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Peter DeAnda's actor's life in theater, motion pictures and television stretches over five decades, his stellar career beginning in the New York original productions by then unknown, but now acclaimed playwrights, Jean Genet, Arnold Wesker, and poet-philospher/activist, Imarau Baraka (aka Leroi Jones. He is a writer, his plays produced at leading theaters in America and abroad, taught in theater arts progams of many universities and colleges here and overseas. Published by Columbia University Press, New American Library, Meridien and Press West Books, Mister DeAnda is a director of works for the stage, producing and directing most of the premieres of his plays, also helming works written by other dramatists.Five of his plays are included in the Audrey Skirbal- Kenis permanent collecton housed at Los Angeles Central Library, and seperatedly in the permanent collection at NYC Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. His articles and essays relating to film and TV published in The New York Times Sunday Arts and Leisure section. and Los Angeles Times Sunday Calendar, also in varous magazines. He was the first Mexican/Cherokee/African-American actor to be cast as star/regular in a soap opera, creating the oft-beset Dr. Price Trainor in the original cast of Agnes Nixon/ABC's One Life To Live. He has co-starred in New Centurions, starring George C. Scott, this film adapted from Joseph Wambaugh's first novel, He received top billing in the Warner Bros., Samuel Goldwyn Jr production Come Back Charleston Blue. This followed by the Universal-TV pilot, Cutter. He starred as Frank Cutter, a chicago private Detective on search for a missing pro Quarteback. Cutter was to be the fourth entry to the Wednesday primetime NBC Mystery Movies slate, this roundelay having Columbo, MacMillan & Wife, and McCloud, Cutter occupying fourth slot. But the money offered way below what the white guys were getting, ands DeAnda said no. to the series, fortunately having other things to take his time. While he continues writing for theater, producing and directing same, DeAnda often guest starred in primetime dramatic offerings, some titles: Dan August, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, Beverly Hills 90210 (First Edition), Finders of Lost Loves, Strike Force, and Joe Forestor, starring Lloyd Bridges. He co-starred in the Universal-TV pilot, Advice ToThe Lovelorn starring Cloris Leachman, and he starred as husband to TV wife, Dihann Carroll in the the medical series Strong Medicine, on Lifetime Network. He has a new play titled "Used" to be produced 2011-12, and completed a novel to be published. Sort of 'it" for now, but keep watching. Submitted by "himself."
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