Janusz Kaminski

Janusz Kaminski

Highest Rated: 98% Schindler's List (1993)

Lowest Rated: 3% Cool as Ice (1991)

Birthday: Jun 27, 1959

Birthplace: Ziebice, Dolnoslaskie, Poland

As the director of photography on many of director Steven Spielberg's films, Janusz Kaminski created some of the most lasting and memorable images in cinema history. Whether filming "Schindler's List" (1993) in stark black-and-white, giving the film a cold documentary feel, or using nausea-inducing, hand-held shots while storming the beaches of Normandy in "Saving Private Ryan" (1998), Kaminski had the unique gift of maintaining an air of realism, while using a wide array of washed-out color schemes, hyperkinetic movement and other visual trickery to draw the audience into the action. A naturally gifted cinematographer, Kaminski had an inauspicious start in Hollywood, making B-movies for low-budget impresario Roger Corman, whose production facility was the proving grounds for many later A-list filmmakers. Eventually, with a great deal of resilience and a bit of luck, Kaminski honed his craft to the point where he was noticed by none other than Spielberg. Following "Schindler's List," a stunning and diverse list of achievements with the director followed, among them "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" (2001), "Catch Me if You Can" (2002) and "Munich" (2005). A rare non-Spielberg endeavor, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" (2007), earned Kaminski some of the highest accolades of his career, while his reunion with the director on the momentous biopic "Lincoln" (2012) arguably surpassed all that had come before. In the eyes of many, Kaminski had established himself as both the best known and the finest cinematographer of his generation.




No Score Yet No Score Yet West Side Story Cinematographer - 2021
No Score Yet No Score Yet American Dream Director,
Executive Producer
- 2021
62% 89% The Call of the Wild Cinematographer $62.1M 2020
72% 77% Ready Player One Cinematographer $137.0M 2018
88% 73% The Post Cinematographer $81.4M 2017
74% 57% The BFG Cinematographer $55.5M 2016
90% 87% Bridge of Spies Cinematographer $72.3M 2015
49% 72% The Judge Cinematographer $2.7M 2014
89% 81% Lincoln Cinematographer $182.2M 2012
74% 74% War Horse Cinematographer $79.9M 2011
31% 24% How Do You Know Cinematographer $30.2M 2010
69% 48% Funny People Cinematographer $51.8M 2009
78% 53% Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Cinematographer $317.0M 2008
94% 92% The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Cinematographer $6.0M 2007
No Score Yet 33% Hania Director - 2007
78% 83% Munich Cinematographer $47.4M 2005
75% 42% War of the Worlds Cinematographer $234.3M 2005
61% 74% The Terminal Casting $77.0M 2004
96% 89% Catch Me if You Can Director of Photography $164.4M 2002
90% 80% Minority Report Cinematographer $132.0M 2002
75% 64% A.I.: Artificial Intelligence Cinematographer $78.6M 2001
8% 22% Lost Souls Director $16.8M 2000
93% 95% Saving Private Ryan Cinematographer - 1998
77% 79% Amistad Cinematographer - 1997
53% 51% The Lost World: Jurassic Park Cinematographer $229.1M 1997
84% 79% Jerry Maguire Cinematographer $153.6M 1996
50% 52% Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill Cinematographer $8.2M 1995
36% 63% Little Giants Cinematographer $18.8M 1994
98% 97% Schindler's List Cinematographer $96.6M 1993
73% 50% The Adventures of Huck Finn Cinematographer $23.8M 1993
3% 43% Cool as Ice Cinematographer $956.8K 1991


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