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Jan 6
Florida, USA

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A male model-turned-actor, Norman Reedus is almost as recognizable from his hipster, late-'90s print ads for Prada clothes as for his collection of movie psychos. After leaving home at a young age, Reedus lived in London and Japan before landing in California. Supporting himself with various jobs, including fixing motorcycles, Reedus finally got his acting break in 1997. After a bit part in the Mira Sorvino horror film Mimic, Reedus captured critical attention as a creepy hitman in the independent black comedy Six Ways to Sunday. Playing off the sharply scruffy good looks that simultaneously made him the male face for ultra-fashionable clothing designer Prada, Reedus again took a walk on the wild side as a mysterious stranger in the indie Dark Harbor (1998) and as a prisoner in Joel Schumacher's reviled snuff film thriller 8MM (1999). Lead roles in the independent cop movie Boondock Saints (2000), opposite Willem Dafoe, and in the teensploitation movie Gossip (2000), as a malevolent college student, subsequently landed Reedus on Vanity Fair's April 1999 cover featuring young stars to watch. Gossip's poor reception, as well as the low profile of Boondock Saints and Reedus' other indie films -- including I'm Losing You (1999) and Preston Tylk (2000) -- did not make good on the Vanity Fair promise. And although Reedus followed up with three more films with similarly dismal returns, his re-teaming with Mimic director Guillermo Del Toro found Reedus back in blockbuster territory with his turn as a vampire hunter's technical assistant in Blade II (2002). Reedus has a son with Danish supermodel/companion Helena Christensen.

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    1. Bauer: Try to save a guy's life and he kicks you right in the nuts.
    From Air. Submitted by Brian P (15 months ago)
    1. Murphy MacManus: Checkov? Well, this here's McCoy. We find a Spock, we got us an away team.
    From The Boondock Saints. Submitted by Nick S (3 years ago)
    1. Conner MacManus: Isn't that right Rambo?
    2. Murphy MacManus: Fine, get you're stupid fucking rope.
    From The Boondock Saints. Submitted by Sara D (4 years ago)
    1. Murphy MacManus: We're like 711, we ain't always doing business... But we're always open.
    From The Boondock Saints. Submitted by Sara D (4 years ago)