R.G. Armstrong

R.G. Armstrong

Highest Rated: 100% My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno) (1973)

Lowest Rated: 11% The Beast Within (1982)

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Birmingham-born R.G. Armstrong attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, where he was active with the Carolina Playmakers. On the New York stage since the 1940s, Armstrong is best remembered for creating the role of Big Daddy in the original 1955 Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. In film since 1957, Armstrong appeared in more than his share of westerns, usually as an able-bodied sheriff or thick-necked land baron. A frequent visitor to television, R. G. Armstrong was a regular on the 1967 adventure series T.H.E. Cat.

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No Score Yet Keeper of Souls Actor 2004
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90% Reds Agent 1981
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No Score Yet Boss Nigger (The Black Bounty Killer) Mayor 1975
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64% Race with the Devil Sheriff 1975
No Score Yet Mean Johnny Barrows Richard 1975
No Score Yet Manhunter Actor 1974
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100% My Name Is Nobody (Il mio nome è Nessuno) Honest John 1973
86% White Lightning Big Bear 1973
85% Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Deputy Ollinger 1973
No Score Yet The Legend of Hillbilly John Bristowe 1973
No Score Yet Running Wild Actor 1973
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70% The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid Clell Miller 1972
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100% El Dorado Kevin MacDonald 1967
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Grandee 1974
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Creed Benter Moonercan Anderson 1967
No Score Yet Bonanza
Clay Rancer Jarell Holloway 1966
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Bradley Sheriff Tully 1965
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Hobson Burke Sheriff 1965
82% The Twilight Zone
Contractor 1962
No Score Yet Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Bone Fred Riodan Okie 1962
No Score Yet Perry Mason
Matthew Bartlett Gregory Bright 1962
No Score Yet The Andy Griffith Show
Guest Flint 1961
No Score Yet Maverick
Col. Karl Bent Wellington Cosgrove 1960


Pat Garrett says: Pat Garrett: You owe me. Deputy: I OWE you? Pat Garrett: Yes. For pulling you out of that snowdrift in Montana. For saving your life more times than I can remember...And for putting up a whole lot of s--t that I never orta have done. Deputy: (sighs) I hope they get my name right in the papers.

Pat Garrett says: You owe me.

Deputy Ollinger says: I OWE you?

Pat Garrett says: Yes. For pulling you out of that snowdrift in Montana. For saving your life more times than I can remember...And for putting up a whole lot of s--t that I never orta have done.

Deputy Ollinger says: [sighs] I hope they get my name right in the papers.

Deputy Ollinger says: Townsperson: Billy done killed JW! Bob Ollinger: [looking at Billy who is levelling a shotgun at him] He done killed me too.

Deputy Ollinger says: [looking at Billy who is levelling a shotgun at him] He done killed me too.

Dr. Burt Stanton says: What about Gatlin?

Diehl says: Gatlin! There ain't nothin' in Gatlin.

Dr. Burt Stanton says: What do you mean there ain't nothin' in Gatlin?

Diehl says: Well, folks in Gatlin's got a religion. They don't like outsiders, and they probably don't have a phone there either.