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Akiva Gottlieb
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3.5/4 93% L'Heure d'été (Summer Hours) (2009) The last thing I expected from the mad genius behind Boarding Gate is a Chekhovian chamber drama whose mantra could be essentially reduced to: posterity cares. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 8, 2009
2.5/4 80% The End of America (2008) The End of America gives author and public intellectual Naomi Wolf an Inconvenient Truth-style platform to remind Americans about the Bush administration's assault on our civil liberties. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Dec 3, 2008
2/4 75% Let it Rain (Parlez-moi de la pluie) (2010) A question: If you spend an entire career chronicling power relationships among the incurably self-absorbed, is that not in itself a form of self-absorption? ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 15, 2008
1.5/4 67% Four Nights With Anna (2008) Four Nights with Anna is one part funny ha-ha to 99 parts funny-strange. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 13, 2008
1/4 55% Married Life (2008) When the characters in Married Life cry out for help, the entire mise-en-scène stifles them with irony. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 19, 2007
3.5/4 77% Paranoid Park (2007) A fully subjective probe into the consciousness of a young man and a generous display of artistic empathy. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 11, 2007
3/4 88% Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (2007) Most of Before the Devil Knows You're Dead works so well as a fatalistic, post-Tarantino neo-noir that the last third's attempt to frame the drama as King Lear-level tragedy plays as an unnecessary reach. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Oct 8, 2007
2/4 66% Romance of Astrea and Celadon (2008) To borrow the film's vernacular, the words never stab into the soul. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Sep 26, 2007
40% The Ringer (2005) An uncomfortable intermingling of message movie and gross-out comedy, a sporadically funny vehicle that indicts its audience for laughing. Come on, guys. You can't have your fun and eat it too. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Dec 28, 2005
44% The Comedians of Comedy (2005) Watching the quartet doing laundry, playing arcade games, or getting haircuts evokes the banality of road life far too accurately, and at 105 minutes, the film hardly leaves us wanting more. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 8, 2005
74% Loggerheads (2005) Unexpectedly resonant. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 11, 2005
40% Going Shopping (2005) Henry Jaglom's latest study of contemporary female obsessions among a noxious clan of West L.A. bourgeoisie is of more pathological than cinematic interest. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 27, 2005
17% Loudmouth Soup (2005) Loudmouth Soup perpetuates the same shallow myths about Los Angeles that it pretends to indict. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 20, 2005
88% Campfire (2004) The timelier elements of Campfire, which cleared house at Israel's Academy Awards this year, are too salient to dismiss. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 6, 2005
22% Formula 17 (2005) Mark my words: There is no way an innocent like Tien and a Meat Loaf-style heartthrob like Bai could ever make a love thing happen. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 23, 2005
71% King of the Corner (2005) This is a story about the benefits of just showing up. Even at its most sentimental, Riegert's pet project possesses a lived-in integrity that nearly offsets the staleness of the material. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 17, 2005
31% Valiant (2005) As education by anthropomorphism goes, Maus this ain't. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Aug 16, 2005
2.5/4 53% Four Brothers (2005) A crackerjack B-movie. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Aug 11, 2005
75% Just One Look (2005) A paean to cinephilia that might goad viewers into questioning the value of film itself. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jul 26, 2005
2/4 82% Hustle & Flow (2005) Talent and practice isn't enough to realize your dreams. To get on MTV, sometimes you gotta shoot somebody. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jul 13, 2005
2/4 53% Dallas 362 (2005) plays more like a vanity project from a rich kid who never got to do his share of macho posturing. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Jun 21, 2005
41% Second Best (2004) An ugly, amateurish film that champions mediocrity in a meta-attempt to justify its own ineptitude. ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 24, 2005
2/4 82% Rock School (2005) There's something unsettling and downright Dickensian about Green's hard-knocks method and proprietary stance. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted May 22, 2005
58% Stolen Childhoods (2005) As cinema, this is standard, on-the-nose PBS fluff, but it's the grade school principal's perfect guilt inducement tool for slackers who arrive late to class. ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 17, 2005
2.5 56% The Interpreter (2005) Subversive, maybe, but hardly explosive. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Apr 19, 2005
37% Beauty Shop (2005) Girls just wanna have fun, and so does the film, which recycles the requisite moralizing into a breezy, sporadically funny package. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 29, 2005
3/4 72% Mondovino (2005) A remarkably focused docu-essay. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Mar 21, 2005
46% The Boys and Girl from County Clare (2004) John Irvin's Miramaxy paean to Irish Ceili music gets by on infectious geniality. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Mar 9, 2005
2/4 53% Melinda and Melinda (2005) Plays like the product of a Woody tribute act that couldn't decide if it preferred Annie Hall or Crimes and Misdemeanors. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 23, 2005
3/4 94% Cinévardaphoto (2005) Varda remains a passionate gleaner of history. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 16, 2005
21% Uncle Nino (2003) Sounds Disneyfied enough on paper, but the elderly, violin-toting hero's successful attempt to infiltrate his miscreant nephew's mall-punk garage band is too creepy to fulfill the hipness quotient. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 8, 2005
61% Swimming Upstream (2004) Saddled with a ham-fistedly literal title and copious aesthetic ineptitude. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Feb 2, 2005
1.5/4 76% Assisted Living (2005) Greenebaum never molds his inchoate elements into any clear shape. ‐ Slant Magazine
Posted Feb 1, 2005
43% Bob, Verushka, and the Pursuit of Happiness (2000) While Waite's deadpan delivery eases the torture, Stigliano's micro-budget film plays like a preachy relic of the Gorbachev era. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Nov 16, 2004
78% Ein Leben lang kurze Hosen tragen (2003) While the serial-killer sob story subgenre rarely yields a nuanced product, Kai S. Pieck's debut feature finds a plaintive, compelling route to the pathology of 1960s German child-killer Jürgen Bartsch. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Oct 6, 2004
57% Cowboys & Angels (2003) In general, a film in which the protagonist exalts his friend on a city sidewalk, raising his arms to the sky and proclaiming, 'You've worked your magic on me, and I'll never be the same again!' should not be seen by anyone. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 14, 2004
5% The Cookout (2004) The pointlessness of The Cookout exudes a modicum of charm, but the simple-minded mess still lacks the wit and moral weight of an episode of Family Matters. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Sep 7, 2004
67% Frankie and Johnny Are Married (2004) Successfully amalgamates Henry Jaglom's Hollywood- home-movie aesthetic, ego-skewering satire, and a measured understanding of the kinship between love and risk. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Jun 8, 2004
25% Off the Lip (2004) This inane debut feature is based around neon-suffused stock surfing footage from a Compaq commercial, so it's a notable accomplishment that Off the Lip succeeds at being laughably highfalutin. ‐ Village Voice
Posted May 4, 2004
73% Showboy (2002) An ill-conceived, often implausible hybrid of fact and fiction. ‐ Village Voice
Posted Apr 6, 2004
72/100 100% Never Cry Wolf (1983) If you can get past the lack of significant dialogue then you will find a touching tale of one man's journey -- a journey that can teach us all a little bit about ourselves. ‐ Apollo Guide
Posted Jul 25, 2001
2/4 40% Varsity Blues (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
4/4 88% American Beauty (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2/4 67% Sugar Town (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
3.5/4 71% Existenz (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
3/4 83% Notting Hill (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
3/4 69% Analyze This (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2/4 78% Get Real (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
3/4 85% Crna macka, beli macor (Black Cat, White Cat) (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000
2.5/4 22% The General's Daughter (1999) Quote not available. ‐ rec.arts.movies.reviews
Posted Jan 1, 2000