Stephen Rea

Stephen Rea

Highest Rated: 100% Bad Behavior (1993)

Lowest Rated: 0% The Doctor and the Devils (1985)

Birthday: Oct 31, 1946

Birthplace: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Exhibiting perpetual intensity and the dark, hangdog looks of someone who has been run over by life one too many times, Stephen Rea is one of Ireland's most popular and well-respected actors. Although he has acted in films in diverse genres, Rea is most closely associated with his collaborations with director Neil Jordan, particularly The Crying Game, for which he earned Oscar and BAFTA nominations.Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1943, Rea was brought up in a working-class Protestant family. After training at the Abbey Theatre School, he began acting on the stage, screen, and television, making his film debut in the 1970 thriller Cry of the Banshee. He first collaborated with Jordan in 1982 on Angel, a crime drama in which he played a saxophonist who witnesses a number of brutal murders. The two again collaborated in 1984 on The Company of Wolves, a modern retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. That same year, Rea worked with Mike Leigh on Four Days in July; he would later work with him on Leigh's celebrated Life is Sweet (1991). In addition to his work on the screen, Rea formed the Field Day Theatre Company with playwrights Brian Friel and Seamus Heaney, bringing theatre to rural communities across Ireland.In 1992, Rea was introduced to international audiences with his role as an IRA "volunteer" in The Crying Game. Thanks to the film's great success and the praise surrounding his performance, Rea went on to appear in a number of high profile films, including Jordan's adaptation of Interview with the Vampire and Robert Altman's Ready to Wear, in which he gave a delightful portrayal of an egotistical fashion photographer. In addition to further collaborations with Jordan (1996's Michael Collins, 1997's The Butcher Boy), Rea continued to do solid work in films ranging from dramas (This is My Father, 1998) to comedy spoofs (Still Crazy, also 1998). In 1999 alone, Rea could be seen in no less than four divergent films. Following a turn as a psychiatrist in the big-budget thriller In Dreams, he starred as a bohemian photographer with a predilection for young, deeply insecure women in Audrey Wells' celebrated Guinevere. Later that year, he returned to Ireland for I Could Read the Sky and then starred alongside Julianne Moore and Ralph Fiennes in the adaptation of Graham Greene's The End of the Affair. Over the next several years, Rea would prove to be a consistent presence on screen, appearing in movies like The Good Shepherd, Control, V for Vendetta, and Underworld: Awakening.

Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet Stalker Brian Cody 2019
60% Greta Actor 2019
No Score Yet Unquiet Graves Actor 2019
No Score Yet Lost Lives Actor 2019
78% Black '47 Connely 2018
No Score Yet The Curse Of Styria Dr. Hill 2016
No Score Yet Ruby l'apprentie sorcière Danforth 2015
No Score Yet Asylum Actor 2015
24% Out Of The Dark Jordan 2015
No Score Yet Ruby Strangelove Young Witch Actor 2015
17% Menú degustació (Tasting Menu) Walter $19.2K 2014
60% Stella Days Brendan McSweeney 2012
27% Underworld: Awakening Dr. Jacob Lane $62.4M 2012
40% Werewolf: The Beast Among Us Doc 2012
74% Blackthorn Mackinley $0.2M 2011
No Score Yet Roadkill Officer 2011
82% Nothing Personal Martin 2010
85% Kisses Down Under Dylan $81.8K 2010
68% Ondine Priest $0.6M 2010
No Score Yet Espion(s) Palmer 2009
No Score Yet The Heavy Anawalt 2008
73% Stuck Tom 2008
No Score Yet Heidi 4 Paws Doctor 2008
8% The Reaping Father Costigan $25.2M 2007
No Score Yet Until Death Gabriel Callaghan 2007
No Score Yet The Devil's Mercy Actor 2007
No Score Yet Devil's Mercy Tyler Grant 2007
65% Sixty Six Dr. Barrie 2006
No Score Yet Sisters Dr. Philip Lacan 2006
73% V for Vendetta Finch $70.6M 2006
No Score Yet The Good Shepherd Actor 2005
57% Breakfast on Pluto Bertie $0.8M 2005
40% Honra e Liberdade Francis 2005
43% The I Inside Dr. Newman 2005
No Score Yet Tara Road Colm 2005
No Score Yet Proud Barney Garvey 2004
No Score Yet Bloom Leopold Bloom 2004
64% Evelyn Michael Beattie $1.4M 2002
No Score Yet Copenhagen Neils Bohr 2002
3% Feardotcom Alistair Pratt $13.2M 2002
11% The Musketeer Cardinal Richelieu $26.6M 2001
No Score Yet Snow in August Rabbi Judah Hirsch 2001
67% On the Edge Dr. Figure 2001
No Score Yet Armadillo George Hogg 2001
67% The End of the Affair Henry Miles 1999
86% Guinevere Connie 1999
75% This Is My Father Father Quinn 1999
24% In Dreams Dr. Silverman 1999
80% The Life Before This Brian 1999
No Score Yet I Could Read The Sky P.J. 1999
73% Still Crazy Tony Costello 1998
No Score Yet The Last of the High Kings Cab Driver 1998
67% The Break Dowd 1998
No Score Yet Sink or Swim Brian 1997
No Score Yet Double Tap Actor 1997
No Score Yet Trojan Eddie Trojan Eddie 1997
77% The Butcher Boy Narrator Da Brady 1997
50% Fever Pitch Ray, the Governor 1997
77% Michael Collins Ned Broy 1996
No Score Yet Crime of the Century Bruno Richard Hauptmann 1996
No Score Yet Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Nikos 1995
88% Citizen X Lt. Viktor Burakov 1995
24% Ready to Wear (Prêt-à-Porter) Milo O'Brannigan 1994
62% Interview with the Vampire Santiago 1994
63% Princess Caraboo Gutch 1994
44% Angie Noel 1994
100% Bad Behavior Gerry McAllister 1993
94% The Crying Game Fergus 1992
92% Life Is Sweet Patsy 1991
No Score Yet Conecciones Sueltas Harry 1988
0% The Doctor and the Devils Timothy 1985
No Score Yet Four Days in July Dixie 1985
79% The Company of Wolves Young Groom 1984
No Score Yet Angel Danny 1982
No Score Yet Angel (Danny Boy) Actor 1982
No Score Yet Cry of the Banshee Villager 1970


85% The Stranger
Martin Killane 2020
100% Counterpart
Alexander Pope 2019
91% The Honorable Woman
Hugh Hayden-Hoyle 2014
57% The Shadow Line
Gatehouse 2012
No Score Yet Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Callum Donovan 2009
No Score Yet Masterpiece
Ejlert Lovborg 1993


Cardinal Richelieu says: Men without greed make me nervous.

Cardinal Richelieu says: Men without greed make me nervous.

Martin says: It's not for us to struggle after tiresome perfection.

Rabbi Judah Hirsch says: Maybe I didn't love God...enough.

Rabbi Judah Hirsch says: Maybe I didn't love God... enough.

Rabbi Judah Hirsch says: He (Jackie Robinson) is there for all the colored people who get yelled on and hated. Not just the colored. Anybody! Anybody! You, Mike, Catholic. When you are hated, Jackie Robinson is a Catholic. When Jews are hated, Jackie Robinson is a Jew....He stands there for all of us.

Rabbi Judah Hirsch says: He [Jackie Robinson] is there for all the colored people who get yelled on and hated. Not just the colored. Anybody! Anybody! You, Mike, Catholic. When you are hated, Jackie Robinson is a Catholic. When Jews are hated, Jackie Robinson is a Jew... He stands there for all of us.

Rabbi Judah Hirsch says: Study is to make you wise, Michael. It is the tradition of the Jews.

Dr. Newman says: There's only one inescapable rule in the game of life, kid. Sooner or later, everybody's got to stop playing.

Finch says: The problem is, he knows us better than we know ourselves.

Priest says: Misery is easy. Happiness you have to work at.

Fergus says: Have you ever tried to pick up your teeth with broken fingers?

Santiago says: "Death is no respector of age, it can come at any time, any place."