Niall MacGinnis

Niall MacGinnis

Highest Rated: 100% Curse of the Demon (1958)

Lowest Rated: 0% Krakatoa East of Java (1969)

Birthday: Mar 29, 1913

Birthplace: Not Available

Burly, ruddy-faced Irish actor Niall MacGinnis looked as though he'd be well suited for an alley fight, but most of his film and stage roles were of an intellectual bent. Active on stage with the Old Vic, MacGinnis made his first film in 1935. For many film buffs, MacGinnis' fame rests on two dymamic leading roles. He portrayed the crafty black-arts practitioner (based on Alisteir Crowley) who falls victim to his own deviltry in the 1958 chiller Night of the Demon. And, as every Lutheran who ever attended a church-basement "movie night" well knows, Niall MacGinnis essayed the title role in the 1953 film Martin Luther.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Martin Luther Actor 2010
58% The MacKintosh Man Warder 1973
40% Darling Lili von Hindenberg 1970
No Score Yet The Kremlin Letter Erector Set 1970
0% Krakatoa East of Java Henley 1969
43% Sinful Davey Boots Simpson 1969
No Score Yet Torture Garden Doctor 1968
43% The Shoes of the Fisherman Capuchin Monk 1968
No Score Yet The Viking Queen Tiberion 1967
No Score Yet Island of Terror (Night of the Silicates) (The Creepers) Mr. Campbell 1966
No Score Yet A Man Could Get Killed (Welcome, Mr. Beddoes) Ship's Captain 1966
67% The War Lord Odins 1965
No Score Yet The Truth About Spring Cleary 1965
87% The Spy Who Came In from the Cold German Checkpoint Guard 1965
75% Becket Henry II's Baron 1964
93% Jason and the Argonauts Zeus 1963
No Score Yet A Face in the Rain Klaus 1963
90% Billy Budd Capt. Graveling 1962
No Score Yet The Prince and the Pauper Father Andrew 1962
No Score Yet Playboy of the Western World Old Mahon 1962
No Score Yet Johnny Nobody Defending Counsel 1961
No Score Yet Sword of Sherwood Forest Friar Tuck 1960
No Score Yet Never Take Sweets from a Stranger (Never Take Candy from a Stranger) Defense Counsel 1960
No Score Yet Kidnapped Mr. Shaun 1960
94% The Nun's Story Father Vermeuhlen 1959
No Score Yet Tarzan's Greatest Adventure Kruger 1959
67% Shake Hands With the Devil Michael O'Leary 1959
No Score Yet The Other Eden Devereaux 1959
100% Curse of the Demon Dr. Karswell 1958
No Score Yet Jack the Ripper Actor 1958
No Score Yet The Shiralee Beauty Kelly 1957
0% Alexander the Great Parmenio 1956
No Score Yet Helen of Troy Menelaus 1956
100% Lust for Life Roulin 1956
No Score Yet Betrayed Blackie 1954
No Score Yet Hell Below Zero Dr. Howe 1954
67% Knights of the Round Table Green Knight 1954
No Score Yet Martin Luther Martin Luther 1953
No Score Yet Fuss Over Feathers Harry Tilney 1953
No Score Yet No Highway in the Sky Capt. Samuelson 1951
No Score Yet Talk of a Million Tom Cassidy 1951
No Score Yet Chance of a Lifetime Baxter 1950
No Score Yet Christopher Columbus Juan de la Cosa 1949
No Score Yet Diamond City Hans Muller 1949
91% Hamlet Captain 1948
No Score Yet Anna Karenina Levin 1948
No Score Yet Captain Boycott Mark Killain 1947
100% Henry V (The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France) Capt. MacMorris 1946
No Score Yet Tawny Pipit Jimmy Bancroft 1944
No Score Yet Undercover Dr. Jordan 1943
No Score Yet We Dive at Dawn PO Mike Corrigan 1943
No Score Yet The Day Will Dawn Olaf 1942
91% 49th Parallel (The Invaders) Vogel 1941
100% The Edge of the World Andrew Gray 1937
No Score Yet River of Unrest Terence Elliott 1936


Jimmy Page says: Can I help you?

Dr. Julian Karswell says: I'm not sure, can you?

Jimmy Page says: If you want me to, I will.

Mr. Meek says: Shut up Jimmy!

Dr. Julian Karswell says: It's never been so hard to get a Shake Weight from Ikea!

Guard says: Can you dig it?