Michael Pataki

Michael Pataki

Highest Rated: 93% The Baby (1973)

Lowest Rated: 0% American Anthem (1986)

Birthday: Jan 16, 1938

Birthplace: Not Available

American actor Michael Pataki's first film credit was 1958's Ten North Frederick. In the early phases of his career, Pataki was reminiscent of a young Rod Steiger; in point of fact, he played the 25-year-old version of the Steiger character in the made-for-TV The Movie Maker (1965). His later television work included the weekly series Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers (1974), as Sand's brother Charlie; Spider-Man (1977), as Captain Barbera; and Phyl and Micky (1980), as Soviet consular official Vladimir Jimenko. The Slavic nature of the last-named role was typical of the sort of characters Pataki played in the 1980s, which included Nikoli Koloff in Rocky IV (1985) and Rocky V (1990). Additionally, Pataki is among those lucky thespians who played guest spots on both the original Star Trek and its 1987 grandchild Star Trek: The Next Generation. On the production side, Pataki was director of the soft-core sex farce Cinderella and the low-budget scarefest Mansion of the Doomed (both 1977), and served as producer of the 1981 TV adaptation of Broadway's Pippin. More recently, Michael Pataki was heard as "The Sewer King" on the animated TVer Batman: The New Adventures (1992).

Highest Rated Movies



29% Rocky V Nicolai Koloff 1990
No Score Yet One More Chance Actor 1990
No Score Yet Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: Educating Crystal Professor Drewdon 1989
29% Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Hoffman 1988
No Score Yet The Underachievers Murphy 1988
No Score Yet Death House Franco Moretti 1987
0% American Anthem Coach Soranhoff 1986
40% Rocky IV Nicoli Koloff 1985
41% Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins Jim Wilson 1985
No Score Yet RSVP Rex 1984
No Score Yet The Cowboy and the Ballerina Valery 1984
No Score Yet Sweet Sixteen George Martin 1983
57% Graduation Day (Día de Graduación) Principal Guglione 1981
14% Dracula's Dog Michael Drake / Count Dracula 1981
69% Dead and Buried Sam 1981
No Score Yet High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane Darold 1980
No Score Yet The Glove Harry Iverson 1979
No Score Yet Disaster on the Coastliner Tate 1979
85% The Onion Field District Attorney Dino Fulgoni 1979
68% Love at First Bite Mobster 1979
No Score Yet The Survival of Dana Actor 1979
No Score Yet Marciano Squeek Squalis 1979
No Score Yet Spiderman: The Deadly Dust Captain Barbera 1978
No Score Yet When Every Day Was the Fourth of July Actor 1978
No Score Yet Ruby and Oswald Actor 1978
No Score Yet The Amazing Spider-Man Actor 1977
33% Airport '77 Wilson 1977
No Score Yet Mansion of the Doomed Director 1976
No Score Yet Call of the Wild Stranger 1976
No Score Yet Delinquent School Girls Actor 1975
No Score Yet The Bat People Sergeant Ward 1974
No Score Yet Delinquent School Girls Carl Clooney 1974
No Score Yet Sweet Jesus, Preacherman State Senator Sills 1973
93% The Baby Dennis 1973
No Score Yet Grave of the Vampire Caleb Croft 1972
No Score Yet Brute Corps Actor 1972
60% The Return of Count Yorga (The Abominable Count Yorga) Joe 1971
No Score Yet Pink Angels Actor 1971
No Score Yet Five the Hard Way J.C. 1970
88% Easy Rider Mime 1969
83% The Young Lions Pvt. Hagstrom 1958


90% Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Appearing 1998
89% Star Trek: The Next Generation
Karnas 1988
No Score Yet Laverne & Shirley
Dressner 1983
No Score Yet The Jeffersons
Mr. Carlisle 1983
No Score Yet Charlie's Angels
DeSousa 1980
No Score Yet WKRP in Cincinnati
No Score Yet Little House on the Prairie
Stanley Novack Jeremy Quinn 1979
No Score Yet Barney Miller
Lindsay 1978
No Score Yet All in the Family
Lichtenrauch Det. Sgt. Roselli 1977
No Score Yet Happy Days
Count Mallachi 1976
No Score Yet Kung Fu
Buskirk 1975
No Score Yet Bonanza
Nick 1972
No Score Yet Mission: Impossible
Ed 1967
80% Star Trek
Adm. Fitzpatrick 1967
93% Batman
Amenophis Tewfik 1966
No Score Yet My Favorite Martian
Johnny Amalfi 1965
80% The Twilight Zone
Jeep Driver 1961
20% The Amazing Spider-Man
Capt. Barbera


Dr. Hoffman says: Now where are you going?

Dr. Loomis says: Haddonfield. It's a four hour drive. You can reach me through the local police. If you don't find him in four hours, I'm sure I will.

Man Attendant says: I'd assume Dr. Loomis would be here. Michael Myers is still his patient.

Dr. Hoffman says: If Loomis read memos he'd be here. Fortunately, his position is more ceremonial than medical. And with Myers gone my hope is that he'll, either transfer...retire...or die.

Dr. Hoffman says: If Loomis read memos he'd be here. Fortunately, his position is more ceremonial than medical. And with Myers gone my hope is that he'll, either transfer, retire, or die.

Dr. Loomis says: Why wasn't I notified?

Dr. Hoffman says: About what?

Dr. Loomis says: You know damn well about what! You let them take it out of here!