James Spader

James Spader

Highest Rated: 100% The Music of Chance (1993)

Lowest Rated: 10% The Watcher (2000)

Birthday: Feb 7, 1960

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Often noted for his comment that he enjoys working in all of his films -- as long as he doesn't have to see any of them -- actor James Spader (born February 2nd, 1960) may have missed out on seeing a few good performances in some pretty memorable films.Though descended from a long line of scholars and professors, Spader, in ironic contrast to his theatrical image as the definitive terminal yuppie, dropped out of Phillips Andover prep school to pursue a career as an actor. Forsaking his formal education, Spader instead decided to focus his attention on acting by studying at the Michael Chekhov school in New York, while also working a variety of odd jobs to support himself until he found success as a thespian. Making his debut in the 1978 comedy Team Mates, Spader began the slow process of gaining more frequent work with roles of increasing substance. Spader's first role came in Franco Zeffirelli's soft-core teen melodrama Endless Love (1981) (also notable as the debut of another young unknown actor named Tom Cruise. After a brief, mid-'80s stint in teen exploitation including Tuff Turf and The New Kids (both 1985), Spader gained mainstream recognition with his first fore in yuppiedom as Molly Ringwald's insincere suitor in Pretty in Pink (1986). Over the course of the next few years, Spader would refine his slimy persona to perfection in Wall Street (1987) and Less Than Zero (1987), and take an interesting turn as a possible serial killer in the Jack the Ripper thriller Jack's Back (1988), but it was the end of the decade that brought the defining role in Spader's career.Though his role in independent filmmaker Steven Soderbergh's voyeurism-obsessed sex, lies and videotape did little to propel his persona into more likeable territories, it showed an actor with considerable talent who wasn't afraid to take risks, winning him the Best Actor award at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. Spader's dark portrayal of the ominously seductive videophile struck a chord in audiences and critics alike and turned him into a household name. The '90s found Spader expanding his yuppie image into more sympathetic territory with roles in White Palace and Bad Influence (both 1990), and he continued his likeable trend in the first of the mega-budget Dean Devlin/Roland Emmerich collaborations, Stargate (1994), before reverting back as Jack Nicholson's manipulative lycanthropic rival in Mike Nichols' imaginative satire Wolf (1994). Controversy soon followed with David Cronenberg's widely panned study of fetishistic alienation Crash (1996), and Spader has worked steadily since, with roles in Supernova (2000) and Speaking of Sex (2001). With the release of Secretary (2002), Spader once again found himself in the favor of art house audiences for his portrayal of a demanding lawyer who hires a recently released mental patient for the eponimous duty.Spader found success on the small screen once again for his work on Boston Legal from 2004 to 2008 as the character of Alan Shore, a vehemently moral attorney who resorts to unethical methods during his pursuit of justice (a role that would win the actor two Emmys). Spader made a guest appearance on an episode of The Office, and returned to the sitcom in 2011 as part of the main cast. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi


Highest Rated Movies



75% Avengers: Age of Ultron Ultron $429.2M 2015
81% The Homesman Aloysius Duffy 2014
89% Lincoln W.N. Bilbo $129.5M 2012
46% Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock Mr. Black $20.9M 2009
No Score Yet Discovery Atlas Narrator 2006
No Score Yet Shadow of Fear William Ashbury 2004
No Score Yet Alien Hunter Julien Rome 2003
No Score Yet I Witness Douglas Draper 2003
No Score Yet Speaking of Sex Dr. Klink 2003
No Score Yet The Pentagon Papers Daniel Ellsberg 2003
No Score Yet The Stickup Parker 2002
76% Secretary Mr. Grey $3.9M 2002
10% The Watcher Joel Campbell $28.6M 2000
11% Slow Burn Marcus 2000
No Score Yet Curtain Call Stevenson Lowe 2000
10% Supernova Nick Vanzant 2000
59% Critical Care Dr. Werner Ernst 1997
No Score Yet Driftwood The Man 1997
59% 2 Days in the Valley Lee Woods 1996
10% Keys to Tulsa Ronnie Stover 1996
59% Crash James Ballard $3.2M 1996
60% Wolf Stewart Swinton 1994
57% Dream Lover Ray Reardon 1994
100% The Music of Chance Jack Pozzi 1993
97% Bob Roberts News Anchor Chuck Marin 1992
67% Storyville Cray Fowler 1992
47% True Colors Tim Gerrity 1991
61% White Palace Max Baron 1990
71% Bad Influence Michael Boll 1990
96% Sex, Lies, and Videotape Graham Dalton 1989
40% The Rachel Papers DeForrest 1989
60% Jack's Back John/Rick Westford 1988
79% Wall Street Roger Barnes 1987
52% Less Than Zero Rip 1987
74% Baby Boom Ken 1987
22% Mannequin Richards 1987
79% Pretty in Pink Steff McKee 1986
17% Tuff Turf Morgan Hiller 1985
No Score Yet The New Kids Dutra 1985
No Score Yet Starcrossed Joey Callaghan 1985
No Score Yet Family Secrets Lowell Everall 1984
No Score Yet Cocaine: One Man's Seduction Buddy Gant 1983
28% Endless Love Keith 1981


No Score Yet The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Guest 2019
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2019
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2019
91% The Blacklist
Raymond "Red" Reddington Producer 2019
No Score Yet Charlie Rose
Guest 2017
60% The Blacklist: Redemption
No Score Yet Today
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2014
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2013
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2013
81% The Office
Robert California 2012
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Guest 2012
86% Boston Legal
Alan Shore 2008
No Score Yet The Practice
Alan Shore 2004
No Score Yet The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
Guest 2003
88% Seinfeld
94% Frasier
Voice of Steven 1994
No Score Yet The Family Tree
Jake Nichols 1983


Thor says: Who sent you?

Tony Stark/Iron Man says: I see a suit of armor around the world.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk says: Ultron

Ultron says: In the flesh. Or no, not yet. Not this chrysalis. But I'm ready. I'm on a mission.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow says: What mission?

Ultron says: Peace in our time.

Ultron says: You are unbearably naive!

The Vision says: Well, I was born yesterday.

Ultron says: Do you see it? The beauty of it? The inevitability? You rise..only to fall. You Avengers, you are my meteor, my swift and terrible sword and the earth will crack...with the weight of your failure. Purge me from your computers, turn your own flesh against me. It means nothing. When the dust settles, the only thing left living in this world...will be metal.

Ultron says: You know, with the benefit of hindsight...

Ultron says: I had strings, but now I'm free.

Ulysses Klaue says: Is this your first time intimidating someone? I'm afraid that I'm not that afraid.

Scarlet Witch says: Everybody's afraid of something.

Ulysses Klaue says: Cuttlefish. Deep sea fish. The make lights. Disco lights to hypnotize their prey, and then--whoom! I saw a documentary; it was terrifying. So, if you're going to fiddle with my brain, and make me see a giant cuttlefish, then I know you don't do business. And I know you're not in charge. And I only deal with the man in charge.

Ultron says: There is no man in charge. Let's talk business.

Ultron says: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Bruce Banner/The Hulk says: Ultron?

Ultron says: In the flesh!

Ultron says: They took vibranium and make a frisbee out of it.

Ultron says: That was dramatic.

Ultron says: The most versatile substance on the planet, And they used it to build a Frisbee

Ultron says: The most versatile substance on the planet, And they used it to build a Frisbee.

Ultron says: They put the building in the middle of the city, so that everyone could be equally close to God. I like that, the symmetry, the geometry of belief.

Ultron says: The world needed a shield... Stark settled for a slave.

The Vision says: Human beings are fearful and in need of protection. But then, that fear can inspire them to do great things.

Ultron says: You're unbelievably naïve.

The Vision says: Well, I was born yesterday.

Scarlet Witch says: I wanted him to face his fear, to create something we could use against him.

Ultron says: Everyone creates the thing they fear. Men of peace create engines of war. Avengers create invaders. Parents create children, that will supplant them.

Tony Stark/Iron Man says: What's the vibranium for?

Ultron says: I'm glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan...

Ultron says: Don't compare me with Stark! He's a sickness!

Tony Stark/Iron Man says: Aww, junior, you're going to break your old man's heart...

Ultron says: I know you're good people. I know you mean well. But you just didn't think it through. There is only one path to peace... your extinction.

Korean Train Passenger says: There are no strings on me!

Ultron says: I once had strings, but now I'm free... There are no strings on me!

Ultron says: There are no strings on me!

Ultron says: Keep your friends rich, your enemies rich and wait to see which is which.

Ultron says: Everyone creates the thing they dread...

Ultron says: I was designed to save the world. People would look to the sky and see... hope. I think I'll take that first. There's only one path to peace: their extinction.

Ultron says: I'm gonna show you something beatiful... everyone... is screaming... for mercy.

Ultron says: I'm going to tear you apart, from the inside!

Ultron says: How could you be worthy. You're all puppets, tangled in strings...strings!

Ultron says: There are no strings on me!

Steff McKee says: Andie, you're a bitch.

Stevenson Lowe says: At it's best, it can be a doorway into another world. Someone picks up a book, he has the world in his hands.

Julian Rome says: Michael, stop! Look at the corn!

Keith says: (to David) Just because you're fucking my sister doesn't mean you're the part of the family.

Keith says: Just because you're fucking my sister doesn't mean you're the part of the family.

Abraham Lincoln says: [walks in]

W.N. Bilbo says: Well I'll be fucked.

Lieutenant Kawalsky says: [Jackson sneezes hard] Cold?

Dr. Daniel Jackson says: Allergies: always happens when I travel.

Max Baron says: There's no DUST in her DUSTBUSTER!!

Max Baron says: There's no DUST in her DUSTBUSTER!

Jack Pozzi says: He is dead!!

Jack Pozzi says: He is dead!

Dr. Daniel Jackson says: [Kasuf gestures towards his village] He's inviting us to go with him.

Lieutenant Kawalsky says: How can you be so sure?

Dr. Daniel Jackson says: Because he's ...

Dr. Daniel Jackson says: Because he's...

Dr. Daniel Jackson says: [repeats gesture] inviting us to go with him.

Lee Woods says: Which breast did he touch? This one?

Michael Boll says: Son of a bitch

Michael Boll says: Son of a bitch.

Club Bartender says: Hey watch your fucking mouth, man!