Alicia Gilstorf

Alicia Gilstorf
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Alicia is a writer and editor from Ontario, Canada. Her passion for TV and film can be credited to superheroes, workplace comedies, and coming-of-age stories. She is currently a Senior Writer and Associate Editor for Tell-Tale TV.
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T-Meter Title | Year
4/5 67% Moxie (2021) Moxie is a high school coming-of-age story with a battle cry for accountability. It will entertain you with young love and drunken late-night shenanigans, but it will also make you angry for all the reasons that count. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Mar 4, 2021
3.5/5 80% I Care a Lot (2021) As much as her escapades make our stomach churn, we can't look away from the beauty of this no-holds-bar performance, in all its vile and unlikeable glory. Marla Grayson is Pike in her strongest form. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Feb 22, 2021
3.5/5 78% To All The Boys: Always And Forever (2021) The final film of the franchise has its ups and downs, like any relationship. But that sincere joy that you feel when viewing the world through Lara Jean's candy-coloured lens of romance and intrigue never loses its allure in these final hours. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Feb 16, 2021
3.5/5 58% Malcolm & Marie (2020) Malcolm & Marie is unrelenting, unforgiving, and unflinching. But most of all, it's good -- good enough not to drown in its own suffocating premise. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Feb 4, 2021
4/5 58% The Princess Switch: Switched Again (2020) Doesn't quite strike the same level of magical Christmas chaos that the first film wields so brilliantly. That said, this sequel proves that Stacy and Margret still have plenty of doppelganger shenanigans left to captivate us. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Nov 19, 2020
4/5 47% Operation Christmas Drop (2020) This high-flying tale isn't here to satisfy just any Christmas enthusiasts. The untraditional film warms our hearts not with snow and grand decoration, but with an authentic holiday in the tropics and the essence of giving back. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Nov 5, 2020
3/5 53% Hubie Halloween (2020) I find myself able to enjoy this movie... for the sweet and easily digestible candy bar it is. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Oct 8, 2020
3/5 57% Secret Society of Second-Born Royals (2020) if you're looking for a light superhero ensemble with low stakes and dope jumpsuits, this movie has exactly what you need to have a fun night in with the family. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Sep 28, 2020
2.5/5 64% The Devil All the Time (2020) It's difficult to swallow, but even stellar performances from Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson are not enough to save this film from buckling under the weight of its own insufferable storytelling. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Sep 16, 2020
3/5 60% Project Power (2020) Project Power is not going to win any awards for its convoluted plot or surface-level social awareness. But as far as mindless action thrillers go, this one at least has a conscious. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Aug 17, 2020
3.5/5 85% Work It (2020) Work It might have a flimsy plot and a questionable definition of dance at times. But it also has Jordan Fisher dancing spontaneously on a piano and, dare I say it, that's enough. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Aug 10, 2020
2/5 15% Desperados (2020) Desperados is a desperate film -- desperate to be different from the genres it so confidently tackles and desperate to win us over with its ridiculous high-stakes summer shenanigans. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Jul 6, 2020
3/5 75% To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You (2020) The first half of this sequel is brimming with adorable little moments that instantly pull us back into the warm fever dream of teenage love that is Lara Jean's life. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Feb 14, 2020
2.5/5 30% A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (2019) Don't expect to be rewarded for making it to the end because the luck and charm that carried the first film to stardom are nowhere to be found by the time the credits roll. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Dec 9, 2019
4/5 70% The Knight Before Christmas (2019) The Knight Before Christmas isn't perfect but it comes as close as a Christmas rom-com about a knight and science teacher can. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Nov 21, 2019
4/5 81% Let It Snow (2019) A winter wonderland worth exploring. - Tell-Tale TV EDIT
Read More | Posted Nov 8, 2019