Frank Sivero

Frank Sivero

Highest Rated: 98% The Godfather, Part II (1974)

Lowest Rated: 0% Foolish (1999)

Birthday: Jan 6, 1952

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Ring of Death Actor 2008
No Score Yet Hotel California Actor 2006
No Score Yet Truth Be Told LaTrenta 2003
0% Foolish Giovanni 1999
68% The Wedding Singer Andy 1998
No Score Yet Urban Relics Tommy 1998
No Score Yet Possessed by the Night Murray Dunlap 1994
No Score Yet Fist of Honor Frankie Pop 1992
96% GoodFellas Frankie Carbone 1990
43% 52 Pick-Up Vendor 1986
94% Ruthless People The Mugger 1986
No Score Yet The Ratings Game Bruno 1984
67% Fear City Mobster 1984
20% Fighting Back (Death Vengeance) Frank Russo 1982
No Score Yet Going Ape! Bad Habit 1981
No Score Yet The Billion Dollar Hobo Ernie 1978
63% New York, New York Eddie di Muzio 1977
98% The Godfather, Part II Genco 1974
78% The Gambler Donny's Driver 1974
33% Shamus Bookie 1973


84% NYPD Blue
Frankie Pisciotta 1997
No Score Yet Kojak
Tony 1978


James Conway says: Yeah? You should be sorry. Don't fuckin do it again and give me the money. Give me the fuckin money, You hear me? You hear me, I gotta come here and you bust my balls? Give me the fuckin money.

Spider says: [hesitating] Why don't you go fuck yourself, Tommy?

James Conway says: Attaboy! I got respect for this kid. He's got a lot of fucking balls. Good for you! Don't take no shit off nobody.

James Conway says: What's the fuckin' matter with you? What - what is the fuckin' matter with you? What are you, stupid or what? Tommy, Tommy, I'm kidding with you. What the fuck are you doin'? What are you, a fuckin' sick maniac?

Tommy DeVito says: Good shot. What do you want from me? Good shot. Fuckin' rat anyway. His family's all rats. He'll grow up to be a rat.

Tommy DeVito says: Who the fuck cares? I'll dig the fuckin' hole. I don't give a fuck. What is it, the first hole I dug? Not the first time I dug a hole. I'll fuckin' dig a hole. Where are the shovels?

Frankie Carbone says: Eh, I been playin' that numba for three years

Frankie Carbone says: Eh, I been playin' that numba for three years.