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Nicholas Saputra

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Birthplace:   Jakarta, Indonesia
Barely 3 yrs ago, he's just an ordinary unknown high school student. Only with one movie in 2002 when he's just turn 17 years old he's becoming a super star and famous everywhere yet people scarcely know him in depth. He avoids publication that he called 'sometimes silly and makes fool everyone'. Once there was a reporter from Hai Mag had this experience in interviewing him and it ended with her crying after, since he behaved mean, cold and moody a long the session. He refused to write down his bio and said it was boring. He's always associated with the character of Rangga, a character from his first movie as: cold, stubborn, disagreeable, introvert and cynical and apathies. He rarely smiles and seems always has this serious expression every time we see his pictures on TV/newspapers. In fact we seldom find good pictures of him like any other actors (you know; smiles, dandy, freshly, cheerful gestures). If you notice him, he feels uncomfortable and awkward when the hosts try to make a joke in cherishing the atmosphere. He sits with freeze gesture and never try to look at the camera. His eyes just direct to the floor and his companion whom he talks with. If there's a question by phone from peeps that sometimes sounds silly his answers aren't enthusiastic or he'll let his companion to answer instead. Once, his high school teachers being interviewed said that he was a quiet boy and intelligent student as well (one of the Top 3 best students in whole high school). In the other hand, colleague @ Prambors FM - where Nico worked as a temporary DJ - said that he's an amiable person and funny. My friend at the same faculty with Nico said he's actually funny and has a good sense of humor in real life. He's clever, ambitious and hates cheap publicity. There once happened, when he just came back from Brunei after promoting the movie, the media asked him about the rumor between him and princess of Brunei. Even though he didn't meet the princess the press pushed him regarding the rumor just to have gossip news about him. Hence for all this time Nicholas Saputra (21) never wants to have interview about his personal life. According to Bintang Indonesia he believes there are still a lot more things to give for the public instead his personal life. "There's a lot of things I can tell despite my personal matters, " he said. He doesn't care if the media consider him arrogant and too desirous exclusive. "No problem. I have this faith never give the public cheap gossips. I should give them something more useful, otherwise." He also adds the people of Indonesia should get more education through mass media. If the media just performs cheesy gossip news, they don't educate people but moron them instead. "It's time for the Indonesian to get better and useful information," said he firmly.



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