Mark Webber

Mark Webber

Highest Rated: 100% The Scent of Rain & Lightning (2018)

Lowest Rated: 0% Weapons (2007)

Birthday: Jul 19, 1980

Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA, USA

Striking parallels manifested themselves between actor Mark Webber's early life and his intense, emotionally demanding choice of onscreen roles. The child of a broken family, Webber grew up under the guardianship of his mom, and the two battled economic hardship thanks to difficult circumstances. Matters took a serious turn when Webber's mom became involved with an altruistic group called Up and Out of Poverty Now and accepted grant money from that organization that enabled her to earn a teaching certificate. Because she failed to report the grant monies, federal marshals turned up and arrested her under allegations of welfare fraud, ultimately revoking the certificate and rendering mother and child homeless for two years despite the ultimate exoneration of the mother. Acting, as Webber later recalled, came out of this naturally, for he almost instinctively began disguising his own impoverished status among schoolmates; he also fell in love with film at an early age -- as a series of magical escapes into other worlds -- and thus strongly wanted to be a part of this.Webber began acting professionally in 1997 and placed a strong emphasis, throughout his career, on small, offbeat indie productions, again, honing in almost exclusively on intense characterizations that presented great multileveled challenges. Key projects included the efforts The Laramie Project (2001) (as one of gay adolescent Matthew Shepard's killers), Ethan Hawke's directorial outing Chelsea Walls (2001) (as a lovestruck drifter in the legendary Hotel Chelsea), the Woody Allen comedy Hollywood Ending (2002) (as Allen's son), and, on an impressive but overlooked note, Pete Winters, the academically struggling younger son of a widower father in Josh Sternfeld's stunning debut drama Winter Solstice (2004). He was also memorable, in a crucial but extremely brief appearance, as a young boy misread by a loner (Bill Murray) as the man's son in Jim Jarmusch's super-low key, critically acclaimed drama Broken Flowers (2005). In 2007, Webber starred opposite Marianna Palka and Jason Ritter in the acerbic sex comedy Good Dick.


Highest Rated Movies



33% Clover Jackie 2020
No Score Yet The Place of No Words Actor Director Producer Screenwriter 2019
76% Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot Mike 2018
100% The Scent of Rain & Lightning Actor 2018
91% Flesh and Blood Screenwriter Actor 2017
No Score Yet Inheritance Ben 2017
69% Antibirth Gabriel 2016
91% Green Room Daniel $3.3M 2016
No Score Yet Uncanny David Kressen 2015
85% Pulp: a Film About Life, Death & Supermarkets Actor $22.5K 2014
28% Jessabelle Preston 2014
65% Laggies Anthony 2014
76% Happy Christmas Kevin $29.4K 2014
65% 13 Sins Elliot 2014
27% Goodbye World Benji 2014
59% The End of Love Producer Screenwriter Director Mark $8.8K 2013
47% Save The Date Jonathan $4.3K 2012
57% For a Good Time, Call... Sean $1.3M 2012
74% The Lie Screenwriter Tank 2011
No Score Yet Gift of the Magi Jim Young 2010
81% Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Stephen Stills $31.5M 2010
27% Shrink Jeremy $93.8K 2009
50% Life Is Hot in Cracktown Ridley 2009
54% Explicit Ills Screenwriter Director Producer 2009
50% Good Dick Derek 2008
32% The Hottest State William Harding 2007
80% The Memory Thief Lukas 2007
20% The Good Life Jason Prayer 2007
0% Weapons Sean 2007
No Score Yet Just Like The Son Daniel Carter 2006
36% Dear Wendy Stevie 2005
87% Broken Flowers The Kid $13.6M 2005
60% Winter Solstice Pete Winters $0.3M 2005
32% Bomb the System Executive Producer Anthony `Blest' Campo 2003
44% People I Know Ross 2003
13% The Rising Place Will Bacon 2002
46% Hollywood Ending Tony Waxman $4.8M 2002
53% Storytelling Scooby $0.9M 2002
92% The Laramie Project Aaron McKinney 2002
26% Chelsea Walls Val 2001
No Score Yet Whiteboys Trevor 2000
66% Boiler Room Kid 2000
29% Snow Day Hal 2000
28% Drive Me Crazy Dave 1999
13% Whiteboyz Actor 1999
81% Jesus' Son Jack Hotel 1999
No Score Yet Edge City Johnny 1998


No Score Yet Le Mans: Racing Is Everything
Appearing 2017
No Score Yet All in With Laila Ali
Appearing 2015
No Score Yet Last Call With Carson Daly
Guest 2013
No Score Yet Medium
Blond Man/Man in Fireproof Suit 2010


Stephen Stills says: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

Kim Pine says: Is it the news that we suck? Because I really don't think I can take it.

Tank says: If you want your life to change, you gotta be honest with yourself and your wife. You can't keep runnin' away from shit, man!

Tank says: Facefood. A totally holistic face care linr that you can literally eat.

Jason Prayer says: My dad once told me that the people I meet will never care more about who I am than they will about what I look like. And because I look the way I do, people may never care about me at all.

Jason Prayer says: I hope to leave here someday...but like the snowflakes trapped inside a snow globe, I wasnâ??t going anywhere.

Jason Prayer says: I hope to leave here someday...but like the snowflakes trapped inside a snow globe, I wasn't going anywhere.

Kim Pine says: Where's Knives? Not comin' tonight?

Scott Pilgrim says: Naw, we broke up .. hey, check it out, I learned the bass line from Final Fantasy II [plays]

Kim Pine says: [into mike] Scott, you are the salt of the earth.

Scott Pilgrim says: Thanks!

Kim Pine says: [into mike] I meant scum of the earth.

Young Neil says: You broke up with Knives?

Scott Pilgrim says: Yeah, but don't worry, maybe soon you'll meet my "new-new" girlfriend.

Young Neil says: New .. new ..

Stephen Stills says: OK, from here on out, no girlfriends, nor girlfriend talk at practice, wether they're old, new, or 'new-new' .. we were lucky to survive the last round, it's sudden death now! OK!?

Scott Pilgrim says: OK! [starts playing] [doorbell rings] That's for me!

Stephen Stills says: [shouting over Crash and the Boy's overpowering song] How are we supposed to follow this?! We're not gonna win! We're not gonna sign with G-Man! We're not gonna play opening night as the Chaos Theater! Goddammit, Scott! Will you not just keep standing there, you're freaking me out!

Stephen Stills says: We shouldn't even be here. We shouldn't even BE HERE!!!

Scott Pilgrim says: Come on man!*slap* I put my promises aside for the music!*slap* If I can do that we can do anything.

Stephen Stills says: Hey man question I've always wondered how does not eating dairy products give you psychic powers?

Todd Ingram says: Ok, right you know how you only use 10% of your brain? Well the other 90 is filled with curds and whey

Todd Ingram says: Ok, right you know how you only use 10% of your brain? Well the other 90 is filled with curds and whey.

Stephen Stills says: ...I want her to geek out on us.

Stephen Stills says: I want her to geek out on us.

Scott Pilgrim says: She'll geek. She geeks. She has the capacity to geek.

Scott Pilgrim says: Okay, let’s start with Launchpad McQuack.

Scott Pilgrim says: Okay, let's start with Launchpad McQuack.

Stephen Stills says: That’s not the actual title of the song.

Stephen Stills says: That's not the actual title of the song.

Stephen Stills says: A gig is a gig is a gig is a gig is a gig....

Stephen Stills says: A gig is a gig is a gig is a gig is a gig.