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Slappy White

Much-loved funnyman Slappy White spent the bulk of his long career performing in nightclubs, particularly those catering to black audiences in Atlantic City, NJ and Las Vegas. He only occasionally appeared in feature films. Born Melvin White in Baltimore, Maryland, he was raised in poverty and started out dancing on the streets for small change. At one time, he partnered with Redd Foxx. Many years later, after both had become famous comics, they would sometimes perform together. White often drew upon the hardships of his early life to create his comedy. The wearing of a white and a black glove on either hand to symbolize the need for racial harmony was one of White's special trademarks. In 1969, White teamed with Steve Ross and they became one of the first successful racially mixed comedy acts. White made his feature-film debut with Ross in the silly sexploitation film The Man from O.R.G.Y. (1970). White sometimes appeared on television. In 1972, White played "Melvin" on Red Foxx's sitcom Sanford and Son. He also had a regular role on the 1995 children's series Fudge. He made his last film appearance in the Billy Crystal vehicle Mr. Saturday Night (1991). White was an honor board member and inductee in the National Comedy Hall of Fame.



56% Mr. Saturday Night
  • Joey
60% Amazon Women on the Moon
  • Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
No Score Yet Amazing Grace
  • Forthwith Withson
No Score Yet The Real Gone Girls
  • Vito

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