Gordon Liu

Gordon Liu

Highest Rated Movies








51% The Man With the Iron Fists Abbot $15.7M 2012
68% The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate Wan Yulou $96K 2012
No Score Yet Blood Money Shaolin Monk 2012
63% True Legend Old Sage $62.7K 2011
50% Hot Summer Days Uncle Fai 2010
42% Chandni Chowk To China Hojo $0.9M 2009
No Score Yet Shaolin vs. Evil Dead: Ultimate Power Actor 2006
84% Kill Bill: Volume 2 Pai Mei 2004
No Score Yet Shao Lin jiang shi (Shaolin vs. Evil Dead) Pak/Brother White 2004
85% Kill Bill: Volume 1 Johnny Mo 2003
No Score Yet Drunken Monkey (Chui ma lau) Actor 2002
No Score Yet You shi tiaowu (The Island Tales) Bo 1999
No Score Yet Drunken Master III Actor 1994
No Score Yet Treasure Hunt (Hua qi Shao Lin) Actor 1994
67% Wong Fei-hung chi tit gai dau neung gung (Deadly China Hero) (Claws of Steel) (Last Hero in China) Master Liu Hung 1993
No Score Yet Crystal Hunt (No foh wai lung) Actor 1992
No Score Yet Ghost Ballroom Chau 1989
No Score Yet White Lotus Trio Actor 1989
No Score Yet Tiger on the Beat Lau Fai 1988
No Score Yet Shaolin Challenges Ninja Actor 1987
No Score Yet Warrior from Shaolin Actor 1984
No Score Yet 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Yeung Dak 1984
No Score Yet Raiders of the Buddhist Kung Fu Actor 1983
No Score Yet The Shaolin Drunken Monk Actor 1983
No Score Yet Legendary Weapons of China Ti Tan 1982
No Score Yet Shaolin & Wu Tang Actor 1981
No Score Yet Shaolin and Wu Tang Actor Director 1981
No Score Yet The Rivals of the Silver Fox (Jue zhan yin hu) Actor 1980
No Score Yet Shaolin vs. Vampire Actor 1980
No Score Yet Fists and Guts Actor 1979
No Score Yet Shaolin Invincible Sticks Actor 1979
No Score Yet Shaolin Master Killer Actor 1978
No Score Yet Snake in the Crane's Shadow Actor 1978


Pai Mei
[speaking to The Bride in Mandarin language] Do you believe you are my match?
The Bride
Pai Mei
Are you aware I kill at will?
The Bride
Pai Mei
Is it your wish to die?
Pai Mei
Then you must be stupid... so stupid.