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Annika Pergament

Highest Rated: 67% Tower Heist (2011)

Lowest Rated: 16% Pixels (2015)

Birthday: Not Available

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



16% Pixels News Reporter $66.5M 2015
61% Non-Stop NY1 Reporter $80.5M 2014
67% Tower Heist NASDAQ/News Reporter $78.1M 2011
55% Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps Reporter $52.5M 2010
30% Head of State Cable Anchorwoman $37.8M 2003
39% Maid in Manhattan NY1 Reporter $93.9M 2002
27% Analyze That Newscaster $32.1M 2002
64% The Yards Reporter 2000


24% Black Box
News Reporter 2014
84% Gossip Girl
TV Reporter 2012
92% The Sopranos
Newscaster 2001


Bill Marks says: I hate flying. The lines. Thew crowds. The delays.

Jen Summers says: I always kinda liked it. Six hours, one seat, nobody can get you.

Airline Attendant says: Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome aboardour non-stop service from New York to London.

Jen Summers says: Fly much?

Bill Marks says: All the time, actually.

Bill Marks says: Someone on this flight is threatening to kill someone every twenty minutes unles 150 dollars is transferred to this account number.

David McMillan says: We're midway across the Atlantic. How do you kill someone in a crowded plane and get away with that?

Bill Marks says: Ladies and gentlemen. I need every passenger to raise their hands above their head.

Nancy says: This is a bad idea.

Austin Reilly says: Marshal, we have a right to know what the hell is going...

David McMillan says: Agent Marks, the account number you gave us is in your name.

Bill Marks says: What? That doesn't make any sense

Bill Marks says: This is the set up. Something else is going on.

NY1 Reporter says: The FBI, the White House and Interpol are confirming reports that an international flight has been hijacked by an air marshal.

NY1 Anchor says: Agent Marks, our fighter scort has you in their sights. So you hear me?

Bill Marks says: We´re running out of time. Do you hear me?

Bill Marks says: I'm not hijacking this plane. I'm trying to save it.