Bill Paxton

Highest Rated: 100% The Terminator (1984)
Lowest Rated: 0% Term Life (2016)
Birthday: May 17, 1955
Birthplace: Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Possessing a special talent for totally immersing himself in his roles, Bill Paxton did not always get the recognition he deserves. Tall, rangy, and boyishly good looking, Paxton's career was a curiosity that found the character actor-turned-filmmaker succeeding in intermittently pulling the rug from under filmgoers' feet with a constantly expanding sense of maturity and range.Paxton's interest in films emerged during his teens when he began making his own movies with a Super-8 camera. He formally entered the entertainment industry in 1974 as a set dresser for Roger Corman's New World Pictures. Paxton made his acting debut as a bit player in Crazy Mama (1975), and afterward, the young thespian moved to New York to hone his skills. Following performances in a couple of horror quickies, Paxton formally launched his Hollywood career with a tiny part in Ivan Reitman's Stripes (1981) and this led to a steady if not unremarkable career in film and television during the '80s. In addition to acting, Paxton made short independent films such as Fish Heads, (1982) which became a favorite on NBC's Saturday Night Live. Paxton's acting career got a much-needed boost in 1985 when he was cast as Ilan Mitchell-Smith's obnoxious big brother Chet Donolley in John Hughes' Weird Science. Some of Paxton's more memorable subsequent roles include that of a cocky intergalactic soldier in James Cameron's Aliens (1986), a crazed vampire in Kathryn Bigelow's Near Dark, and sickly astronaut Freddie Hayes in Ron Howard's Apollo 13. In 1996, Paxton landed a starring role, opposite Helen Hunt, in the special-effects blockbuster Twister; his career took an upward turn and Paxton got more leads than ever. Though few audiences saw it in its limited release, critics were quick to praise Paxton's turn as con-artist Traveler in the 1997 movie of the same name. Following a doomed voyage on the Titanic the same year, the workhorse actor once again intrigued filmgoers as a small-town dweller struggling with his conscience after stumbling into over a million dollars in usually flamboyant director Sam Raimi's strikingly subdued A Simple Plan. A quiet and intense performance enhanced by a talented cast including Billy Bob Thornton and Bridget Fonda, the psychological crime drama once again provided further proof that Paxton's impressive range of emotion stretched beyond what many filmgoers may have previously suspected. Though subsequent performances in Mighty Joe Young (1998) and U-571 (2000) did little to backup the promise shown in A Simple Plan, Paxton still had a few tricks up his sleeve, as evidenced by his directorial debut Frailty (2002), a surprisingly competent and genuinely frightening tale of religious fervor and questionable sanity. Though cynical filmgoers may have initially viewed the trailer-touting praises of former collaborators Raimi and James Cameron as favors from old friends, the taut tale of a father who claims that God has provided him with a list of "demons" that he and his sons must cast from the earth blind-sided critics and filmgoers with its disturbingly minimalistic yet complex psychological thriller that recalled the thematic elements of previous efforts as Michael Tolkin's The Rapture (1991). His performance as a loving father who reluctantly embarks on God's mission was a vital component of the films emotional impact, and was once again proof that this former supporting player still had a few tricks up his sleeve.Though he hadn't paid much attention to television since his early career, in 2006, Paxton took on the lead role in HBO's Big Love, playing a polygamous husband with three wives. The show was a hit and garnered critical acclaim, including three Golden Globe nominations for Paxton. When the show wrapped up after five seasons, Paxton joined the miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, earning his only Emmy nomination of his career for the role. In 2014, Paxton took on a recurring role in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., playing the villaino


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Titanic in Dolby Vision Brock Lovett 2017
15% The Circle Actor $20.5M 2017
80% Mean Dreams Wayne 2017
0% Term Life Detective Keenan $13.5K 2016
No Score Yet The Gamechangers Jack Thompson 2015
No Score Yet Pixies Eddie 2015
No Score Yet Texas Rising Preview Actor 2015
95% Nightcrawler Joe Loder 2014
90% Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow Master Sergeant Farell $77.2M 2014
65% Million Dollar Arm Tom House 2014
No Score Yet Taking Tiger Mountain Actor 2014
50% Parkland Producer $0.7M 2013
No Score Yet Red Wing Jim Verret 2013
16% The Colony Mason 2013
64% 2 Guns Earl $73.6M 2013
53% Shanghai Calling Donald 2013
80% Haywire Mr. Kane $19M 2012
No Score Yet His Highness Hollywood Actor 2008
20% The Good Life Executive Producer Robbie 2007
13% Haven Carl Ridley $0.2M 2006
63% The Greatest Game Ever Played Director $15.3M 2005
88% Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D Ed Mitchell $32.6M 2005
19% Thunderbirds Jeff Tracy $6.8M 2004
29% Club Dread Coconut Pete $4.6M 2004
45% Spy Kids 3-D - Game Over Dinky Winks 2003
No Score Yet Resistance Ted Brice 2003
80% Ghosts of the Abyss Himself $16.4M 2003
No Score Yet Festival Pass with Chris Gore Actor 2002
75% Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams Dinky Winks 2002
74% Frailty Director Dad $13.1M 2002
48% Vertical Limit Elliot Vaughn $67.8M 2000
68% U-571 Lt. Cdr. Mike Dahlgren 2000
55% Mighty Joe Young Gregg O'Hara 1998
90% A Simple Plan Hank Mitchell 1998
No Score Yet A Bright Shining Lie John Paul Vann 1998
89% Titanic Brock Lovett 1997
79% Traveller Producer Bokky 1997
22% The Evening Star Jerry Bruckner 1996
57% Twister Bill Harding 1996
63% The Last Supper Zack 1996
95% Apollo 13 Fred Haise 1995
20% Frank & Jesse Frank 1995
70% True Lies Simon 1994
73% Tombstone Morgan Earp 1993
17% Boxing Helena Ray 1993
58% Indian Summer Belston 1993
No Score Yet Future Shock Vince 1993
No Score Yet Monolith Tucker 1993
96% One False Move Dale `Hurricane' Dixon 1992
No Score Yet The Vagrant Graham Krakowski 1992
69% Trespass Vince 1992
45% The Dark Backward Gus 1991
26% Predator 2 Jerry Lambert 1990
19% Navy Seals Dane 1990
No Score Yet The Last Of The Finest Hojo 1990
60% Next of Kin Gerald Gates 1989
17% Brain Dead Jim Reston 1989
33% Slipstream Matt Owen 1989
No Score Yet Pass The Ammo Jesse Wilkes 1988
88% Near Dark Severen 1987
99% Aliens Pvt. Hudson 1986
No Score Yet Aliens (Special Edition) Actor 1986
No Score Yet An Early Frost Bob Maracek 1985
70% Commando Intercept Officer 1985
56% Weird Science Chet 1985
No Score Yet The Atlanta Child Murders Campbell 1985
100% The Terminator Punk Leader 1984
33% Impulse Eddie Russell 1984
67% Streets of Fire Clyde 1984
38% The Lords of Discipline Gilbreath 1983
No Score Yet Night Warning Actor 1983
86% Stripes Soldier 1981
No Score Yet Mortuary Paul Andrews 1981
88% Crazy Mama John 1975
13% The Groove Tube Actor 1974


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