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Samuli Edelmann

Samuli Casimir Edelmann (b. July 21, 1968 in Pori, Finland) is a Finnish actor and singer. Samuli Edelmann is the son of actress Marja-Leena Kouki and composer Toni Edelmann. Edelmann has two children, Venla and Ilmari, with his wife Laura Tuomarila. In the spring of 2006, Samuli Edelmann and his family moved to Malta. Edelmann graduated from the Theatre Academy of Finland in 1991. Before he graduated, he had already acted in the three movies: Talvisota and two Vääpeli Körmy movies. His role of Vähy in the movie Veturimiehet heiluttaa in 1992, however, was what shot him to fame. Some of his other well-known roles include Patrick in Romanovin kivet (1993), Jussi Murikka in Häjyt (1999), Roope in Levottomat (2000) and Aki in Minä ja Morrison(2001). Edelmann's latest film, Riisuttu mies, debuted September 15, 2006. In this film, he plays a priest by the name of Antti Pitkänen. In addition to movies, he has also acted in the TV series Vintiöt and Irtiottoja. He has also dubbed numerous series and movies, e.g., Tanoshii Moomin Ikka (TV series) and the part of Shrek in the movie of the same name. Edelmann shot to fame as a singer in 1991 with his song "Pienestä kii". The same year, his song, "Peggy", was a candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest; the song, however, did not become the Finnish entry that year. He sang a duet with Sani from Aikakone in 1995 called "Tuhat yötä", which was one of the most successful songs that year. Edelmann has also sung duets with Mikko Kuustonen, Laura Närhi, Cata Mansikka-aho, Mari Rantasila and Irina Björklund. Some of Edelmannin's other songs include "(Sinä olet) Aurinko", which is commonly known as Ihana valo, "Kaikki tahtoo" and "Karavaanari". Edelmann has also published an album by the name of Vaiheet, which has songs that his father, Toni Edelmanni, has composed for texts by Hesse, Goethe, Shakespeare and Denisov. Edelmann has been awarded three Emma awards: New Male Artist of the Year and two Artist of the Year awards. His three platinum and three gold albums make him one of Finland's best-selling male artists.



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