Bob Hope

Bob Hope

Highest Rated: 100% The Paleface (1948)

Lowest Rated: 13% The Oscar (1966)

Birthday: May 29, 1903

Birthplace: Eltham, London, England, UK

It is hardly necessary to enumerate the accomplishments, patriotic services, charitable donations, awards, medals, and honorariums pertaining to Bob Hope, a man for whom the word "legend" seems somehow inadequate. Never mind that he was born in England; the entertainer unquestionably became an American institution.Hope's father was a stonemason and his mother a one-time concert singer; when he was two, his parents moved him and his brothers to Cleveland, where relatives awaited. Since everyone in the Hope clan was expected to contribute to the family's income, he took on several part-time jobs early in life. One of these was as a concessionaire at Cleveland's Luna Park, where Hope had his first taste of show business by winning a Charlie Chaplin imitation contest. (He later claimed he'd gotten his brothers to strong-arm all the neighborhood kids to vote for him). At 16, Hope entered the work force full-time as a shoe salesman for a department store, then as a stock boy for an auto company. At night, he and a friend picked up spare change singing at local restaurants and saloons, and, for a brief time, he was an amateur boxer, calling himself "Packy East." Picking up dancing tips from older vaudevillians, Hope decided to devote himself to a show business career, first in partnership with his girlfriend Mildred Rosequist, then with a pal named Lloyd Durbin. Comedian Fatty Arbuckle, headlining a touring revue, caught Hope and Durbin's comedy/dancing act and helped the boys get better bookings. Following the accidental death of Durbin, Hope found another partner, George Byrne, with whom he developed a blackface act. After several career reversals, Hope and Byrne were about to pack it in when they were hired to emcee Marshall Walker's Whiz Bang review in New Castle, PA. As the more loquacious member of the team, Hope went out on-stage as a single and got excellent response for his seemingly ad-libbed wisecracks. It was in this and subsequent vaudeville appearances that Hope learned how to handle tough audiences by having the guts to wait on-stage until everyone in the crowd had gotten his jokes; he was still using this technique seven decades later. Dropping his blackface makeup and cannibalizing every college humor magazine he could get his hands on, Hope took on yet another partner (Louise Troxell) in 1928 and started getting choice vaudeville bookings on the Keith Circuit. A year later, he was given a movie screen test, but was told his ski-slope nose didn't photograph well. With material from legendary gagster Al Boasberg, Hope appeared as a single in The Antics of 1931, which led to a better theatrical gig with Ballyhoo of 1932, in which he was encouraged to ad-lib to his heart's content. He then went back to vaudeville and squeezed in his first radio appearance in 1933 before being hired as the comedy second lead in an important Jerome Kern Broadway musical, Roberta. During the long run of this hit, Hope met and married nightclub singer Dolores Reade, who became still another of his on-stage partners when the play closed and Hope yet again returned to vaudeville. He scored a major success in Ziegfeld Follies of 1936, which spotlighted his talent for sketch comedy, and then co-starred with Ethel Merman and Jimmy Durante in Red, Hot and Blue. In 1937, he was brought to Hollywood for Paramount's The Big Broadcast of 1938, in which he duetted with Shirley Ross in the Oscar-winning song "Thanks for the Memory," which became his signature theme from then on. Hope's first few years at Paramount found him appearing in relatively sedate comedy leads, but with The Cat and the Canary (1939) he solidified his screen persona as the would-be great lover and "brave coward" who hides his insecurities with constant wisecracking. In 1940, Hope was teamed with Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour for Road to Singapore, the first of the still-uproarious "Road" series that featured everything from in-jokes about Bob and Bing's private lives to talking


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91% The Kid Stays in the Picture Actor $1.4M 2002
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No Score Yet Off the Menu: The Last Days of Chasen's Actor 1997
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No Score Yet Lucy & Desi: A Home Movie Actor 1992
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No Score Yet World's Greatest Movie Challenge Actor 1989
No Score Yet Family Day at the Movies Actor 1988
No Score Yet Forty Years of Television Broadcast Journalism: A Salute to KTLA Actor 1987
32% Spies Like Us Himself 1985
No Score Yet Bob Hope Buys NBC? Actor 1985
88% The Muppet Movie Ice Cream Man 1979
89% Hearts and Minds Actor 1975
No Score Yet Cancel My Reservation Executive Producer Dan Bartlett 1972
No Score Yet Raquel! Actor 1970
No Score Yet How to Commit Marriage Frank Benson Executive Producer 1969
No Score Yet The Private Navy of Sgt. O'Farrell O'Farrell 1968
No Score Yet Eight on the Lam Henry Dimsdale 1967
No Score Yet Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! Thomas J. 'Tom' Meade 1966
13% The Oscar Himself 1966
No Score Yet I'll Take Sweden Bob Holcomb 1965
No Score Yet A Global Affair Frank Larrimore 1964
No Score Yet Call Me Bwana Matt 1963
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No Score Yet Paris Holiday Producer Robert Leslie Hunter 1958
No Score Yet The All-Star Christmas Show (Bing Crosby - Bing Crosby's White Christmas USO All Star Show) Actor 1958
No Score Yet Beau James Mayor James J. 'Jimmy' Walker 1957
No Score Yet The Iron Petticoat Maj. Chuck Lockwood 1957
No Score Yet The Seven Little Foys Eddie Foy 1955
No Score Yet Casanova's Big Night Pippo Popolino 1954
No Score Yet Here Come the Girls (Champagne for Everybody) Stanley Snodgrass 1953
71% Scared Stiff Himself 1953
43% The Greatest Show on Earth People in Grandstand 1952
90% Son of Paleface Junior 1952
71% Road to Bali Harold Gridley 1952
No Score Yet My Favorite Spy Peanuts White / Eric Augustine 1951
No Score Yet The Lemon Drop Kid Lemon Drop Kid/Sidney Melbourne 1951
80% Fancy Pants Arthur Tyler 1950
No Score Yet The Great Lover Freddie Hunter 1949
No Score Yet Sorrowful Jones Humphrey "Sorrowful" Jones 1949
100% The Paleface Painless Peter Potter 1948
No Score Yet Variety Girl Himself 1947
71% My Favorite Brunette Ronnie Jackson 1947
100% Road to Rio Hot Lips Barton 1947
No Score Yet Where There's Life Michael Valentine 1947
No Score Yet Monsieur Beaucaire M. Beaucaire 1946
100% Road to Utopia Chester Hooton 1945
No Score Yet The All-Star Bond Rally Guest 1945
No Score Yet The Princess and the Pirate Sylvester the Great 1944
No Score Yet Let's Face It Jerry Walker 1943
20% They Got Me Covered Robert Kittredge 1943
No Score Yet Star Spangled Rhythm Master of Ceremonies 1942
100% My Favorite Blonde Larry Haines 1942
92% Road to Morocco Orville 'Turkey' Jackson / Aunt Lucy 1942
No Score Yet Louisiana Purchase Jim Taylor 1941
No Score Yet Nothing But the Truth Steve Bennett 1941
89% Road to Zanzibar Hubert 'Fearless' Frazier 1941
83% The Ghost Breakers Larry Lawrence 1940
100% Road to Singapore Ace Lannigan 1940
No Score Yet The Cat and the Canary Wally Campbell 1939
No Score Yet Caught in the Draft Don Bolton 1939
No Score Yet Some Like It Hot (Rhythm Romance) Nicky Nelson 1939
No Score Yet Never Say Die John Kidley 1939
No Score Yet Thanks for the Memory Steve Merrick 1938
No Score Yet Give Me A Sailor Jim Brewster 1938
No Score Yet College Swing Bud Brady 1938
No Score Yet The Big Broadcast of 1938 Buzz Fielding 1937
No Score Yet The Old Grey Mayor Bob Hope 1935
No Score Yet Going Spanish Bob 1934
No Score Yet Radio Star - die AFN-Story Actor


85% The Simpsons
Voice 1992
76% Roseanne
Himself 1991
No Score Yet The Golden Girls
No Score Yet Highway to Heaven
Sycopomp 1988
45% The Academy Awards
100% The Muppet Show
Guest 1978
No Score Yet The Odd Couple
Himself 1974
No Score Yet Get Smart
No Score Yet I Love Lucy
Himself 1956
No Score Yet American Masters


Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: Siberia in the spring. Must be a million laughs.

Vinka Kovelenko says: Here's to world peace.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: to world peace it is.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: To world peace it is.

Vinka Kovelenko says: You dare to drink to that openly?

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: - I don't think anybody heard me.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: I don't think anybody heard me.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: Keep your flaps down this is a short runway. You're amazing.

Vinka Kovelenko says: That is because American woman are superficial. They are interested chiefly in their polish and false busoms.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: Yeah, they're inclined to make mountains into molehills.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: A hole in one gal, huh?

Col. Newton Tarbell says: I'm cancelling your leave.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: You wouldn't do that.

Col. Newton Tarbell says: It's done.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: - They didn't act this way at the recruiting office.

Maj. Chuck Lockwood says: They didn't act this way at the recruiting office.