies when he discovers his family's impending move -- little foreseeing the consequences. After several additional supporting roles, Linz next tackled the lead role in Choose Connor (2007). Undoubtedly his most sober and earnest assignment to date, the film told of a teenager ruthlessly exploited when he naïvely signs to work as a politico's (Steven Weber) young spokesperson.

Highest Rated Movies



43% Choose Connor Owen Norris 2008
19% The Amateurs (The Moguls) (Dirty Movie) Billy 2005
No Score Yet Full-Court Miracle Alex Schlotsky 2003
29% Max Keeble's Big Move Max Keeble $16.6M 2001
No Score Yet The Jennie Project Andrew Archibald 2001
71% Race to Space Billy Von Huber 2001
52% Bounce Scott Janello 2000
51% Titan A.E. Young Cale 2000
20% Bruno Bruno 2000
89% Tarzan Young Tarzan 1999
No Score Yet My Brother the Pig Freud 1999
29% Home Alone 3 Alex 1997
50% One Fine Day Sammy Parker 1996
No Score Yet The Uninvited Jonathan Johnson 1996
No Score Yet Victim of the Haunt Jonathan 1996
No Score Yet Vanished Teddy 1995


No Score Yet Providence
Pete 2002
No Score Yet Hey Arnold!
Voice 2002
No Score Yet ER
Dennis 2000
No Score Yet Touched by an Angel
Joey 2000
86% Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Jesse Stipanovic 1995


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Sammy Parker says: I think maybe my mom likes him back.

Sammy Parker says: My mom hates your dad.

Maggie Taylor says: So? My dad hates your mom.

Melanie Parker says: You're the most important thing in the world.

Sammy Parker says: No, I'm not. Your job is.

Karen says: You get in that bed, young man.

Alex Pruitt says: Excuse me, but I saw a man in Karen Stephen's bedroom, a little older than Dad, and he was wearing butt inspection gloves.

Karen says: I have warned you about that telescope. You look through it long enough, you're gonna start seeing things, whether or not they're there.

Alex Pruitt says: Well, I guess you have to be thirty five before anyone around here listens to you.

Karen says: Don't get smart with me, Alex. Sick or not, I am very angry with you. You caused a lot of trouble today. Dad and I have to replace a door at the Stephens'. Do you think we're happy about that?

Alex Pruitt says: I saw what I saw!

Alex Pruitt says: Excuse me for being a good citizen.

Kala says: close your eyes. *puts Tarzan's hand to his chest* now forget what you see what do you feel?

Kala says: Close your eyes. *puts Tarzan's hand to his chest* now forget what you see what do you feel?

Young Tarzan says: My heart

Young Tarzan says: My heart.

Kala says: come here, *brings Tarzan to her chest*

Kala says: Come here. *brings Tarzan to her chest*

Young Tarzan says: Your heart

Young Tarzan says: Your heart.

Kala says: see? they're exactly the same, Kerchak just can't see that

Kala says: See? They're exactly the same, Kerchak just can't see that.

Young Tarzan says: I'll make him see it, I'll be the best ape ever!

Max Keeble says: Robe, wait.

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