Laura Hope Crewes

Laura Hope Crewes

Highest Rated: 100% One Foot in Heaven (1941)

Lowest Rated: 40% Idiot's Delight (1939)

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The daughter of an actress and a backstage carpenter, Laura Hope Crews entered the theatre in 1883 at the tender age of four. She left the stage to complete her education, then returned to play ingenue roles. A firmly entrenched character actress by the '20s, Laura fought hard to retain her place in the spotlight, and brooked no nonsense from anyone who didn't take the theatre seriously; at one point, she called for the dismissal of a frivolous newcomer named Bette Davis (Ironically, Crews' last movie role--which had to be cut because the film was running overtime--was in The Man Who Came to Dinner [1941], which top-billed Bette Davis). Laura arrived in Hollywood in 1929, not as an actress, but as a vocal coach for untrained silent-film stars. Easing into films in maternal roles, Crews scored a personal success as the selfish mother in The Silver Cord (1933). The comparative subtlety of her performance in this film is in direct contrast to her outrageously overplayed roles in such pictures as Camille (1936) and The Blue Bird (1940). But Laura Hope Crews was merely giving her fans, and her indulgent directors, what they expected when she commenced to chew the scenery while playing one of her many society matrons, gossips or hypochondriacs.

Highest Rated Movies



83% The Man Who Came to Dinner Mrs. Gibbons 1942
100% One Foot in Heaven Mrs. Thurston 1941
No Score Yet The Flame of New Orleans Auntie 1941
No Score Yet Lady with Red Hair Mrs. Dudley 1940
No Score Yet The Blue Bird Mrs. Luxury 1940
91% Gone With the Wind Aunt Pittypat Hamilton Aunt 'Pittypat' Hamilton 1939
No Score Yet Reno Mrs. Gardner 1939
No Score Yet The Rains Came Lily Hoggett-Egbury 1939
No Score Yet The Star Maker Carlotta Salvini 1939
40% Idiot's Delight Mme. Zuleika 1939
No Score Yet Thanks for the Memory Mrs. Kent 1938
No Score Yet The Sisters Flora's Mother 1938
80% Angel Grand Duchess Anna Dmitrievna 1937
No Score Yet Confession Stella 1937
No Score Yet The Road Back Ernst's Aunt 1937
92% Camille Prudence 1936
No Score Yet Behold My Wife Mrs. Hubert Carter 1935
No Score Yet The Melody Lingers On Mother Superior 1935
No Score Yet The Age of Innocence Mrs. Welland 1934
No Score Yet Lightning Strikes Twice Aunt Jane Madison 1934
No Score Yet Ever in My Heart Grandma 1933
80% Female Actor 1933
No Score Yet Rafter Romance Elise Peabody Whittington Smythe 1933
No Score Yet I Loved You Wednesday "Doc Mary" Hanson 1933
No Score Yet The Silver Cord Mrs. Phelps 1933
No Score Yet Blind Adventure Lady Rockingham 1933
No Score Yet New Morals for Old Mrs. Thomas 1932
No Score Yet The Trespasser Screenwriter 1929


Madame Barjon says: For the lady of the camillias. And they're almost twice as large as usual.

Marguerite Gauthier/Camille says: I shall have twice as many tomorrow

Prudence Duvernoy says: Twice as many! Oh, don't listen to her, Barjon. I know what those things cost.

Madame Barjon says: Doesn't she listen when she orders her hats and dresses from you?

Prudence Duvernoy says: They're an investment!

Marguerite Gauthier/Camille says: Of course I order too many hats and too many dresses and too many everything, but I want them.