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Charles Avery

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A busy presence in American filmmaking from the very beginning, Chicago-born Charles Avery had starred in Charley's Aunt and played in the original Broadway production of The Clansman before entering films with the Biograph Company in 1908. Like his good friend and Biograph colleague Mack Sennett, Avery quickly displayed a talent for rough-and-tumble comedy and would be part an important part of Sennett's original Keystone company. Claiming to have directed Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle in 31 comedies while at Keystone, Avery was just as busy in front of the camera, appearing opposite veteran comedian Charles Murray in scores of "Hogan" comedies. Leaving directorial duties to others in the 1920s, Avery later played supporting roles in low-budget Westerns such as The Rambling Ranger (1927) and Western Rover (1927).


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