Eve Brent Ashe

Eve Brent Ashe

Highest Rated: 94% Forty Guns (1957)

Lowest Rated: 14% Date with an Angel (1987)

Birthday: Not Available

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Palo Alto Susan Pierce 2007
15% Garfield - The Movie Mrs. Baker $75.3M 2004
78% The Green Mile Elaine 1999
No Score Yet Saved by the Bell Hawaiian Style Mrs. Finley 1992
No Score Yet The Experts Aunt Thelma 1989
No Score Yet Brainwaves Actor 1987
14% Date with an Angel Matron 1987
60% Racing With the Moon Mrs. Kaiser 1984
No Score Yet Going Berserk Mrs. Reese 1983
No Score Yet Brainwaves Miss Simpson 1982
45% Fade to Black Aunt Stella 1980
17% The White Buffalo Frieda 1977
No Score Yet The Big Push Corey 1975
No Score Yet How to Seduce a Woman Dr. Sisters' Sister 1974
83% The Barefoot Executive Mrs. Crampton 1971
No Score Yet Triangle Actor 1971
No Score Yet A Dangerous Friend Actor 1971
33% The Happy Ending Ethel 1969
44% A Guide for the Married Man Joe X's Blowzy Blonde 1967
No Score Yet Stakeout Susie 1962
No Score Yet Tarzan's Fight for Life Jane 1958
No Score Yet Tarzan and the Trappers Jane 1958
94% Forty Guns Louvenia Spangler 1957


83% Scrubs
Mrs. Harris 2006
No Score Yet Roswell
Jane Covendall 2002
67% Get Real
Edna 2000
93% Frasier
Hostess 1993
No Score Yet Who's the Boss?
Miss Glover 1991
No Score Yet Highway to Heaven
Marjorie Anderson Landlady 1989
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Elna Jacobsen Olga Tuttle 1982


Paul Edgecomb says: I think Mr. Jingles happened by accident. I think when we electrocuted Del, and it all went so badly... well, John can feel that you know... and I think a part of... whatever magic was inside of him just lept through my tiny friend here. As for me, John had to give me a part of himself; a gift the way he saw it, so that I could see for myself what Wild Billy had done. When John did that; when he took my hand, a part of the power that worked through him spilled into me.

Elaine Connely says: He... what? He infected you with life?

William "Wild Bill" Wharton says: That's as good a word as any. He infected us both, didn't he, Mr. Jingles? With life. I'm a hundred and eight years old, Elaine. I was forty-four the year that John Coffey walked the Green Mile. You mustn't blame John. He couldn't help what happened to him... he was just a force of nature. Oh I've lived to see some amazing things Elly. Another century come to past, but I've... I've had to see my friends and loved ones die off through the years... Hal and Melinda... Brutus Howell... my wife... my boy. And you Elaine... you'll die too, and my curse is knowing that I'll be there to see it. It's my attonement you see; it's my punishment, for letting John Coffey ride the lightning; for killing a miracle of God. You'll be gone like all the others. I'll have to stay. Oh, I'll die eventually, that I'm sure. I have no illusions of immortality, but I will wished for death... long before death finds me. In truth, I wish for it already.