Owen Wilson

Highest Rated: 93% Midnight in Paris (2011)
Lowest Rated: 8% Are You Here (2014)
Birthday: Nov 18, 1968
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, USA
Whether he's acting or co-writing brilliantly quirky character studies with director/writing partner Wes Anderson, Owen C. Wilson's work exudes an insouciant yet earnest charm and eccentric comic sensibility, making him one of the most promising new talents to emerge in the 1990s.Born in Dallas on November 18th, 1968, Wilson raised enough hell in high school to get expelled from one institution in tenth grade, but he managed to attend college at the University of Texas in Austin and graduate in 1991. Along with his degree, Wilson's Austin years resulted in a budding partnership with a like-minded creative classmate, aspiring filmmaker Wes Anderson. Their first film together, a short about a bookstore heist called Bottle Rocket, played at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival, attracting the attention of producer Polly Platt and writer/director James L. Brooks. With Brooks' support, Wilson and Anderson expanded the short into a feature, indie cult favorite Bottle Rocket (1996). Though it made little impression at the box office, Anderson and Wilson's distinctly offbeat, wry, and optimistic tale about aspiring criminal Dignan and his best friend Anthony (played by Wilson's brother Luke Wilson) earned ardent fans among cinéastes. Wilson's inspired performance as Dignan, not to mention his blond hair, large grin, and affable drawl, became his Hollywood calling card. That same year, Wilson also began a fertile association with actor/director Ben Stiller, appearing in one memorable scene as a smooth, ill-fated date in Stiller's black comedy The Cable Guy (1996).Alternating between supporting roles in Hollywood spectacles, collaborations with Anderson and Stiller, and smaller independent projects, Wilson worked steadily for the rest of the 1990s. Though he always seemed to fill the generic slot of Guy Marked for Death, Wilson still managed to bring a reliably laid-back, humorous spark to the bombastic proceedings in Anaconda (1997), Armageddon (1998), and The Haunting (1999). On a more artistically successful front, Wilson's next script with Anderson resulted in the lauded coming-of-age film Rushmore (1998). With its singular cast of characters, distinctive combination of deadpan humor and true emotion, and superb performances by Jason Schwartzman as teen prodigy Max Fischer and Bill Murray as depressed millionaire Blume, Rushmore earned prizes from the critics (if not the Academy) and proved that Bottle Rocket was no fluke. As far as acting, Wilson's ability to suggest complexity beneath a breezy surface earned positive notice for his unsettling performance as a laconic, self-styled Good Samaritan serial killer in indie thriller The Minus Man (1999).By 2000, Wilson began to take center stage in larger Hollywood projects as well. Though it was another Jackie Chan vehicle, Wilson's hilarious co-starring turn as a surfer dude-tinged outlaw in the chop socky Western Shanghai Noon (2000) nearly stole the movie. Wilson's brief appearance as a Jesus-loving, super rich romantic rival to Ben Stiller's put-upon Greg Focker was a comic highlight of the hit Meet the Parents (2000). Stiller's supermodel farce Zoolander (2001) further sealed Wilson's status as a superlative comic actor. As Zoolander's rival Hansel, Wilson's offbeat timing made him the ultimate bubble-headed mannequin; his catwalk competition with Stiller provided the biggest laughs in a hit-or-miss movie. Even as he flourished in broad Hollywood comedy, Wilson continued his partnership with Wes Anderson, co-writing with Anderson and co-starring (with his brother Luke and Stiller among others) in the unusual family story The Royal Tenenbaums (2001). Branching out into serious roles, Wilson then co-starred with The Royal Tenenbaums patriarch Gene Hackman in the military drama Behind Enemy Lines (2001). An increasingly prevalent figure in action films following the millennial turnover, Wilson followed Behind Enemy Lines with I Spy (2002) and the Shanghai Noon sequel Shanghai Knights (2003


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Quien @#*%$ es papá? Actor 2018
17% Father Figures Kyle $16.8M 2017
85% Wonder Nate Pullman $132.1M 2017
69% Cars 3 Lightning McQueen $152.7M 2017
75% Lost In London Live Actor 2017
33% Masterminds Steve $17.4M 2016
22% Zoolander 2 Hansel $29.8M 2016
46% No Escape Jack Dwyer $27.3M 2015
44% She's Funny That Way Arnold Albertson 2015
73% Inherent Vice Coy Harlingen $6.2M 2015
No Score Yet Untitled Louis C.K./Zach Galifianakis Project Actor 2015
47% Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Jedediah $81.6M 2014
25% The Hero of Color City Ricky the Dragon $32.5K 2014
8% Are You Here Steve Dallas 2014
91% The Grand Budapest Hotel M. Chuck $57M 2014
18% Free Birds Reggie $46.7M 2013
35% The Internship Nick Campbell $44.5M 2013
41% The Big Year Kenny Bostick $7.2M 2011
39% Cars 2 Lightning McQueen $191.5M 2011
93% Midnight in Paris Gil $55.5M 2011
33% Hall Pass Rick $45.1M 2011
90% Woody Allen: A Documentary Actor 2011
No Score Yet Chick Magnet Actor 2011
No Score Yet Nash Actor 2011
9% Little Fockers Kevin Rawley $148.4M 2010
32% How Do You Know Matty $30.3M 2010
9% Marmaduke Marmaduke $33.7M 2010
92% Fantastic Mr. Fox Coach Skip $21.1M 2009
45% Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian Jedediah $177.2M 2009
62% Marley & Me John Grogan $143.1M 2008
26% Drillbit Taylor Drillbit Taylor $32.9M 2008
69% The Darjeeling Limited Francis $12M 2007
42% Night at the Museum Jedediah $249.4M 2006
No Score Yet Mater and the Ghostlight Lightning McQueen 2006
20% You, Me and Dupree Producer Randy Dupree $75.7M 2006
75% Cars Lightning McQueen $244.1M 2006
75% Wedding Crashers John Beckwith $209.3M 2005
40% The Wendell Baker Story Screenwriter Neil King $48.6K 2005
39% Meet the Fockers Kevin Rawley $279.2M 2004
56% The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Ned Plimpton $24M 2004
32% Around the World in 80 Days Wilbur Wright 2004
62% Starsky & Hutch Ken Hutchinson $87.2M 2004
16% The Big Bounce Jack Ryan $6.4M 2004
66% Shanghai Knights Roy O'Bannon $60.5M 2003
No Score Yet Yeah Right! Actor Director 2003
16% I Spy Alex Scott $33.2M 2002
80% The Royal Tenenbaums Screenwriter Executive Producer Eli Cash $52.4M 2002
37% Behind Enemy Lines Lt. Chris Burnett $58.8M 2001
64% Zoolander Hansel $44.8M 2001
84% Meet the Parents Kevin Rawley $164.5M 2000
79% Shanghai Noon Roy O'Bannon 2000
26% Breakfast of Champions Monte Rapid 1999
60% The Minus Man Vann Siegert 1999
16% The Haunting Luke Sanderson 1999
89% Rushmore Executive Producer Screenwriter 1998
58% Permanent Midnight Nicky 1998
38% Armageddon Oscar Choi 1998
40% Anaconda Gary Dixon 1997
53% The Cable Guy Robin's Date 1996
85% Bottle Rocket Dignan Screenwriter 1996
No Score Yet Bottle Rocket Actor 1994


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