Francisco Rabal

Francisco Rabal

  • Highest Rated: 100% The Holy Innocents (Los santos inocentes) (1984)
  • Lowest Rated: 40% Incubo sulla città contaminata (Nightmare City) (Invasion by the Atomic Zombies) (1980)
  • Birthday: Mar 8, 1926
  • Birthplace: Águilas, Murcia, Región de Murcia, Spain
  • Often regarded as one of the great leading men of Spanish cinema, Francisco Rabal, in later life, matured into a respected character actor, whose outsized personality was a match for the men he portrayed onscreen. Francisco Rabal was born in Aguilas, a mining community in Murcia, Spain, on March 8, 1926. Rabal's father worked in the mines while his mother ran a mill. When Rabal was six, the Spanish Civil War swept through Murcia, and Rabal's family relocated to Madrid. As a young man, Rabal earned a living as a street peddler and as a chocolate-factory worker. Later, he found a job as an electrician at Chamartin Film Studios. While working at the studio, Rabal became interested in acting and began taking onscreen work as a bit player. Hoping to refine his skills as an actor, Rabal turned his attentions to the stage, and he won nationwide acclaim for his performance in a Spanish production of Death of a Salesman; it was also through his stage work that Rabal met actress Asuncion Balaguer, whom he married in 1950. Rabal's masculine good looks and easy charm quickly made him a popular leading man in Spain, and he established himself in the international film community with his performance in Luis Buñuel's Nazarin. Rabal and Buñuel became close friends, and Rabal worked with the great director on two more films, Viridiana and Belle de Jour. Rabal later worked with Michelangelo Antonioni and Jacques Rivette, and in the '70s he dabbled in directing short films and writing poetry. The actor also became known for his outspoken nature, speaking out with iconoclastic good cheer on politics, religion, fame, and his profession when given the opportunity. As Rabal grew older, his waist thickened and his hairline receded, but he seized the opportunity to play less glamorous and more challenging roles, and in 1984 his performance in Los Santos Inocentes earned him Best Actor honors at the Cannes Film Festival. Rabal kept up a busy schedule into his seventies, and in 1999 scored a late-career triumph with his acclaimed performance in Carlos Saura's Goya in Bordeaux. In August of 2001, Rabal received an award for lifetime achievement at the Montreal Film Festival. While flying home, Rabal died as a result of pulmonary complications. He left behind two children, both of whom grew to become active in the film industry -- actress and singer Teresa Rabal and filmmaker Benito Rabal.

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No Score Yet Setenta veces siete (The Female: Seventy Times Seven) Actor 2015
No Score Yet Epílogo Actor 2014
No Score Yet La Gran Mentira Actor 2014
No Score Yet Cervantes (Young Rebel) Actor 2013
No Score Yet La Hora Bruja Actor 2013
No Score Yet Noche De Verano Actor 2012
No Score Yet La battaglia d'Inghilterra (Eagles Over London) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Amanecer en Puerta Oscura (Whom God Forgives) Actor 2012
No Score Yet Sangre En El Ruedo Actor 2011
No Score Yet Todo Es Posible En Granada Actor 2011
No Score Yet St. Teresa of Avila Actor 2008
No Score Yet La hora bruja Cesar 2006
No Score Yet El Sueno Del Caiman Actor 2001
No Score Yet T qu haras por amor? , (Che faresti per amore?), (Just Run!) Don Vincente 2001
92% The Wide Blue Road (La Grande strada azzurra) Actor 2001
67% Dagon Ezequiel 2001
54% Goya in Bordeaux Goya (as an old man) 2000
No Score Yet Speaking of Bunuel (A Propósito de Buñuel) Actor 2000
No Score Yet Peixe Lua Actor 2000
No Score Yet Talk of Angels Don Jorge 1998
No Score Yet El evangelio de las Maravillas Actor 1998
No Score Yet En Dag Til i Solen (Water Easy Reach) Molina 1998
No Score Yet Divine Papa Basilio 1998
No Score Yet Little Miracle Actor 1997
No Score Yet Pequeños milagros (Little Miracles) Actor 1997
No Score Yet Le Jour et la nuit Cristobal 1997
No Score Yet Airbag Villambrosa 1997
No Score Yet Oedipo Alcalde Actor 1996
No Score Yet Oedipus Mayor Actor 1996
No Score Yet Man Who Lost His Shadow Antonio 1991
70% Átame! (Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!) Maximo Espejo 1990
No Score Yet A Time of Destiny Jorge Larraneta 1988
No Score Yet Joaquin Gallegos Actor 1987
No Score Yet Un complicato intrigo di donne, vicoli e delitti Guaglione 1986
No Score Yet Time of Silence (Tiempo de Silencio) Muecas 1986
No Score Yet Dagon Actor 1985
No Score Yet Marbella, un Golpe de Cinco Estrellas Juan 1985
100% The Holy Innocents (Los santos inocentes) Azarias 1984
No Score Yet The Stilts (Los Zancos) Manuel 1984
No Score Yet Padre Nuestro Abel 1984
No Score Yet Treasure of the Four Crowns Socrates 1983
No Score Yet The Beehive (La Colmena) Actor 1982
40% Incubo sulla città contaminata (Nightmare City) (Invasion by the Atomic Zombies) Maj.Holmes 1980
No Score Yet Stay As You Are Actor 1978
No Score Yet Reborn Giacomo 1978
No Score Yet Corleone Don Guisto 1978
79% Sorcerer Nilo 1977
No Score Yet Il Deserto dei Tartari (The Desert of the Tartars) Tronk 1976
No Score Yet The Long Holidays Of 1936 (Las Largas Vacaciones Del 36) Actor 1976
No Score Yet El Muerto Azevedo Bandeira 1975
No Score Yet Il Consigliori (Counselor at Crime) (The Counsellor) Vincent Garofalo 1973
No Score Yet Beyond Erotica Actor 1973
88% The Other Actor 1972
No Score Yet It Can Be Done, Amigo Franciscus 1972
No Score Yet La colonna infame Actor 1972
84% La religieuse (The Nun) Dom Morel 1971
No Score Yet Bloody Che Contra Actor 1971
No Score Yet Devil's Crude Actor 1971
No Score Yet N.P. Il Segreto N.P. 1971
No Score Yet Le soldat Laforêt (Laforet the Soldier) Paco 1971
No Score Yet Goya Goya (as an old man) 1970
No Score Yet Cutting Heads Diaz 1970
No Score Yet The Challenges (Los desafios) Actor 1970
No Score Yet Eagles over London Martin Donovan 1970
No Score Yet Simón Bolívar Actor 1969
96% Belle de Jour Hippolyte 1968
No Score Yet Bloody Che Contra Actor 1968
No Score Yet Spain Again Actor 1968
No Score Yet I Lunghi giorni della vendetta (Days of Vengeance)(The Deadliest Gunfight) Actor 1967
No Score Yet Le Streghe (The Witches) Valeria's Husband 1967
No Score Yet Marie Chantal contre Dr. Kha (Blue Panther) Actor 1965
No Score Yet Pensione paura Actor 1964
No Score Yet Los Zancos El Tempranillo 1964
No Score Yet Le Gros Coup Actor 1964
89% L'Eclisse Riccardo 1962
95% Viridiana Jorge 1961
No Score Yet Tiro al Piccione Elia 1961
No Score Yet La mano en la trampa Cristobal Achaval 1961
85% Nazarin Father Nazario 1958
No Score Yet Luna De Sangre Actor 1950
No Score Yet Un Delitto Actor


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