Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour

Highest Rated: 100% CinemAbility (2018)

Lowest Rated: 0% Love Wedding Marriage (2011)

Birthday: Feb 15, 1951

Birthplace: Hayes, Hayes and Harlington, Middlesex, England, UK

Born February 15th, 1951, the raven-haired daughter of a prosperous British gynecologist, Jane Seymour debuted onstage at 13 as a member of the London Festival Ballet, after training at the Arts Educational School. Five years later, she switched to acting, making her screen bow as part of a huge ensemble in Oh, What A Lovely War! (1968). She entered the fan-mag files with her portrayal of the enigmatic Solitaire in the 1973 James Bond epic Live and Let Die, following this with a ingenue turn in Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (1974). While her subesquent film appearances were well-received (as was her engagement in the 1980 Broadway production of Amadeus), Seymour's larger fame rested on her prolific TV work, notably on such miniseries as "East of Eden" and "War and Remembrance." In 1988, she won an Emmy for her portrayal of Maria Callas in the TV miniseries "Onassis." Four years later, she landed one of her most successful roles to date, that of the title heroine of the TV series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. In subsequent years, Seymour sustained her career with longform soapers - such as the 1998 A Marriage of Convenience and the 2002 Heart of a Stranger - before making a most welcome return to theatrical features in 2005. That year, she scored a neat comic turn as the wife of U.S. Treasury Secretary Christopher Walken (and the mother of some outrageously dysfunctional children) in the summer comedy smash Wedding Crashers. Two years later, ABC tapped Seymour to trip the light fantastic as one of the celebrity dancers on its blockbuster series Dancing with the Stars. On that program, Seymour danced opposite series vet Tony Ovolani.


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No Score Yet Buttons: A Christmas Tale Actor 2018
33% Better Start Running Actor 2018
100% CinemAbility Narrator 2018
No Score Yet New York Academy - Freedance Oksana 2018
No Score Yet Mistrust Veronica 2018
No Score Yet Pray for Rain Olivia Gardner 2017
75% High Strung Oxsana 2016
60% About Scout Gloria 2016
7% Fifty Shades of Black Claire 2016
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22% Jake Squared Joanne $2.2K 2014
31% Austenland Mrs. Wattlesbrook $2.2M 2013
No Score Yet Lovestruck: The Musical Actor 2013
No Score Yet Freeloaders Carolyn Roberts 2013
No Score Yet An American Girl: Saige Paints The Sky Mimi 2013
No Score Yet Lake Effects Vivian 2012
No Score Yet The Metropolitan Opera: Anna Bolena Encore Actor 2011
No Score Yet The Metropolitan Opera: Anna Bolena Live Actor 2011
0% Love Wedding Marriage Betty $1.9K 2011
5% Waiting for Forever Executive Producer $16.8K 2011
No Score Yet The Assistants Sandy Goldman 2010
86% The Velveteen Rabbit The Mom 2009
No Score Yet Wake Mrs. Reitman 2009
No Score Yet Dear Prudence Prudence McCoy 2008
No Score Yet Picturing Mary Actor 2007
25% Blind Dating Dr. Evans Executive Producer $62.4K 2007
No Score Yet After Sex Janet 2007
67% National Lampoon Presents The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell President Laura Coffey 2006
75% Wedding Crashers Kathleen Cleary $209.3M 2005
No Score Yet Running Dry Actor 2005
No Score Yet Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree Maggie Wiggins 2004
No Score Yet The Jesus Experience: Christianity Around the World Actor 2002
0% Touching Wild Horses Fiona 2002
No Score Yet John Adams: American Classic Executive Producer 2002
No Score Yet Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within Executive Producer Michaela `Mike' Quinn 2001
No Score Yet Yesterday's Children Jenny/Mary 2000
No Score Yet Enslavement: The True Story of Fanny Kemble Fanny Kemble Executive Producer 2000
No Score Yet Murder in the Mirror Mary Mary Richland Executive Producer 2000
No Score Yet The James Bond Story Actor 2000
No Score Yet Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie Dr. Michaela `Mike' Quinn 1999
No Score Yet A Marriage of Convenience (Un mariage de convenance) Chris Winslow 1998
35% Quest For Camelot Juliana 1998
No Score Yet The New Swiss Family Robinson Anna Robinson 1998
No Score Yet Hollywood Christmas Host 1996
100% Heidi Frau Rottenmeier 1993
No Score Yet Praying Mantis Actor 1993
No Score Yet Sunstroke Producer Teresa Winters 1992
No Score Yet Are You Lonesome Tonight? Adrienne Welles 1992
No Score Yet Memories of Midnight Catherine Alexander Douglas 1991
No Score Yet Matters of the Heart Hadley Norman 1990
No Score Yet The Tunnel Maria 1989
No Score Yet La révolution française Marie Antoinette 1989
No Score Yet Jack the Ripper Emma 1988
No Score Yet Onassis: The Richest Man in the World Maria Callas 1988
No Score Yet The Woman He Loved Wallis Warfield Simpson 1988
No Score Yet Ordeal by Innocence Actor 1987
No Score Yet Japan, Vol. 1: The Electronic Tribe Host 1987
No Score Yet Japan, Vol. 3: The Legacy of the Shogun Host 1987
No Score Yet Japan, Vol. 2: The Sword and the Crysanthemum Host 1987
0% Head Office Jane 1986
No Score Yet Dark Mirror Tracy Cullen Leigh Cullen 1984
71% Lassiter Sara Wells 1984
No Score Yet The Haunting Passion Julia Evans 1983
No Score Yet The Phantom of the Opera Maria Gianelli 1983
No Score Yet Jamaica Inn Mary Yellan 1983
No Score Yet The Scarlet Pimpernel Marguerite Blakeney 1982
61% Somewhere in Time Elise McKenna 1980
No Score Yet Oh Heavenly Dog Jackie 1980
No Score Yet Benji at Work Actor 1980
32% Battlestar Galactica Serina 1978
No Score Yet Awakening Land Genny 1978
No Score Yet The Four Feathers Ethne Eustace 1977
No Score Yet Killer on Board Actor 1977
No Score Yet The Story of David Actor 1976
No Score Yet The Hanged Man Actor 1974
No Score Yet Frankenstein: The True Story Agatha/Prima 1973
66% Live and Let Die Solitaire 1973
No Score Yet The Strauss Family Actor 1973
50% Young Winston Pamela Plowden 1972
No Score Yet The Only Way Actor 1970
No Score Yet Only Way Lillian Stein 1970


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Herself 2008
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Producer 1998
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Michaela `Mike' Quinn Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn 1998
No Score Yet Murphy Brown
No Score Yet War and Remembrance
Natalie Jastrow Henry 1989
No Score Yet East of Eden
Cathy Ames Kate Ames 1981
33% Battlestar Galactica
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No Score Yet Who Do You Think You Are?


Mrs. Wattlesbrook says: I'm single, because, apparently the only good men are fictional

Mrs. Wattlesbrook says: I'm single, because, apparently the only good men are fictional.

Mrs. Wattlesbrook says: Do you enjoy dancing ?

Mrs. Wattlesbrook says: Do you enjoy dancing?

Henry Nobley says: Not particularly

Henry Nobley says: Not particularly.

John Beckwith says: Wow, they feel really nice. Real orb-like. It's amazing what they can do...

Kathleen Cleary says: Pervert!

Kathleen Cleary says: I'm not letting you out of this room until you feel them.

Kathleen Cleary says: I just had my tits done. You like 'em?

John Beckwith says: Those... seem like lovely tits.

Kathleen Cleary says: William doesn't give a shit about my tits.

James Bond says: Lovers lesson number two; togetherness 'till death do us part, or thereabouts.

Solitaire says: Is there time before we leave for lesson number three?

Solitaire says: Absolutely. There's no sense in going off half-cocked.

Kayley says: But mother Excalibur's been stolen I must go after it!

Juliana says: That is a job for the Knights not a young girl!

Kayley says: But I want to be a knight, slay dragons, recusing Damsels in distress, what is a Damsel in distress anyway?

Juliana says: Now Kayley settle down and try on your new dress!

Kayley says: But mother I don't want a new dress I want to save Camelot! If you just let me I know I could find Excalibur all on my own!

Juliana says: The Knights will find the sword and they'll do it by working together!

Kayley says: While I'm 'stuck' working here, taking care of the farm collecting the eggs boring! where's the glory in that?!

Juliana says: Kayley one day you'll learn what Camelot means until then you'll stay here with me!

Kayley says: Oh all right! (runs up to her room)

Kayley says: Oh all right! [runs up to her room]

Juliana says: (Looks up at a family portrait zeroing in on Lionel's face) What would you do?

Juliana says: [looks up at a family portrait zeroing in on Lionel's face] What would you do?

Kayley says: Father do you really have to go?

Lionel says: I'm afraid I must Kayley you know the King's Knights will be here soon.

Kayley says: Tell me again why you became a Knight

Juliana says: Kayley! You've heard it a thousand times!

Lionel says: Oh but it's find dear. Well my daughter before you were born the land was dark and treacherous. The people stood divided brother fighting brother. The one hope for peace was in the legendary sword Excalibur. For it was said whoever could pull this ancient sword from it's stone would become king and unite the people. Many tried all failed. Then on the very day that you were born a unknown hero stepped forth. His name was Arthur, and he was that true king. With Excalibur at his side he led us out of the darkness. And together we built the greatest kingdom on earth. Everyone rejoiced.

Kayley says: Camelot!

Lionel says: (Holding up his shield) And so these three rings represent the unity of our kingdom. As a Knight I took a oath. To protect, Camelot, King Arthur, and Excalibur.

Kayley says: The Knights are here!

Lionel says: I must go now Kayley the King has called his Knights for a special day in Camelot

Kayley says: I'm coming with you Daddy!

Lionel says: Yes when you're old enough Kayley. I will take you to Camelot I promise! I love, you!

Kayley says: One day I will be a Knight, like Father.

Juliana says: You're mad!

Ruber says: I'm *so* glad you noticed. I've been working at it for years!

Juliana says: Who who are you? Ruber!

Ruber says: Juliana. I was in the neighborhood, and I thought I'd invade. How about a kiss? I hear you're still single...

Juliana says: Impertinent pig!

Ruber says: Is that a no?

Juliana says: I demand you leave immediately!

Solitaire says: What happened to Kananqa?

James Bond says: I think he had a rather inflated opinion of himself.

Farah says: Trog seems frightened of the gate.

Melanthius says: Ah, yes. Like all primitives, he is afraid of the unknown, of what he does not understand...

Elise McKenna says: "Is it you?"

Elise McKenna says: Is it you?

Elise McKenna says: (To Richard Collier in 1979) "Come back to me."

Elise McKenna says: [to Richard Collier in 1979] Come back to me.