Chow Yun-Fat

Yun-Fat Chow

Highest Rated: 98% The Killer (1989)

Lowest Rated: 4% Shanghai (2010)

Birthday: May 18, 1955

Birthplace: Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Hailed by The Los Angeles Times, as quite simply, "the coolest actor in the world," Chow Yun-Fat was a fixture of Hong Kong film and TV since his debut in the early 1970s. Most celebrated by American and British cultists as a hard-boiled action hero, Chow specialized in portrayals of honorable hitmen, gangsters, thieves and trigger-happy cops. A bona fide superstar in his native Asia, Chow's extensive credits spanned a variety of genres, including romances, dramas, slapstick comedies and supernatural thrillers. A favorite of both common folk and cinephiles alike, Chow segued effortlessly between commercial and artsy fare. Moreover, Chow came to define "cool" with his signature handling of cigarettes and firearms with equally devastating flair. Nevertheless, Chow was at his most convincing when playing good-humored "Joes" - generally a common, blue-collar sort characterized by a sense of self-sacrifice, loyalty and utter lack of self-consciousness.


Highest Rated Movies



No Score Yet No Score Yet Project Gutenberg Painter (Character) - 2018
20% 9% From Vegas to Macau III Ken Shek (Character) $347.6K 2016
56% 57% Cold War 2 Unknown (Character) $553.8K 2016
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Man From Macau II Ken (Character) - 2015
86% 46% Office Ho Chung-ping (Character) - 2015
No Score Yet 26% The Monkey King Jade Emporer (Character) - 2014
No Score Yet 18% The Man From Macau Ken (Character) - 2014
No Score Yet 61% The Last Tycoon Cheng Daiqi (Character) - 2012
No Score Yet 39% The Assassins Cao Cao (Character) - 2012
4% 36% Shanghai Anthony Lan-Ting (Character) $44.7K 2010
76% 71% Let the Bullets Fly Huang (Character) $60K 2010
45% 38% Confucius Confucius (Character) - 2010
15% 20% Dragonball: Evolution Master Roshi (Character) $9.4M 2009
31% 66% The Children of Huang Shi Chen Hansheng (Character) $110.8K 2008
44% 72% Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Capt. Sao Feng (Character) $309.4M 2007
65% 65% Curse of the Golden Flower The Emperor (Character) $6.6M 2006
23% 38% Bulletproof Monk The Monk With No Name (Character) $23M 2003
97% 86% Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Master Li Mu Bai (Character) $128.1M 2000
48% 43% The Corruptor Nick Chen (Character) $15.2M 1999
51% 64% Anna and the King King Mongkut (Character) - 1999
36% 47% The Replacement Killers John Lee (Character) $19M 1998
No Score Yet 24% Peace Hotel The Killer (Character) - 1995
No Score Yet 53% American Shaolin Chang Ching (Character) - 1994
No Score Yet 66% God of Gamblers Returns Ko Chun / 'The God of Gamblers' (Character) - 1994
94% 92% Hard-Boiled Yuen (Tequila) (Character) - 1992
88% 72% Full Contact Jeff (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet No Score Yet Heroic Cops Unknown (Character) - 1992
No Score Yet 62% Prison on Fire II Chung Tin Ching (Character) - 1991
60% 54% Once a Thief Red Bean Pudding (Character) - 1991
No Score Yet 87% God of Gamblers Ko Chun / 'The God of Gamblers' (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 17% Triads: The Inside Story Li Man-Ho (Character) - 1989
98% 92% The Killer Ah Jong (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 87% All About Ah-Long Ah-Long Yeung (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 61% Wild Search Lau Chung Pong / "Mew-Mew" (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 35% A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon Mark Gor (Character) - 1989
No Score Yet 0% Paradise Paradise Joe (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 36% The Romancing Star II Wong Yat Fat (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 71% Tiger on Beat Sgt. Francis Li (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 87% Prison on Fire 41671 / Ching (Character) - 1988
80% 83% A Better Tomorrow II Ken / Mark Lee / Mark 'Gor' (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 40% The Greatest Lover Locomotive (Character) - 1988
No Score Yet 93% An Autumn's Tale Samuel Pang (Character) - 1987
92% 74% City on Fire Ko Chow (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet 58% Rich and Famous 2 Li Ah Chai (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet No Score Yet Flaming Brothers Chang Ho-Tien (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet 58% Rich and Famous Li Ah Chai (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet No Score Yet Brotherhood Hui (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet 76% The Romancing Star Wong Yat Fat (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet No Score Yet Scared Stiff Unknown (Character) - 1987
No Score Yet 43% Dream Lovers Song Yu (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet 50% Love Unto Waste Unknown (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet 12% 100 Ways to Murder Your Wife Football Fat (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Story of Rose Charles Wong/Ga-Ming (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet 54% The Seventh Curse Wei (Character) - 1986
93% 90% A Better Tomorrow Mark Gor/Mark Lee (Character) - 1986
No Score Yet No Score Yet Women Derek Sun (Character) - 1985
No Score Yet 25% Witch From Nepal Joe (Character) - 1985
No Score Yet No Score Yet Hong Kong 1941 Unknown (Character) - 1984
No Score Yet 52% Love in a Fallen City Fan Liu-Yuan (Character) - 1984
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Last Affair Kwong-Ping (Character) - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Bund Hui Man-keung (Character) - 1983
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Head Hunter Nguyen Dich (Character) - 1982
No Score Yet No Score Yet Club Girl Story Unknown (Character) - 1981
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Story of Wu Viet Wu Yuet (Character) - 1981
No Score Yet No Score Yet The Lunatics Chung (Character) - 0


Emperor Ping says: There are many things in Heaven and Earth, but you can only have what I choose to give you.

Sydney Fung says: Don't let me die like this. I hate it. Will you give me a hero's death, old friend? You see, I... I didn't keep one last bullet.

Jeffrey Chow says: I understand, Sydney. I have one.

Detective "Eagle" Lee says: Do all killers have a sense of honor?

Jeffrey Chow says: The world has changed. Honor is now a dirty word.

Tequila says: We either conquer the world or you kill me tonight with this gun.

The Bulletproof Monk says: Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten while hot dog buns come in packages of just eight?

The Bulletproof Monk says: Somehow I sense he has a lot of potential.

Jade/Bad Girl says: Really? I sense he's mostly full of s****.

The Bulletproof Monk says: An enlightened man would offer a humble traveler shelter for the night and share a quiet conversation over a bowl of cocoa puffs.

King Mongkut says: I never danced with an Englishwoman before, mem.

Anna Leonowens says: Nor I with a king.

Bulma says: You have no right to give away a third of the royalties to my invention. One day Dragonballs could power the world.

Master Roshi says: Don't worry. A third of zero is still zero.

Li Mu Bai says: A sword by itself rules nothing. It only comes alive in skilled hands.

Li Mu Bai says: I've already wasted my whole life.I want to tell you with my last breath...I have always loved you. I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side... as a condemned soul... than enter heaven without you. Because of your love...I will never be a lonely spirit.

Li Mu Bai says: I would rather be a ghost drifting by your side as a condemned soul than enter heaven without you... because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit

Tequila says: You're full of shit! There's the toilet.

Master Roshi says: In an ancient time, Earth was nearly destroyed. Not by man, but by Gods from the sky.