Bruno Mattei

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Birthday: Jul 30, 1931
Birthplace: Rome, Italy
A prolific auteur of horror and exploitation whose list of pseudonyms is rivaled only by his extensive filmography, prolific schlock director Bruno Mattei rose from editing the films of Joe D'Amato and Jess Franco to helming his own low budget, gore-drenched efforts. Though B-movie lovers can argue his importance in the realm of film until the world ends, few will deny that his films rarely fail to entertain on terms of sleaze and gratuitous violence alone -- if that's your kind of thing. A native of Rome who grew up surrounded by celluloid thanks to his father's modest but successful film editing studio, it was around age 20 that Mattei began working odd jobs around the studio, eventually making his way up to the status of editor. Following his directorial debut with the 1970 drama Armida, Il Drama di una Sposa, a brief return to editing proceeded a few more minor efforts before he helmed the film that many consider to be his finest cinematic effort, 1976's Women's Camp 119. A downbeat exploitation effort concerning a prisoner forced to witness numerous atrocities and medical experiments against her will, the film proved Mattei's calling card to the world of exploitation and the same year's SS Girls found him churning out more of the same. Soon moving into softcore with such efforts as 1978's Emmanuelle and the Erotic Nights, a partnering with writer/director Claudio Fragasso resulted in the "nunsploitation" classics The True Story of the Nun of Monza and The Other Hell (both 1980). Though the partnership would serve both parties well, many fans frown upon Fragasso's frequent claims to have served as the driving creative force behind many of Mattei's most successful efforts (while placing the blame for the less successful ones squarely on Mattei's shoulders). Mattei's 1981 effort Virus (aka Hell of the Living Dead) managed to churn stomachs worldwide while it continued the tradition of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, and he continued throughout the decade with such films as Porno Holocaust (also 1981), Rats (1984), Robowar (1988), and Terminator II (1989 -- no, not that Terminator II!). Though his output would slow somewhat in the 1990s, Mattei continued on with such efforts as the gruesome thriller Eyes Without a Face (1994) and the blatant Jaws rip-off Cruel Jaws (which lifted scenes directly from the classic Spielberg movie, in addition to listing author Peter Benchley with screenwriter credit!).



No Score Yet The Tomb Director 2009
No Score Yet Zombi: La creazione, (Zombies: The Beginning) Director 2007
No Score Yet Island Of The Living Dead Director 2007
No Score Yet Land of Death Screenwriter Director 2004
No Score Yet Tomb Director 2004
No Score Yet In The Land Of The Cannibals Director 2004
No Score Yet Cannibal World (Mondo cannibale) Director 2003
No Score Yet Capriccio veneziano (Venetian Caprice) Director 2002
No Score Yet Cruel Jaws Screenwriter Director 1995
No Score Yet Terminator II (Shocking Dark) Director 1990
No Score Yet Trappola diabolica (Strike Commando 2) Director 1988
No Score Yet Zombi 3 (Zombie Flesh Eaters 2) Director 1988
No Score Yet Cop Game (Giochi di poliziotto) Director 1988
No Score Yet Robowar (Robot da guerra) Director 1988
No Score Yet Strike Commando Director 1987
No Score Yet L'Altro inferno (Guardian of Hell) (The Other Hell) (The Presence) Director 1987
No Score Yet Rats - Notte di terrore (Blood Kill) (Rats: Night of Terror) Director 1984
No Score Yet White Apache Director 1984
No Score Yet The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (I sette magnifici gladiatori) Director 1984
No Score Yet Caged Women Director 1982
No Score Yet Hell of the Living Dead (Virus)(Zombie Creeping Flesh)(Zombie Inferno)(Night of the Zombies) Director 1981
No Score Yet KZ9 - Lager di Sterminio (S.S. Extermination Love Camp) (Women's Camp 119) Director 1977


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