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Paul Cronin

Birthplace:   Jamestown, South Australia, Australia
Paul Cronin (born July 8, 1938) is an Australian actor who shot to fameplaying motorcycle policeman Gary Hogan in the Crawford Productions dramaMatlock Police (1971-1975). After that series ended he continued the rolein the spin-off Solo One (1976), a series continuing Hogan's motorcyclepolice officer exploits. The spin-off, which ran for just one 13-episodeseason, was aimed at children, so it eschewed the violence and seriouscrime of Matlock Police. He followed this role with the central role ofDave Sullivan in the popular soap opera The Sullivans. The role as DaveSullivan won him five Silver Logies. Cronin was crowned 1980 King ofMoomba.[1]In 1986 Cronin pooled money together with Christopher Skase to own theBrisbane Bears in the then-Victorian Football League. He was president ofthe club from 1987-1989, when he was forced to resign following financialdifficulties.In 1998 Cronin replaced Channel Nine Voice Over Man Pete Smith as thereplacement co host on radio 3AW's NIGHTLINE and REMEMBER WHEN programs.He remains in that position filling in when either of the shows regularhosts Bruce Mansfield or Philip Brady are away. Cronin co hosts Nightlineon Fridays during the Non Football season.In 2005, he was severely upset when the retirement investment company thathe and Dawn Fraser had been advertising on television for some years,collapsed and the directors fled, owing their investors millions ofdollars. He and Fraser made a public apology for their unwittingcontribution to the financial plight of many people.He is currently the host of a lifestyle program called Discover Down Underthat explores the caravan and camping industry in Australia. It was firstaired on the Network Ten, but has been moved to the Nine Network and themost current season will be shown in February.

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