Philip Kwok

Philip Kwok

Highest Rated: 100% The Bride With White Hair (1993)

Lowest Rated: 57% Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Birthday: Oct 21, 1951

Birthplace: Not Available

Highest Rated Movies



89% Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky Kuang 2002
57% Tomorrow Never Dies General Chang 1997
No Score Yet Once Upon a Time in China and America Screenwriter 1997
80% Once a Thief (John Woo's Once a Thief) (John Woo's Violent Tradition) Fong 1996
No Score Yet Ye ban ge sheng (The Phantom Lover) Actor 1995
100% The Bride With White Hair Director 1993
No Score Yet The Cat (Lao mao) Wang Chiegh-Mei 1992
94% Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled) Mad Dog 1992
No Score Yet Jiang hu jie ban ren (Hero of Tomorrow) Actor 1988
No Score Yet The Big Heat Kam 1988
No Score Yet Lady in Black Keung 1987
No Score Yet Ninja in the Deadly Trap Mao Tin-Yeung Director 1985
No Score Yet The Destroyer Actor 1984
No Score Yet Holy Flame of the Martial World Actor 1983
No Score Yet Chong xiao lou, (House of Traps) Actor 1982
No Score Yet The Brave Archer 3 Actor 1981
No Score Yet The Kid With the Golden Arm Hai To 1980
No Score Yet Flag of Iron (Tie qi men) (The Spearman of Death) Actor 1980
No Score Yet Killer Army Actor 1980
No Score Yet Masked Avengers Actor 1980
No Score Yet Two Champions of Shaolin Actor 1980
No Score Yet The Rebel Intruders Wang Hsui 1980
No Score Yet Guangdong shi hu xing yi wu xi (Ten Tigers from Kuangtung) (Ten Tigers of Kwangtung) Actor 1980
No Score Yet Sheng Si Dou Actor 1979
No Score Yet Shaolin Rescuers Liang Ta-Pao 1979
No Score Yet Invincible Shaolin (Nan Shao Lin yu bei Shao Lin) Actor 1978
No Score Yet Five Deadly Venoms Actor 1978
No Score Yet Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms Actor 1978
No Score Yet Crippled Avengers Chin 1978
No Score Yet She diao ying xiong chuan (The Brave Archer) Cho 1977
No Score Yet Shaolin Temple (Shao Lin si) Actor 1976
No Score Yet Hu hao shuang xing (Tiger & Crane Fists) (The Savage Killers) Actor 1976


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