Christopher Cazenove

Christopher Cazenove

Highest Rated: 90% Heat and Dust (1983)

Lowest Rated: 0% Until September (1984)

Birthday: Dec 17, 1943

Birthplace: Not Available

Well-bred and educated (Eton and Oxford), British stage actor Christopher Cazenove began his movie career with a small part in Julius Caesar (1970). Throughout the 1970s, Cazenove perfected his screen persona as the international charmer with a dark past. After his Broadway bow in 1980's Goodbye Fidel, Cazenove appeared with increasing frequency in American films, notably Eye of the Needle (1981), Mata Hari (1985) and Three Men and a Little Lady (1990), typecast in the latter as a landed-gentry British cad. The actor's television work has included a stint as Jaclyn Smith's enigmatic French lover in the 1988 two-part TV movie Sidney Sheldon's Windmills of the Gods. In 1989, Christopher Cazenove starred as a snide travel-show host on the short-lived "screwball" TV sitcom A Fine Romance.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Johnson County War Lord Peter 2002
58% A Knight's Tale John Thatcher $55.1M 2001
No Score Yet The Contaminated Man Actor 2000
No Score Yet Shadow Run Melchior 1998
No Score Yet The Proprietor Eliott Spencer 1996
No Score Yet The Way to Dusty Death Actor 1996
14% Aces: Iron Eagle III Palmer 1992
No Score Yet Jenny's War Capt. Preston 1992
38% Three Men and a Little Lady Edward 1990
No Score Yet The Lady and the Highwayman Rudolph Vyne 1989
No Score Yet Sidney Sheldon's 'Windmills of the Gods' Dr. Louis Desforges 1988
No Score Yet Souvenir William Root 1988
No Score Yet Tears in the Rain Michael Bredon 1988
No Score Yet Blind Justice Joseph Mahoney 1988
No Score Yet The Fantasist Inspector McMyler 1986
No Score Yet Mata Hari Capt. Karl Von Byerling 1985
0% Until September Philip 1984
No Score Yet Children of the Full Moon Actor 1984
90% Heat and Dust Douglas Rivers 1983
81% Eye of the Needle David 1981
No Score Yet From a Far Country: Pope John Paul II Tadek 1981
57% Zulu Dawn Lt. Coghill 1979
No Score Yet East of Elephant Rock Actor 1976
No Score Yet Royal Flash Hansen 1975
No Score Yet Jennie: Lady Randolph Churchill Actor 1974
No Score Yet There's a Girl in My Soup Nigel 1970
40% Julius Caesar Antony's Servant 1970


No Score Yet Charmed
Tribunal Demon #1 2004
82% Tales from the Crypt
No Score Yet Hammer House of Horror


Edward says: What I did was wrong, terribly wrong & I apologize for that.

Edward says: What I did was wrong, terribly wrong and I apologize for that.

Mary Bennington says: What a crock!

Edward says: Oh, shut up you little shit!

John Thatcher says: [hearing William enter] Is someone there? If you're here for the net, I haven't finished it yet. Who are you?

William Thatcher says: A knight. My name is...Ulrich.

John Thatcher says: I hear your name called out there. What business have you here?

William Thatcher says: I have word, Master Thatcher. Word of your son.

John Thatcher says: [drops his tools] Of my William? Come in, sir. What word? Does he live?

William Thatcher says: Oh yes. He lives. He wanted you to know...he changed his stars after all.

John Thatcher says: [emotion washes over, he starts crying] And has he followed his feet? Has he found his way home at last?

William Thatcher says: Yes. [his father blindly reaches out; now it's William's turn to cry] Oh, Father.

John Thatcher says: Oh, William. Oh my boy. [shoulders shake with sobs as he and his son melt in each other's arms]