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Birthplace:   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Tim Farriss (born Timothy William Farriss, 16 August 1957, Perth, Western Australia, Australia) is a member of the rock band, INXS. Tim Farriss was born to Dennis and Jill Farriss, and is the oldest of four children: brothers Andrew and Jon, and sister Alison. He was classically trained on the guitar from the ages of eight to twelve. As an adolescent, Farriss attended the Forest High School in Sydney. There he quickly formed a friendship with Kirk Pengilly. Farriss (lead guitar) and Pengilly (guitar and saxophone) soon formed the band "Guinness," the eventual base and bedrock to the future internationally successful group, INXS. During Farriss' painful recovery from an operation to remove abnormal bone growths in his legs, the result of a Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (which his brother Jon also suffers from), his brother Andrew recruited school friends and "Doctor Dolphin" band mates Garry Gary Beers (bass guitar) and Michael Hutchence (vocals). During the Summer XS tour in 1991 INXS played Wembley Stadium in front of 72,000 people, at one point Michael Hutchence told Tim to "play the f***ing riff Timmy." Which lead to Farriss being nicknamed The Riff Miester, and later The Riff Sherriff. The moment was capture on film and CD for "Live Baby Live." Tim plays various G&L (with which INXS hold an endorsment) and Fender guitars, his favourite being a 1956 Stratocaster. During the 2006 "Switch" tour Tim suffered a knee injury, leading to surgery and the cancellation of several performances; After a short time recuperating Farriss decided to go back on stage wearing a knee support. Farriss recorded the CD, Deep Inside in 1996, which features over 1000 samples of various instruments. He has also made a fishing video Fish in Space in 1989, the name coming as a humorous reference to bandmate Michael Hutchence's film, Dogs in Space. Farriss wrote and performed the song "Any Day But Sunday" on the soundtrack for the 1984 film No Small Affair, starring Demi Moore and Jon Cryer. He also has his own studio, 'Montana', in which he and his sound engineer work with many up and coming Australian artists. On 6 February 1981, Farriss married his high school sweetheart, Bethany Anne (Buffy) Reefman and subsequently had two sons, James and Jake. INXS bandmates see Farriss as the "father figure," as he was the first to get married and to have children. "Tim is like the ballast in the band...He's the one who gives the band a bit of leadership, a sense of unity, and he'll usually project a very practical, logical view of everything". Farriss is a very private man who enjoys deep-sea fishing (tag and release), cricket, swimming, tennis, skin diving, golf, snowboarding and working on the Kangaroo Valley family farm which he bought from his brother Andrew. He once served as president of the Manly Warringah District Cricket Club.



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