Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Highest Rated: 100% Pandas (2018)

Lowest Rated: 5% Movie 43 (2013)

Birthday: Jul 18, 1980

Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA

For some actors, success just seems to come naturally. In the case of talented stage and screen beauty Kristen Bell, it wasn't so much a matter of if she was going to be a star after realizing her dream during an early performance as a banana in Raggedy Ann and Andy at the tender age of 12 -- but when she would finally make the big time. Paralyzed with stage fright as she waited for her cue off-stage, Bell was offered a word of encouragement by her supportive mother that would ultimately give her the drive to realize her life's calling. A native of Detroit whose early stage experiences eventually led her to study at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, Bell saw early success when she was chosen to portray Becky Thatcher in a Broadway production of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Realizing that she had what it took to find success onscreen as well as on-stage, Bell was soon packing her bags for Los Angeles and landing small supporting roles in such features as Polish Wedding and Pootie Tang. In 2003, Bell impressed television viewers with a solid performance in the made-for-television dramas The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay and Gracie's Choice. She next appeared in David Mamet's 2004 thriller Spartan, before landing the lead as a sort-of new-millennium Nancy Drew on UPN's Veronica Mars. If the show's ravenous cult following wasn't enough to make young Bell a household name, even after its much mourned cancellation in 2007, her subsequent performance in the awesomely successful comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall cinched it for her. Bell would go on to play a recurring role on the landmark TV series Heroes, before appearing in a number of comedies over the next few years, like Fanboys, Couples Retreat, and When in Rome. Bell would even appear in slightly less prestigious movies, like Burlesque and Scream 4, but remained one of the most in-demand young actresses in Hollywood, especially in the realm of comedy. She would play a memorable role on Don Cheadle's comedy series House of Lies, and co-produced and starred in an action-oriented romcom with Bradley Cooper called Hit and Run (which was written and co-directed by Bell's real-life love, Dax Shepard).In 2013, Bell and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstater campaign to raise funds for a Veronica Mars movie. The campaign proved to be wildly successful, raising more than was needed to fund the film, which was released in 2014. Bell also voiced Anna in the Disney film Frozen, which significantly raised her profile, and showcased her singing voice, holding her own opposite Broadway heavyweight Idina Menzel.


Highest Rated Movies



77% Frozen II Anna 2019
91% Teen Titans Go! To the Movies Actor 2018
100% Pandas Actor 2018
46% Like Father Rachel 2018
67% Olaf's Frozen Adventure Anna 2017
31% A Bad Moms Christmas Kiki $72.1M 2017
40% How to Be a Latin Lover Actor $32.1M 2017
18% CHIPS Karen $18.6M 2017
58% Bad Moms Kiki $113.3M 2016
21% The Boss Claire $54.5M 2016
98% Zootopia Priscilla $341.3M 2016
No Score Yet Frozen Fever Anna 2015
79% Veronica Mars Veronica Mars Executive Producer $2.7M 2014
90% Frozen Anna $400.8M 2013
16% The Lifeguard Leigh 2013
57% Stuck in Love Tricia $0.2M 2013
57% Some Girl(s) Bobbi 2013
5% Movie 43 Supergirl $8.8M 2013
49% Hit & Run Annie Bean $13.7M 2012
90% Safety Not Guaranteed Belinda $4.1M 2012
75% Big Miracle Jill Jerard $20.2M 2012
60% Scream 4 Chloe $38.2M 2011
No Score Yet Chick Magnet Actor 2011
36% Burlesque Nikki $39.5M 2010
18% You Again Marni $25.7M 2010
72% Get Him to the Greek Sarah Marshall $61M 2010
17% When in Rome Beth $32.6M 2010
22% Serious Moonlight Sara 2009
50% Astro Boy (AstroBoy) Cora $19.6M 2009
10% Couples Retreat Cynthia $109.2M 2009
32% Fanboys Zoe $0.8M 2008
83% Forgetting Sarah Marshall Sarah Marshall $63M 2008
No Score Yet Flatland: The Movie Actor 2007
No Score Yet Roman The Girl 2006
11% Pulse Mattie Webber $20.3M 2006
No Score Yet Fifty Pills Gracie 2006
No Score Yet Deepwater Nurse Laurie 2005
71% Reefer Madness Mary Lane 2005
No Score Yet The Receipt Pretty Girl 2005
65% Spartan Laura Newton $4.3M 2004
No Score Yet Gracie's Choice Gracie Thompson 2004
No Score Yet The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay Alison Dodge 2003
90% The Cat Returns Hiromi 2002
27% Pootie Tang Actor $2.9M 2001
42% Polish Wedding Actor 1998


68% Encore!
Host 2020
97% The Good Place
Eleanor Shellstrop Eleanor 2020
98% Last Week Tonight With John Oliver
Appearing 2019
No Score Yet Hollywood Game Night
Appearing 2019
No Score Yet The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Host Guest 2019
No Score Yet The Talk
Guest 2019
92% Veronica Mars
Veronica Mars 2019
No Score Yet Busy Tonight
Guest 2018
83% The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale
Guest 2018
No Score Yet The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Late Night With Seth Meyers
Guest 2018
No Score Yet The View
Guest 2018
No Score Yet Jimmy Kimmel Live
Appearing Host Guest 2018
71% Family Guy
Martha 2017
73% Nobodies
Himself 2017
63% Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television
Herself 2017
No Score Yet The Chew
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Today
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Harry
Appearing Guest 2017
No Score Yet The Late Late Show With James Corden
Guest 2017
No Score Yet Conan
Guest 2017
41% Chelsea
Guest 2016
No Score Yet Sunday Morning
Appearing 2016
No Score Yet The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Guest 2016
77% House of Lies
Jeannie van der Hooven 2016
No Score Yet Liv and Maddie: Cali Style
Herself 2015
85% The Simpsons
Voice 2015
No Score Yet Chelsea Lately
Guest 2014
No Score Yet Burning Love
Mandy 2013
92% Parks and Recreation
Guest 2013
No Score Yet The Tonight Show With Jay Leno
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Late Show With David Letterman
Guest 2012
21% Unsupervised
Voice 2012
84% Gossip Girl
Narrator Voice Gossip Girl 2012
36% Glenn Martin, DDS
Voice 2011
No Score Yet Project Runway
Judge 2010
93% Party Down
Uda Bengt 2010
55% Heroes
Elle Elle Bishop 2010
No Score Yet The Cleveland Show
Voice 2009
No Score Yet Punk'd
Appearing 2005
95% Deadwood
Flora Anderson 2004
92% Everwood
Stacey Wilson 2003
89% Veronica Mars
Executive Producer Veronica Mars


Nikki says: I will not be upstaged by some slut with mutant lungs.

Anna says: Do you want to build a snowman?

Anna says: It's warmer then i thought.

Elsa says: And what is that amazing smell?

Anna says: Chocolate!

Elsa says: Chocolate!

Anna says: You'll never get away with this!

Hans says: Oh, I already have.

Hans says: Anna? But she froze your heart

Hans says: Anna? But she froze your heart.

Anna says: The only frozen heart around here is yours!

Anna says: Oh, Elsa!

Elsa says: You sacrificed yourself for me?

Anna says: I love you

Anna says: I love you.

Kristoff says: Now that's ice.. I might cry

Kristoff says: Now that's ice.. I might cry.

Anna says: Go ahead, I won't judge.

Hans says: I mean it's crazy...

Anna says: What?

Hans says: We finish each other's...


Anna says: Sandwiches.

Hans says: That's what I was gonna say!

Hans says: As thirteenth in line in my own kingdom, I didn't stand a chance. I knew I'd have to marry into the throne somewhere.

Anna says: What are you talking about?

Hans says: As heir, Elsa was preferable, of course, but no one was getting anywhere with her. But you...

Anna says: Hans!

Hans says: You were so desperate for love, you were willing to marry me just like that. I figured after we married, I'd have to stage a little accident for Elsa.

Anna says: Hans! No, stop!

Hans says: But then she doomed herself, and you were dumb enough to go after her.

Anna says: Please.

Veronica Mars says: Deputy Sacks, cudos for rocking the stache 'till it came back in style.

Anna says: Do you wanna build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman.

Elsa says: Go away, Anna!

Anna says: Okay, bye.

Kristoff says: Your hair, it's turning white.

Anna says: Does it look bad?

Kristoff says: ...No!

Olaf the Snowman says: You hesitated.

Kristoff says: No I didn't.

Anna says: I don't even know what love is.

Olaf the Snowman says: That's okay. I do. Love is putting someone else's needs before yours.

Elsa says: You can't marry a man you just met.

Anna says: You can if it's true love.

Elsa says: Anna, what do you know about true love?

Hans says: Can I say something crazy? Will you marry me?

Anna says: Can I say something even crazier? Yes!

Anna says: You don't have to keep your distance anymore.

Anna says: I know it all ends tomorrow, so it has to be today

Anna says: I know it all ends tomorrow, so it has to be today.

Anna says: We only have each other. What are we gonna do?

Anna says: Do you want to build a snowman?

Elsa says: Go away, Anna.

Anna says: Okay, bye.

Anna says: Has another young lady, perhaps the queen passed through here?

Oaken says: Only one crazy enough to be out in this storm is you dear. You and this fellow.

Kristoff says: Carrots. Behind You.

Anna says: Oh sorry.

Anna says: i know how to stop this winter.

Anna says: Can I say something crazy?

Hans says: I love crazy!

Anna says: It's not nice to throw people!

Anna says: It's not nice to throw snow people!

Elsa says: What?

Anna says: You kind of set off an eternal winter, everywhere!

Elsa says: Everywhere?

Anna says: But it's okay, you can just unfreeze it

Elsa says: No I can't. I-I don't know how!

Anna says: The sky's awake, so I'm awake, so we have to play.

Anna says: Don't know if I'm elated or I'm gassy. But, I'm somewhere in that zone.

Olaf the Snowman says: And who's the funky looking donkey over there?

Anna says: That's Sven.

Olaf the Snowman says: Uh huh. And who's the reindeer?

Anna says: Sven.

Olaf the Snowman says: Oh! They're...Oh. Okay! Makes things easier for me.

Hans says: My lady?

Anna says: This is awkward. Not that you're awkward. But just because we're...I'm awkward. You're gorgeous. Wait, what?

Olaf the Snowman says: When I finally do what frozen things do in summer!

Kristoff says: I'm gonna tell him.

Anna says: Don't you dare!

Anna says: Do you want to build a snowman? It doesn't have to be a snowman!

Elsa says: Well, he was sprightly.

Anna says: Especially for a man in heals!

Anna says: Especially for a man in heels!

Anna says: That's no blizzard, that's my sister!

Kristoff says: I'm gonna tell him

Kristoff says: I'm gonna tell him.

Anna says: Don't you dare!

Anna says: What did I ever do to you?

Elsa says: Enough Anna.

Anna says: No, why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so AFRAID of?!

Anna says: No, why? Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?

Elsa says: I said ENOUGH!!!!!!!

Elsa says: I said enough!

Anna says: Olaf, you're melting!

Olaf the Snowman says: Some people are worth melting for

Olaf the Snowman says: Some people are worth melting for.

Ben says: Ants carried away her contacts.

Charlie says: What kind of ants where they?

Marni says: I forgot to ask them.

Will says: Marni, what happened to you?

Marni says: I took a shortcut.

Will says: Through a wood chipper?

Rachel says: Fucking kidding me. [she turned off the TV using the remote control]

Rachel says: Fucking kidding me.

Chloe says: What?

Rachel says: That was so fucking stupid. Pure horse shit. A death of horror right in front of us!

Chloe says: I jumped. It scared me.

Rachel says: A fucking Facebook killer? You're kidding me right?

Chloe says: I guess now it would be Twitter. That'd make more sense.

Will says: Marni, what happened to you?

Marni says: I took a shorcut.

Marni says: I took a short cut.

Will says: Through a wood chipper?

Ben says: No, through an ant pit.

Ben says: Dad, can I please borrow your blindfold?

Marni says: Get in line.

Marni says: We're not gonna start without you. Let's talk to Tim and hear about way back.

Sarah Marshall says: Aldous... wake up.

Aldous Snow says: [Snores]

Aldous Snow says: [snores]

Sarah Marshall says: Aldous... wake up... make love to me.

Aldous Snow says: Alright, you go on top though, cause I'm knackered.

Nikki says: Didn't your mama ever teach you it's not polite to stare?

Ali says: You're just so damn beautiful, I-...

Nikki says: Well in that case; screw your mama, and stare away.

Ali says: No one would ever know.

Nikki says: Know what?

Ali says: That you're a dude.

Marni says: Happily ever after is in fairy tales.

Annie says: You're a bank robber?

Charlie Bronson says: I did the getaway driver part.

Marni says: High School is like a prison; but they don't let you out for good behavior.

Georgia says: *clapping*

Nikki says: What are you so excited about? She's YOUR replacement.

Marni says: No Joanna! Don't do it! Put. Down. The. Spray cheese. There are so many carbs.

Chloe says: [after stabbing Rachel] Did that surprise you?

Rachel says: Why?

Chloe says: Because you talk too much! [stabs Rachel again]

Chloe says: Now shut the fuck up and watch the movie.

Beth says: (To Gale, handing the coin too) I think I'll miss you the least.

Beth says: What are you doing in my apartment?!

Lance says: Blowing your mind!

Marni says: High school was a horror movie. This weekend is the sequel.

Marni says: High school was a horror movie. And this weekend is the sequel.

Nikki says: I will not be upstaged by a slut with mutant lungs!

Marni says: I don't think we should here that!