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Jason Marsden

Highest Rated:   83% Batman Gotham Knight (2008)
Lowest Rated:   13% Locker 13 (2014)
Birthplace:   Providence, Rhode Island, USA
His father, Myles Marsden, a choreographer, founded the Rhode Island State Ballet. As such, as a small child, Jason was surrounded by dancers and actors. Friends of his parents noted how talented and personable Jason was and suggested he get an agent and do some acting work in commercials. Little did they know this boost of the young man's ego would turn into a so-far lifelong flirtation with the small and silver screen in both the physical and vocal capacity. At the age of eleven, Jason had moved from Rhode Island to California and had his first major role, as the third child to play Alan Quartermaine Jr. in the long running American soap opera, "General Hospital" (1963). He continued this role for two years, which is quite a feat considering he still went to a normal elementary school. This was followed soon afterwards by the role of Eddie Munster in the remake of "The Munsters" (1964), "The Munsters Today" (1988). At the same time as doing "The Munsters Today" (1988), Jason also had his first voice acting role in a cartoon, that of Cavin in "The Gummi Bears" (1985). Jason continued with small acting and voice-acting roles in sitcoms, cartoons, and films until 1992, where he landed the role of Dash X in "Eerie, Indiana" (1991). This is notable because it is most often the role that people will associate with the name Jason Marsden. While the program only ran for 19 episodes, and Jason only appeared for 6 of them, the program gathered a cult following and is still enjoyed today. Although starring in a TV film, providing voices for cartoons, and guest-starring in sitcoms, Jason's next memorable role was a voice-acting one, that of Goofy's son, Max Goof, in the animated film A Goofy Movie (1995). A prominent role in White Squall (1996) closely followed this, where Jason had the opportunity of working with the famous director Ridley Scott and actors Jeff Bridges, Ryan Phillippe, and Ethan Embry. Another role that made him a household name was that of Rich Halke in "Step by Step" (1991), which was from 1996 until the show's cancellation. Since "Step by Step" (1991), Jason has provided voices for numerous animated television shows and computer games, appeared in a straight-to-video film, been the voice of Kovu in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) (V), the voice of Haku in the American dub of Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (2001), starred in two TV films, and has made guest appearances on some of the most popular American sitcoms out there. Jason has a passion for acting and would like to direct. He has already made his first foray into directing, an episode of "The Journey of Allen Strange" (1997). He is known for his boyish good looks, talent for physical and vocal comedy, multi-faceted acting skills, and lack of height (being 5'4" tall). He graduated from high school at age 16. His father founded the Rhode Island State Ballet. He has 2 older half-brothers, Rick and Mark. He has 1 older half-sister, Ana. His parents are Myles and Linda. Hobbies are ice-skating, rollerblading, drawing, swimming, and collecting Disney videos. Attended D. Russell Parks Junior High School in Fullerton, California, in Orange County. Best man at his wedding was best friend and former "Boy Meets World" (1993) star Will Friedle. Former child stars, such as Scott Curtis from "Aaron's Way" (1988) and Danica McKellar from "The Wonder Years" (1988), attended his wedding. The officiate at his wedding was former "Charles in Charge" (1984) star Alexander Polinsky. Has pets named Aladdin, Jasmine, and Lady. Provided the narration for advertisements on Toon Disney, sometimes calling himself "J-Mars". Spouse: Christy Marsden (2 October 2004 - present)

Highest Rated Movies



13% Locker 13
  • Screenwriter
38% Blue Like Jazz
  • Kenny
$0.6M 2012
No Score Yet High Hopes
  • Actor
83% Batman Gotham Knight
  • Thomas Wayne
No Score Yet Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight
  • Tasslehoff Burrfoot
No Score Yet Garfield Gets Real
  • Nermal
50% Brother Bear 2
  • Actor
No Score Yet Nice Guys
  • Wendell
No Score Yet The Fairly OddParents
  • Chester
No Score Yet Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
  • Max
No Score Yet The Greatest Short Film Ever!!!
  • Director
No Score Yet Static Shock
  • Richie/Gear
No Score Yet Static Shock
  • Actor
No Score Yet Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt
  • Burt Ward/Robin
No Score Yet How to Make a Monster
  • Bug
33% The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
  • Adult Kovu
No Score Yet Trojan War
  • Josh
60% White Squall
  • Shay Jennings
53% A Goofy Movie
  • Max
No Score Yet Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare
  • Billy
30% Hocus Pocus
  • Thackery Binx
56% Mr. Saturday Night
  • Abie (age 15)
No Score Yet Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue
  • Actor
29% Almost an Angel
  • Actor
No Score Yet Robot Jox
  • Tommy


No Score Yet Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Voice
  • 2006
No Score Yet The Batman
  • Voice
  • 2005
  • 2004
No Score Yet Will & Grace
  • Kim
  • 2002
No Score Yet Justice League
  • Snapper Carr
  • Voice
  • 2002
  • 2001
No Score Yet Ally McBeal
  • Daniel Robin
  • 2000
No Score Yet Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Grimp
  • 1996
No Score Yet Full House
  • Nelson
  • 1995
  • 1994
No Score Yet Thundercats (2012)
  • Actor

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