Marsha Hunt

Marsha Hunt

Highest Rated: 100% Raw Deal (1948)

Lowest Rated: 33% Blossoms in the Dust (1941)

Birthday: Oct 17, 1917

Birthplace: Not Available

American actress Marsha Hunt, born Marcia Hunt, attended the Theodore Irving School of Dramatics while still a teenager. Simultaneously, she worked as a Powers model until she debuted onscreen in The Virginia Judge (1935) at age 18. Hunt went on to become a very busy screen actress through the early '50s. In the '30s she appeared in supporting roles such as bridesmaids and coeds, while in the '40s she played leads in second features and second leads and supporting roles in major productions. In the early '50s, during the heyday of the McCarthy Era "witch hunts," she was blacklisted by the studios for her liberal political beliefs, and after 1952 she appeared in only a handful of films, as well as the TV series Peck's Bad Girl. Through the '80s, however, she still turned up occasionally in character roles on TV. From 1938-43 she was married to editor (now director) Jerry Hopper. After 1946 she was married to movie/TV scriptwriter Robert Presnell Jr., who died in 1986. She remains active in social issues, lending her help to organizations involved with such issues as peace, poverty, population, and pollution; she is a frequent speaker on the issues that concern her, and she serves on nearly a dozen Boards of Directors. She was last onscreen in Johnny Got His Gun (1971).

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity Actor 2018
67% Johnny Got His Gun Joe's Mother 1971
No Score Yet The Plunderers Kate Miller 1960
No Score Yet Blue Denim Jessie Bartley 1959
No Score Yet Bombers B-52 Edith Brennan 1957
No Score Yet The Happy Time Susan Bonnard 1952
No Score Yet Actors and Sin Marcia Tillayou 1952
No Score Yet Jigsaw Secretary/Receptionist 1949
No Score Yet Mary Ryan, Detective Actor 1949
100% Raw Deal Ann Martin 1948
No Score Yet Carnegie Hall Nora Ryan 1947
No Score Yet Smash Up: The Story of a Woman Martha Gray 1947
No Score Yet A Letter for Evie Evie O'Connor 1946
No Score Yet The Valley of Decision Constance Scott 1945
No Score Yet Music for Millions Rosalind 1944
No Score Yet None Shall Escape Marja Pacierkowski 1944
No Score Yet Lost Angel Katie Mallory 1943
No Score Yet Cry Havoc Flo Norris 1943
No Score Yet Thousands Cheer Herself 1943
No Score Yet Pilot No. 5 Freddie Andrews 1943
80% The Human Comedy Diana Steed 1943
No Score Yet Seven Sweethearts Regina 'Reggie' Van Maaster 1942
100% Kid Glove Killer Jane Mitchell 1942
No Score Yet Joe Smith, American Mary Hewett Smith 1942
No Score Yet Panama Hattie Leila Tree 1942
No Score Yet Unholy Partners Gail Fenton 1941
No Score Yet Cheers for Miss Bishop Hope Thompson 1941
33% Blossoms in the Dust Charlotte 1941
No Score Yet I'll Wait For You Actor 1941
No Score Yet The Penalty Katherine Logan 1941
No Score Yet Flight Command Claire 1940
100% Pride and Prejudice Mary 1940
No Score Yet Irene Eleanor Worth 1940
No Score Yet The Hardys Ride High Susan Bowen 1939
No Score Yet Star Reporter Barbara 1939
No Score Yet These Glamour Girls Betty Ainsbridge 1939
No Score Yet Hell Town Judith Worstall 1937
100% Easy Living Bit 1937
No Score Yet Helltown Actor 1937
No Score Yet Thunder Trail Amy Morgan 1937
No Score Yet College Holiday Sylvia Smith 1936
No Score Yet Easy to Take Donna Westlake 1936
No Score Yet Arizona Raiders Harriett Lindsay 1936
No Score Yet Desert Gold Jane Belding 1936


89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Anne 1988
No Score Yet Murder, She Wrote
Elvira Tree 1985
No Score Yet Ironside
Cissie Judge Kline 1971
No Score Yet Marcus Welby, M.D.
Mrs. Bellows 1970
No Score Yet Gunsmoke
Sarah 1964
82% The Twilight Zone
Mrs. Henderson 1964
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Blanche 1958


Susan Bonnard says: Bibi, what have you got on your sleeves?

Bibi says: They're too long. Before he left town, Uncle Desmond gave me some garters to hold them up.

Susan Bonnard says: Women's garters! Take them off! Look at them! Off some... stranger's legs!

Grandpere Bonnard says: To Desmond she was not a stranger.

Susan Bonnard says: Jacques!

Jacques Bonnard says: Calm yourself, my love. My brother is young.

Susan Bonnard says: Your son is younger.

Jacques Bonnard says: And after all, there is no great harm in catching garters that are thrown from the stage of the Casino Burlesque. It's done by some of our most distinguished citizens. It's a form of sport.

Susan Bonnard says: I don't want garters from the burlesque on my son's arms.

Bibi says: Only one is from the burlesque! The other was obtained privately!