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Joyce Haber

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Joyce Haber grew from a child actor to become Hedda Hopper's successor at the LA Times and one of the most powerful of a dying breed -- Hollywood gossip columnists. Haber got her start appearing in three episodes of the "Our Gang" film series. As a young woman, she also worked in summer stock, and was a campaign aide for a politician. Haber then worked at an advertising agency before becoming a member of Time magazine's research staff. From there she became a gossip columnist who was known for her catty, sometimes painfully sharp observations. Haber caused quite a scandal herself when she published a column in 1970 intimating that a prominent but unamed actress had become impregnated by a Black Panther leader. The actress was Jean Seberg who, soon after miscarrying, suffered a nervous breakdown and in 1979 died from an overdose of barbiturates. Much later it came out that Haber may have planted the story in cooperation with the FBI who wanted to ruin Seberg because she was an active supporter of the Panthers, although Haber always denied any involvement. Following her retirement in the mid 1970s. Haber wrote a novel offering an insider's view of Hollywood, The Users (1976).

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