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3/5 74% Miss Sloane (2016) Think a female Michael Clayton. It's Michelle Clayton.‐
Read More | Posted May 13, 2017
4/5 71% Alien: Covenant (2017) At long last, the Alien franchise has evolved.‐
Read More | Posted May 11, 2017
4/5 66% The Fate of the Furious (2017) The moves are telegraphed way in advance, like idiots playing chess, but you always get your money from the play set‐
Read More | Posted Apr 10, 2017
3/5 45% Ghost in the Shell (2017) I want to personally high five every graphic designer and digital artist who pulled extra shifts and worked weekends on this movie.‐
Read More | Posted Apr 1, 2017
4/5 90% Elle (2016) A fascinating yet flawed study of modern feminism.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 10, 2017
5/5 92% Logan (2017) Logan, and Jackman, know you can't secure a legacy by leaving a door open.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 9, 2017
2/5 42% A Cure For Wellness (2017) A Shutter Island horror knock-off that's not scary, starring the supermarket own-brand Leonardo DiCaprio, that's at least an hour too long.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 21, 2017
4/5 75% Split (2017) Shyamalan has managed to deliver a fiercely effective, ferociously funny and genuinely gory horror movie, all without relying on a last act rug-pull.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 19, 2017
2/5 43% xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017) xXx: Return Of Xander Cage is very much an old person's idea of what they think young people want to watch. ‐
Read More | Posted Jan 19, 2017
3/5 31% Passengers (2016) Can't decide if it's a blockbuster or a character piece and ends up being neither.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 19, 2016
4/5 96% Moana (2016) A touch too familiar to qualify as a modern classic, Moana is a relentlessly entertaining spectacle rooted in authenticity with a talent pool so deep you can swim in it.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 28, 2016
4/5 90% Doctor Strange (2016) The worst thing you can say about Doctor Strange is that it doesn't aim high enough.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 3, 2016
4/5 97% Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) An inward-looking comedy that's not afraid to poke fun at its country's own foibles but still manages to feel like a celebration of life on a little island.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 15, 2016
3/5 63% The Magnificent Seven (2016) They say each generation deserves their own version of a classic story, and Magnificent 7 is the version this generation deserves: polished but still remarkably unremarkable.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 15, 2016
3/5 94% Finding Dory (2016) We're now at a point in the history of animation where animators can tell a joke with a facial expression shared between a fish and a cephalopod.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 31, 2016
4/5 85% Star Trek Beyond (2016) It trades a nice line in the 'big dumb fun' brand of stupidity, instead of the 'hound Damon Lindelof off Twitter' variety.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 21, 2016
2/5 48% X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) X-Men: Apocalypse is a clumsy comic-book caricature. There are literally sequences in this movie that were predicted in Deadpool. ‐
Read More | Posted May 19, 2016
5/5 90% Captain America: Civil War (2016) Arguably the movie that the previous 12 Marvel adventures have all been working towards‐
Read More | Posted May 5, 2016
5/5 98% Zootopia (2016) It is its own cinematic zooniverse.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 31, 2016
3/5 88% The Big Short (2015) A pseudo-documentary dressed up like a human interest ensemble when it should have felt more like a supervillain heist movie.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 11, 2016
3/5 84% Deadpool (2016) Deadpool is the 'edgy' stand-up hired to play the corporate gig: make the company laugh, but don't make the company mad. ‐
Read More | Posted Feb 11, 2016
4/5 86% Steve Jobs (2015) Boyle's portrait of the Apple legend is a lively affair that has you convinced of one man's genius, although we're guessing that man wasn't supposed to be Aaron Sorkin.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 22, 2015
3/5 93% Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (2015) The movie's fuse stays lit for a good 90 minutes, but sadly it fizzles out come the disappointing climax.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 24, 2015
4/5 56% Minions (2015) What was the funniest bit? The Minions.‐
Read More | Posted Jul 5, 2015
1/5 25% Terminator Genisys (2015) Terminator Genisys is literally a movie that devotes more time to explaining how characters source their trousers than it does explaining their goals.‐
Read More | Posted Jun 30, 2015
5/5 71% Jurassic World (2015) Films like Jurassic World are not just the reason why we go to the movies, they're the reason movies stay with us after we leave. ‐
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2015
3/5 94% Spy (2015) Spy won't go down as a classic, but it is a perfectly serviceable comedy that's well cast, sharply written and furthers the feminist cause without even making it a thing. ‐
Read More | Posted Jun 10, 2015
1/5 48% San Andreas (2015) You spend the entire movie willing the earth to open up beneath their characters' feet and swallow them for the good of humankind.‐
Read More | Posted May 26, 2015
3/5 79% Furious 7 (2015) Diesel & Statham test each other's manhood by playing a game of car chicken, smashing into each other at maximum velocity in a tunnel - Furious 7 is the Large Hardon Collider.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 23, 2015
4/5 97% It Follows (2015) This is horror boiled down to its bones.‐
Read More | Posted Mar 1, 2015
4/5 56% Focus (2015) There's a slinky, Soderbergh vibe in the DNA here; Focus feels like it's pitched somewhere between Out Of Sight and Ocean's Eleven.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 24, 2015
4/5 75% Crash (2004) It's one of the best films of the year so far.‐
Read More | Posted Feb 23, 2015
4/5 74% Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) Kingsman is an unashamedly entertaining spy movie that'd likely raise Roger Moore's eyebrow into the stratosphere.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 26, 2015
5/5 89% Big Hero 6 (2014) As exhausting as it is exhilarating, Big Hero 6 feels like an animation in step with an ever-changing world.‐
Read More | Posted Jan 25, 2015
94% Whiplash (2014) In a nutshell: Judged on its own merits, Whiplash is superb: slick, authentic and infectious.‐ Film4
Read More | Posted Jan 15, 2015
5/5 94% Whiplash (2014) Not many films can capture electricity and bottle it, but Damien Chazelle is a conductor par excellence. If the final scene doesn't move you in every sense, you're a corpse. ‐
Read More | Posted Jan 11, 2015
5/5 85% Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2005) Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is notable for many things. Firstly, the pairing of Downey Jr. and Kilmer is absolutely inspired.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 14, 2014
5/5 95% The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) The best part in the best movie trilogy of all time.‐
Read More | Posted Dec 8, 2014
3/5 34% Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) There's a sense here of making hay while the sun shines: just as the characters wing their way through their ill-conceived plan with a wink and a smile, so do the filmmakers.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 18, 2014
24% Third Person (2014) By the closing credits you too will share the characters' grief, solemnly mourning 137 minutes you'll never get back. Insufferable.‐ Film4
Read More | Posted Nov 14, 2014
4/5 71% Interstellar (2014) All the talk of Kubrick and 2001 is light years off the mark: Interstellar is the kind of space odyssey that has only shameless, monolothic entertainment on the agenda.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 4, 2014
4/5 95% Nightcrawler (2014) Gyllenhaal has done a magnificent job transforming himself inwards, thinning out those film star looks until he resembles an unmasked Scooby Doo villain.‐
Read More | Posted Nov 2, 2014
4/5 88% Foxcatcher (2014) A glacial, passive drama where true emotions seethe beneath a surface of calm - until they can be contained no more.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 20, 2014
4/5 77% Fury (2014) Fury succeeds in what it sets out to do - convince you that heroism is born out of horror.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 19, 2014
22% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) This iteration of pop culture's most idiotic quartet has the IQ of a cheese pizza but it's not a total cowabungle.‐ Film4
Read More | Posted Oct 17, 2014
3/5 22% Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) It aged me. I felt like my Dad trying to comprehend a Tamagotchi. ‐
Read More | Posted Oct 12, 2014
3/5 88% Gone Girl (2014) If Gone Girl's first half is a forensic dissection of a marriage that cuts like an autopsy, the second half sees the coroners cut loose, chucking guts around for fun.‐
Read More | Posted Oct 4, 2014
2/5 17% Sex Tape (2014) Sex Tape is too busy blowing smoke up Apple's rear port to make any meaningful comment on the testy relationship between intimacy and technology.‐
Read More | Posted Sep 5, 2014
2/5 28% Deliver Us from Evil (2014) It's scary, but it's also entertainment. It's scarentertainment. (That's awful. Forget I wrote that).‐
Read More | Posted Aug 31, 2014
2/5 42% Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014) Nine years after the pages first turned on Sin City, and with three major parts recast, this Dame To Kill For is sashaying into town long after everyone has lost interest.‐
Read More | Posted Aug 19, 2014