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Gaspar Henaine

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Birthplace:   Chignahuapan, Puebla, Mexico
One of the most popular comic actors of Mexican Cinematography and Television. Gaspar Henaine, better known as "Capulina", was the son of a hotel owner. His father, Elias Henaine (whose parents were Lebanese), wanted him to follow his footsteps in the hotel business, but Gaspar preferred to pursue an artistic career. From his native Puebla, Mexico, he traveled to Mexico City, where he began with the musical trio "Los Excentricos Del Ritmo", in the 1940s, and years later he formed his own band "Los Trincas", playing in popular theaters and marquees. After a relative success, Capulina tried in the XEW (now _Televisa S.A. de C.V._), the biggest and most important radio station and Television channel in Latin America, and occasionally at The Blanquita Theater, places where he sang and played the guitar along with important figures of the time. His first appearances in movies were singing with his fellows musicians in "Los Trincas", including his long time partner, Marco Antonio Campos, with whom he later formed one of the most famous comic couples in the Mexican Cinematography and Television, known as "Viruta y Capulina". They're considered the Mexican version of Laurel and Hardy . Their slapstick routines made them very famous in their first movies, such as La Sombra del otro (1957), Se los chupo la bruja (1958), and Muertos De Miedo (1958). The two were also seen together in television performances, appearing in the "Cómicos y canciones" program during the 1950s, and 1960s. Capulina's later movies were more targeted to general audiences. He earned the alternative nickname of "King of White Comedy". The most famous movies of this stage were, among others, Mi Padrino (1969), Santo contra Capulina (1969), Hermano Capulina, El (1970), Investigador Capulina, El (1973), etc. Gaspar Henaine never abandoned his musical career, recording nearly 12 albums, with memorable songs for the children of the time like "Las Rejas De Chapultepec". He was active in the theater and performed stand-up comedy routines as well. Nowadays, Gaspar Henaine Capulina is retired from show business and enjoying time with his family in Cuernavaca, Mexico, giving sporadic interviews for the press and television.



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